Vaginal Sex

Vaginal Intercourse

Vaginal intercourse is more commonly known as sex or coitus in Latin. It is the act of inserting the penis into the vagina, and is one of the most pleasurable experiences that two people can share. This article only covers the basics in what you need to know, make sure to visit the rest of the site for more advanced techniques.

First Time

The first time having sexual intercourse, for many people, is never what they expect. It is never as fulfilling or beautiful as fantasized about or seen in media. Your first time can be a very intimate experience if taken slowly, but do not expect it to be the best sex you will ever have. For women, their first couple of times will be painful and the man needs to take extra special care in going slow and listening to her needs. From the other point of view, many men suffer from a performance anxiety their first time as a result of all this pressure to knock her boots off. If this happens, return back to foreplay, do not let it bother or stop you as it is natural. When the time is right, everything will happen, so be supportive of each other.

First time sexual encounters are usually fumbling, learning experiences, where both people are just starting to understand their partners body and how to make that person satisfied sexually. For more detailed information on your first time, make sure to check out the first time for her and first time for him articles.


Sex is all about trying to stimulate the sensitive areas of the vagina and penis, how you move should depend on your preferences and the position. Some people enjoy slowly rocking together, others enjoy quick shallow strokes, and yet others love nothing more then the sensation of deep penetration. There is no right or wrong way, as long as both people are enjoying the experience.

A common misconception is that thrusting faster means better sex. Although most people enjoy going really hard right before climax, this point must be reached before the approach feels good. You should always try new things, keep mixing it up by varying your speed and the depth as you build towards climax.

Finding the rhythm may take some time, as will getting your abs, legs, arms and back into shape. Though most positions don’t require a great deal of strength, they all require endurance, so strengthening your muscles is a good place to start.


Please refer to the sex positions sections for ideas and details.

If you have any comments about this article, or would like to share your personal experiences, please post below!

The Chef20
Vaginal Opening TOO small?

I have an average sized penis, slightly thicker, but overall average.. But my GF and I have a pretty severe issue.. Her vaginal opening tightens up really small, so tight that I cant even get the head of my penis in.. We take our time, lots of foreplay, I make sure shes relaxed, and even so its too tight, shes even bled from us trying...I have also tried using lube.. Sometimes when fingering I can only use one finger because shes so tight.

She feels like shes let me down, that shes disappointed me because her body wont let me in, and gets really embarrassed even though I do my best to console her and give positive reinforcement about the situation..

I know that the vagina is designed to push out a baby and is technically a "one size fits all" type, but does anyone know why this could be happening? or of anything we can do? please help!

RE: "Vaginal Opening TOO small?" - POSSIBLE VAGINISMUS


It sounds like you are describing a condition known as vaginismus. It's involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles, and can be quite debilitating. The good news is it can be treated with physical therapy. Get her to go to a gynaecologist for diagnosis - even if it's not vaginismus a gynaecologist will do her wonders.

All the best and I hope this helps :)

More info:

IDK whats wrong

Okay me and my boyfriend advancing in the bedroom. He's getting a lot better but everytime we go to change our position he goes soft. It's to the point where i dont know what to say to him about it. I feel like there's something wrong with me or that im doing something wrong. Can someone explain to me is that normal and if not what could possibly be the problem?

He's probably just getting

He's probably just getting nervous. Coax him into it, and try to help him keep up the heat while you're switching positions. Give him a little hand, literally, and kiss him, stroke his chest, etc.

hey need help

hey i love to ride my man but a found out that i have a tumor on my hip/ pelvis,, dose anyone kow of any positions that we could use that will not make me not hurt for a long time, any spreading wide of the legs hurt bad like in the ER bad . im still new to the sex stuff been with the same guy for ever hehe if u can help plz do Jen

here's some help

Hey idcountrygal28. First off, very sorry to hear about your tumor :(. Now to the subject at hand. You may want to try doggystyle as that position doesn't really require the wide spread of your legs. also, try some rear-entry while standing, such as the Ben-Dover position or The Bodyguard, also requiring little spreading of the legs. Hope this helps :)

Very confused if my bf wants to have sex again

Ok so me & my bf have only had sex once and it was the first for both of us.its been 3 months since we have did it and he still wont do it again with me....he wont even finger me, yet he'll talk about it constantly. Even when i'll prepair for sex he'll back out of it....he says that he regrets doing it the first time.... He has me very confused and i wish some one can explain to me wither or not if he wants to have sex with me again or not.... help

Ur ans

Listn,ask ur bf drctly,if he ignored u,den i will do...pls dont take tence

I can think of two possible reasons

Hello Holly,

First I think the fact that you are still together tells you that he does care about you and want to be with you.

