safe sex

Safe Sex

It is a fact that abstinence is likely the only 100% effective way to avoid unwanted pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections (STDs/STIs). However, with a little bit of planning and care, it is quite possible to minimise those risks to an acceptable level (assuming you don't want to be celibate for the rest of your life)!

The understanding of the meaning of Safe Sex is the responsibility of all parties involved, and that knowledge and practice are the best tools to making sex fun, positive and safe. Use protection, such as a condom, every time and you will be much less likely to have a problem.'s Rubber Reminders

Performing safe sex is recommended whenever possible, but we can not stress enough the importance of practicing it when with a new partner.

  1. Use latex condoms for vaginal, anal or oral (fellatio) sex.

  2. Since no birth control method is bullet-proof, a condom is great backup to another primary method (and protects from STDs/STIs).

  3. Condoms are a great way to keep toys clean for multi-hole penetration.

  4. Using a latex glove for finger penetration prevents cuts from fingernails.

  5. Using dental dams for oral (cunnilingus) sex can prevent fluid transfer from a cut lip or gum.

  6. ONLY use water-based lubricants with latex as oil based products destroy it.

In one recent U.S. study* about one-half of the sexually experienced teenagers had failed to use a condom the last time they had intercourse. So for everyone bumping and grinding and forgetting to wrap it up, this next section is a taste of reality that can be easy to forget about until it happens to you!

Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections

The sobering fact is that STDs/STIs affect at least 40 million people around the world every year.


We will begin by looking at the AIDS epidemic. In 1997 2.3 million people were estimated to have died worldwide from the disease. Though that number may be coming down in western countries, the number of people contracting the disease is certainly going up. And over the last twenty or so years over half a million people have died in the USA from AIDS, and it still registers as the primary killer of people ages 25-44. What is the most scary part of this epidemic in North America is the fact that the number of HIV-positive (the virus that causes AIDS) teenagers doubles every 14 months.

Q: What is driving these seemingly out of control numbers?

A: Up to 80% of infected Americans don’t know that they are carrying the virus.

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS and is spread when semen, vaginal fluid or blood passes from an HIV positive person into the bloodstream of another person. To enter the bloodstream, the virus must enter through a break in the skin or tissue in the mouth, vagina or rectum ... or enter the tip of the penis. The virus then breaks down our immune systems that fight off infection and other illnesses. These normally fairly harmless bacterial or viral contagions become serious, or even deadly, when the immune system doesn’t work to fight them off.

The World Health Organization says that in the first five years of the new century, half of all new infections world-wide will occur between the ages 15-19, and the fastest growing infection rates are among young women. This means that this issue is most pressing for our young people. We can no longer afford to not talk about it, or not educate our children about sex and their responsibilities.

Other STDs/STIs

The fact that AIDS and HIV are so dangerous should not reduce our concern over other types of STDs/STIs. Left untreated, they can cause infertility, cancer, birth defects and miscarriages - even death. That being said, with the amount of treatments available and easily accessible, Americans still suffer 10 to 50 times more often than people in other developed countries. This highlights the alarming lack of knowledge within the general population and the need for greater dissemination of preventative methods and awareness of the risks.

To further examine this problem in the US and Canada, it is astounding that sexually transmitted diseases are diagnosed 12 million times a year in the United States - including 3 million cases among teenagers. However, even in light of massive empirical evidence demonstrating that there is a major problem, the U.S. spends just $1 to prevent sexually transmitted illnesses for every $43 spent treating them! Gonorrhea strikes 150 times per 100,000 Americans vs. just 3 times Swedish and 18 times for Canadians.

There is also strong evidence that sexually transmitted diseases greatly increase the risk of sexual transmission of HIV.

Click to learn more about other STDs/STIs.

What about Oral Sex?

Is oral sex safe? Well, yes and no. That is certainly not to say that there are no risks, though unprotected oral sex is generally considered less risky then unprotected vaginal or anal sex. Since the lining of the mouth is less permeable than the lining of the lower orifices, there is a less likely chance of getting a small tear from the activity. That being said, if a cut is already there (e.g. cut during flossing), then it can be equally dangerous.

To minimize your risk while engaging in oral sex follow some suggestions for experimenting with at least new partners:

  • Use condoms or dental dams whenever possible

  • If you decide to roll the dice on the first tip, avoid ejaculating in the mouth

  • If you see symptoms that are suspicious of STDs/STIs, put the fantasy on hold until a doctor clears it

  • Floss and brush regularly - but not right before oral sex

  • Above all, get tested and know your status, so that you can help protect others

Remember that behind every unwanted pregnancy or STD/STI infection, is a person thinking it wouldn't happen to them. Don't you be a victim too!

need help

when my bf uses a condom it burns when its in side of me if we use LUB it gets worse then i start to itch whats going on and it kills everything for the hole night

Yes, it's safety ..... but

Yes, it's safety ..... but the sexy feeling is ,,,,,

joel r

Yes, condoms are a must. I don't want to get my girl pregnant.