So that leaves two things I can think of. First, if he holds strong moral beliefs about sex before marriage. He may regret giving into the lust and temptation of the moment before.

The other possibility is if he feels that he somehow fell short in the bed room. Either thinking that he failed to please you or that he failed to live up to his own expectation of what it should have been like.

I know the conversation might be uncomfortable to start, but you need to determine what the issue is. If it is a moral conviction. Then I would not suggest trying to change his mind, as that will most likely just push him away.

However if he doesn't feel he performed or something like that. You need to gently let him know that you did enjoy it it too. Don't push it too fast. I would suggest that anytime he brings up the subject, make comment about how good HE made you feel. How FULL his BIG cock made you feel. (Even if he knows he has a little pecker and he knows it, a man wants his woman to tell him how big it is and how awesome if feels. It is a confidence thing.)

Good luck,

Advice Needed Please.

Hi im 20yrs old been with my bf for 2 and half years now & we're both still virgins. We've talked about & also tried having sex but we just cant. The problem is i think he's too big &/or im too tight? It's stressing us both out. Would appreciate any help/advice.

It might just be in finding

It might just be in finding the right position. Me and my guy tried several times and he ended up standing up with me laying on the bed and angling my hips til he managed to get in. Even now (over a year later) some positions are just impossible for us to do or one of us just doesn't get anything from it. Keep trying and try your best not to stress cause that makes things worse.

Loosen up

Finger or toy yourself to loosen up. Lots of foreplay to get you ready to recieve and dont be suprised if it hurts, its supposed to hurt for about 15 seconds

thanks for that, i forgot to

thanks for that, i forgot to mention that i've already tried all that. should i just keep trying?

I guess

I mean itll only improve youre ability to take more size if you increase fingers or use a toy

oh oks fair enough, i get

oh oks fair enough, i get what you're saying. thanks.

how can i mak th experience

how can i mak th experience beta for the both of us

im not sure my ex wil lik it

im not sure my ex wil lik it WHAT SHOULD I DO?

joel r

I have had some of these problems. I agree with the poater about slowing down the thrusting speed. I have never had a problem reaching climax.

I am 19 years old and I have

I am 19 years old and I have been sleeping with 4 different guys since the last 2 years. Some of them where boyfriends some only one night stands. But i had a lot of sex but I still dont enjoy it. When I havent had sex for 2 months it really hurts and it doesnt like fingering, i dont feel a lot inside. Is something really wrong with me? I want to like sex too.

might just be that the

might just be that the emotional factor isn't there. Find a guy that you really care about and who cares about you. Find love, not just a sex buddy.

Clitoral vs Vaginal

I've been reading around that most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm and that most do not orgasm through intercourse. I'm single now...but I was just wondering does that mean my ex's were just faking it? They usually orgasmed through intercourse and I wasn't really stimulating the clit at the same time. And does that mean that women can only truly orgasm through cunnilingus? If you were to stimulate the clit until she was almost to the point but not quite there...and then insert your penis could you use that as a way to get her to orgasm through intercourse...or is the stuff I've been reading about girls not being able to orgasm through intercourse a bunch of bull?


im a girl and the anset is it deppends on the girl. i personaly only cum via penitration yet other girls phisicly cant. hope thid helps.

Hey Jimbo. Yes it's true

Hey Jimbo. Yes it's true that some women can't cum just from intercourse. I can't say if your exes were faking it you knew them better so it's up to you. Did they seem genuine? I would hope so because communication is key. No need to lie about pleasure.

I have read that it's a low percentage of women who can't cum from intercourse alone. I have been having sex for 7 years and have never orgasmed from intercourse. I can from oral sex and if I am stimulated with fingers either my clit and/or anally when having sex. It's not that I've never felt like I would I just may not have been completely be letting go or been in the moment. But it still stands there are women who can't orgasm from sex alone. Just ask them what they want. :D

ITS BULL!! my husband ALWAYS

ITS BULL!! my husband ALWAYS gets me to orgasm thru intercourse! dont believe what you've been reading!


well im 18 and i had sex for the first time with my boyfriend. we had problems keeping it in.. Any advise??

its normal for it to keep

its normal for it to keep falling out but the best way to keep it in is that you both need to feel where its at once starts to feel like its coming all the way out just push into him or have him push into you and dont go as fast as you can for some time it causes it to come out more then it should once you get it down then start picking up the past if you wish

The advice depends on the

The advice depends on the actual cause of the problem. For example, if he wasn't super hard, (REALLY common for a first sexual encounter, or just with a new person)then that is a likely culprit, especially if you didn't use a lot of lube. Also, silicone lube, or other oily feeling (non sticky) lubes are kind of grippy, and not really very condusive to slipping back in for him. If he's flying "half mast," use plenty of water based lube. If he was plenty hard, it could easily be the positions you used, or the motion. It can be really tricky for a couple to get a feel for what type of moving they should do. My gal thought she needed to be gyrating and moving all over, but really it was too much, and it kept throwing off the rythm, so I had to tell her to "hold still!" lol. Take turns leading--if you are both trying to drive, you'll just wreck.

Alot of pain

Ive been with my GF for 2 yrs now and weve done it countless times but over the past yr to present shes found it unbearably painful for me to put it in i am bigger than average but that never proved bad till now, and she wont let me finger her or lick her to make her wetter coz she doesnt like it... i really need help my sex life has dissapeared for a while now and i dont want to let it evaporate. ANY HELP is fully welcome

Pill/Nuva Ring

It took me and my gal a few months of painful sex before we figured out that the hormones in her birth control (first the pill, then the nuva ring)were making things hurt really bad. It was a combination of changing her PH balance (too acidic) and just plain making the opening and general vulvular area really tender. She described it as a burning, raw kind of pain, and it was always worsened by foreign fluid like lube or semen. Her doctors couldn't ever figure out what was going on because she appeared to be fine. Long story short, she got a hormone-free intra-uterine device, and it was only a week or two before she stopped hurting, and her libido went way up too.

My advice: Get off of hormone birth controll, and get an IUD. WELL WORTH THE SHORT PAIN TO INSERT IT, AND THE $700 DOCTOR BILL (that most healthcare plans actually completely cover).

has anything changed about

has anything changed about your sex life. have you changed the type of condom you use, or lube (if any). to be honest i too am stumped. maybe you grew, i'm not 100%.

bubbles1993 17 and last night i 17 and last night i had sex for the 2nd time in 10 months with a good friend of mine and it really really 1st time wasnt that pinful..and boy boys were really huge.the whoe time i was in pain..does anyone know why? and any advice for the next time i have sex it wint hurt so much

I kinda thnk my bf is getn

I kinda thnk my bf is getn bord with sex. Any advice with new moves

lasting longer....

Does anyone have any adivce on how to last longer? thanks

Last longer in what way? I

Last longer in what way?
I honestly wish I could cum fast. I've had sex with my new F-buddy and I last too long. We started at 11:45am and ended at 2:08pm. We concluded because I had to leave b4 2:30. So honestly I understand you, Y ud like to last longer. Yet, if you can fuck-nut and fuck again thats better.

This is going to sound

This is going to sound strange but I've never had an orgasm while having sex with my girlfriend. Is this odd or does other guys have this problem too?

I have the same problem, I

I have the same problem, I make her cum and " O ". Yet, she can't make me com or " O ."

I pondered if I was the only guy with the same problem.

Strange Sex

Im watching the show Strange Sex on TLC and they are talking about a guy who hasnt had pleasure off of an orgasm in 25 yrs. They said the condition he had was called PDOD. Idk if this helps but maybe you can look into it


My bf has a short penis but his is very girthy and it hurts when he trys to enter but once he gets in it feels amazing when he thrusts and I get really wet but when he trys to go back in it hurts even more and I'm really scared to try any other way to have sex cuz of pain what should we do??