No matter what, me and my

No matter what, me and my boyfriend use a condom. No questions asked. Safety is our number one priority while having sex.

i am 14 am i to young to

i am 14 am i to young to have sex with my girlfriend if not someone give me some tips

Yeah, totally wait. (if you

Yeah, totally wait. (if you decided to anyway, sorry i posted. lol) i'm waiting and sure it's hard, i'll admit, but i just kinda know it's going to be totally worth it in the end, because my first and only is going to be with the one for me (excuse me being cheesy, but thats the only way to put it. lol)


dude what, TRUST ME im only 17 i lost it at ur age i fucken regret it. but if u do hav sex, wait for the right moment. i had sex with a whore, big mistake, i wish i waited a couple weeks till i met my gf now, shes the love of my life....... and were waiting till marriage now dude, so just go down on her loll

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Condom Problem

I have a problem when i use condoms recently with my new girlfriend and it doesnt seem very common. I am an average sized guy, 6", 5" wide, and have no initial problems when putting the condom on, it fits snug etc, and every time we've had sex my girlfriend is extrememly aroused, but very tight. when we have sex, the condom ends up stretching so that it clings to the inside of her vagina and my penis moves around inside it. how do i fix this problem? are they just cheap condoms? [lifeStyle flavored]


Is it better to have alot of sex with a condom or have little with the pill? My girl is on the pill and we have been thinking about sharing our first. Thank goodness i dont have to steal condoms from my dad. Awkward.

my girlfriend and i want to

my girlfriend and i want to hve sex, but i think it would be a bit awkward me going out and buying condoms.


go with your girlfriend/boyfriend to get them. first time I did it, I went in holding my best friends hand cos I couldn't do it alone.

Do you wanna be a daddy???

Do you wanna be a daddy???

yeah, I'm 30 and it is still

yeah, I'm 30 and it is still a little awkward buying condoms...but it is better than an unplanned pregnancy. You can always do what I do....go through the self checkout line of a place like meijers, that sells condoms. Takes away the awkwardness!!!


Ok me and my bf wanna have sex and we are both day his doctor told him he cant get anyone pregnant though.

Should we still use a condom?

couldn't hurt. condoms arent

couldn't hurt. condoms arent just to prevent pregnancy, they're to prevent a bunch of things. like sti's, or even just cuts that you or he might not know you have down there.



sup man/girl

sup man/girl

ok so i have a latex allergy

ok so i have a latex allergy and the spermicide on the condoms is very irritating....what condoms should i use? i asked my gyno but she didnt really answer my question. and i am on birthcontrol....what should i do?


there are other materials for condoms, such as rubber and animal skins, they are a little more expensive but they are allergen free

Anonymous (not verified)
Sex Hygiene

No matter what type of sex is performed, it is of utmost importance to distinuish between a norm or a created norm. While some type of sex may be acceptable to some, others may may not. The easiest is to take precautions when "deviating" from normal sex which allows conceiving children. Meaning that anything else done for enjoyment purposes only. Pay particular attention to cleanliness, personal hygiene and where possible use condoms.

My wife and I have on our own practised a lot of different sexual practices and thus far by taking the necessary precautions have had a very fulfilling relationship.She loves oral sex and swallowing cum, I have had anal sex with her, we have threesomes or four, virginal sex, but we always keep hygiene above all. She has her chosen partners for her semem drinking sessions, I use condoms when anal penetrating and when involved in three or four sex orgies we normally make sure that all rules are adhered to.

As my wife is not a Porn Star she does not have to do everything they do, but those that won't spread any bacteria she is quite willing. We have so far, from being both virgins when we married 20 years ago, indulged in unsual practices but we abided by the rules.

Anonymous (not verified)
Sex Hygiene

My hubby is right about cleanliness and hygiene and although i have virtually and still do all type of sex, Dave (my hubby) and myself are very particular when choosing partners for our extra marital affairs. I am mostly into giving head (for extracting a drink of semem) and these I perform with the few selections I've got. Anal sex is strictly reserved for him even if we are in a threesome or more, and when I have sex with someone else is's not a random selection, but rather a known partner. Most of my partners need to have a thorough washing before starting any activity with me and also I prefer a circumsized penis. If this is not the case than I will insist on a condom except for oral sex where a selected few get my services,(all circumcised) but with only straight forward suckoff and no fancy foreplay. I do sometimes screw around a bit wildly, but then I get the guy to use a condom. If he hasn't one at hand than I'll supply as i always keep them handy. Other than that at least once month I have a check up with my doctor. :)

Geez - I never realized

Geez - I never realized there were so many types of STDs out there. Makes you appreciate how seriously you've gotta take this stuff!

Exactly... this is where

Exactly... this is where condoms come in very helpful.
Well being abstinence works the best but if you are dying to have sex.... it only costs a few cents for that piece of rubber.