Ok, this is sorta off topic but w/e. I'm 17, and I lost my virginity 2 years ago. Me and that girl dated till 6 weeks ago. Now I have met this new girl, and she wants to screw me...(Just being Honest). It's not that i don't want cause in all honesty I want to but im worried about a few things. My previous girl was on the larger side and liked quickies, so thats what i am used to. This new girl is smaller then me, and likes to take our time (which i would rather do to). So first question, I never had to learn to control when I climax, so I'm worried that i'm not going to be able to hold back. The second part is since this girl is so much smaller and I have a big ____... I have already fingered her a few times and she is TIGHT, she claims she has had sex before but even my ex b4 who deff was a virgin wasn't as tight as her.... So im worried that im going to hurt her and stuff idk... So my two biggest questions are does anyone have any tips for holding back, and does anyone have any advice for when your switching to a totally different girl? Thanks


well, i am a girl, sitting with me is my bf, we are both 14, and even though we have been having sex for about 6 months, i am still very tight, so we have to use lube. I reccomend you do the same. also like that one reply sugusted, finger her, maybe eat her out a bit, and she will stretch out a bit. good luck

some advice

you have to just finger your girlfriend before you have sex with her if you think she is too tight. after about a minute or two of fingering the vagina should stretch a little more. as long as you are about to get more than 2 fingers in then your penis should fit. just do a little fore play. and as for the lasting longer- just masturbate more often and you will last much longer than before. some people say when u are peeing you should try to stop the flow to increase your penis muscles but to be honest masturbating works much better.
hope this helps

Same for girls

I found that the more girl's masturbate (I'm a girl) the longer it takes for them to get to that big moment too. For me when I was like 14 when I started masturbating I'd be done in five minutes, now it takes me 30/45. But my unofficial fiance likes the idea of a longer time in sex. I'm a virgin, so he says that on that first time he's going to take it really easy on me so that when we do have sex, it will be hopefully more enjoyable on me especially, and he's excited that it may last a bit longer.


Ok, i'm having sex with my new girlfriend, and she's on the pill, so we have sex with out a condom, and i've never done it with out one before. But for somereason, it kinda hurts me, like when i go in my forskin gets pushed bk was to far for my likings, but after a wile its ok and feels amazing. Dose anyone know how to stop this pain or why it happends? Because im thinking maybe lub?


One word. Lubricate.

Mate, this can also be from

Mate, this can also be from the skin just under the head of the penis, it's tight, try masterbating on your own a few times and slowly gradually pull your foreskin back further and further, remember lube even doing this, becuase it can be a little painful, but after a while, you'll be gliding with no troubles!

I get the same thing, and

I get the same thing, and it's just because of a little dryness at first. I usually go down on my girlfriend first so she is nice and wet, then just gently ease into her. Lube is also a good idea. Try putting just the tip of your penis into her at first, then pull out, then go in a bit further, and repeat until it's all in.


I never find anything that helps me!! I'm a lesbian and my girl has an issue with sextoys.... SO any help with a nice position that i could have oral with her or finger her.(cofortably) Untill we get past the sex toys thing. (we're working on it!)

Check the section of

Check the section of Cunnilingus down the eft hand side here..awesome pos for oral (Y) Fingering is easy comfortable pos, lay next to her, it's too easy. Good luck with the sex toy issue =)


ugh sooo yeah im a virgin (proud*] but i need help in that area
idk wat to expect wen idk i lose my virginity i mean idk wat kind of feeling that i want or like positions that i'll like...... so yeah if u guys have any advice please share it
and also................. is vaginal sex with a shower rod dangerous?

Find the right guy

i am 14 and lost my virginity 6 months ago, my hymen was still intact, so it did hurt like hell for a minute, but because we were in missionairy possition, my boyfriend (also 14) could kiss me, which made it better. definatly find the right man though, one that cares about you and dose not just want to fuck you. but please spare me the mental image and DO NOT have "sex" with a shower rod, its just a bad idea.