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His Suplex Sex Position

The His Suplex position of the fellatio family has the receiver laying face-up with on their back on the floor and their lower body sloped up along the thighs of the giver, who is sat on a couch or edge of the bed. The receiver relaxes while their partner performs oral from a seated position. The position immobilizes the receiver, who simply watches the giver perform. The receiver can also use their own hands to caress and explore their partner's body.

too bad my ex boyfriend

too bad my ex boyfriend isn't with me anymore I would have totally tried this with him. he's the only one i want to have sex with. I'm asexual sorry guys. lol


Iam really learning a lot in here and its really makes me more aggressive in bed lol wanna try everything with the man of my life.. i will be patiently waiting lol i wanna give this a try someday! geezzz i making me hot!

Cum tastes Good

Ya'll are crazy......Cum tastes good no matter what. I guess you just have to be into that. Some girls are and some girls aren't. But the guy enjoys it and personally so do I.

I love it when she swallows.

I love it when she swallows. Especially when she is still sucking my cock......when she she never slows down or stops when I bust my load in her mouth. Mmmmmmm!!!!! Im getting hard rite now just thinkin bout it...

my glittery boyfriend's cum

hey I wanna try this one, only before that I wanna go to the mall and go to libby lu, and buy some pink glitter and stuff and then snort it, and then give my boyfriend and blow job, in this position.
And then, I wanna spit his cum all over his chest because by then he can see all the glitter that will come out with his cum!
So then he can feel magnificent... (just like he's so amazingly wonderful, that glitter came out with his cum.)

oh la la fun fun fun

oh la la fun fun fun

hmmm i might have to try

hmmm i might have to try this tomorrow night, i was looking for something new to suprise him with aswell and i think this with some other things i've found today might work out well ;)

my x

i loved when my x would do this i could juts relax. and she loved when id cum on my chest so i could watch her lick it all up. yumm.. but im no longer with her and havent got any in a while

mmm my boyfriend looks so

mmm my boyfriend looks so delicious from this position. i love playing with his body as i swallow his cock. then i make him come on his stomach and have him watch me lick it off of his abs. can you say yummy? i can. :)

yummayy :)

yummayy :)

Another sugestion

Better to fuck in this position with man keeping pillow under his head.Also women should hold man's feet so that he should not slip.

This looks fun - I love

This looks fun - I love givin head! This way my bf can really see me sucking his cock, plus my boobs too... but looks a bit awkward, maybe pillows under his head better, so he can really relax and just enjoy himself :)

gr8 stuff

i am a newbie n this site is awesum.....i feel like i hav the secret to havin great sex with my bf....i hav a whole lot of stuff to try out


looks fun ;)

hmm bj's no complaining

hmm bj's no complaining there

this position is just stupid

this position is just stupid and painful for both people involved. totally unnecessary.

Tha Arab
dam i did wit my gf last

dam i did wit my gf last night and made me bust all in her mouth she loved it

Anonymous (not verified)

This one is a gagger. The angle her head is at makes vomitting a potential threat to newbies as well. leave this to the Lizz. {;-o}

Anonymous (not verified)

my gf loves this position.

Anonymous (not verified)
Watch out! ;)

Done this one, but it got a kind of accidental twitch. When I was cumming the girl released my penis so I got a spotted face myself.. for a change.. Quite surprising, I can tell you!

/ d00rkey.

Anonymous (not verified)
Not too Good for Cum

I normally dont release my partners penis when he Cums or else it is one great sticky mess-up. Otherwise very enjoyable, but a woman must be into swallowing cum.

Lizz, you sound like a man.

Lizz, you sound like a man.

Well, not neccessarily..

Well, not neccessarily.. Everytime I swallow I feel like I'm going to puke.. As long as you just take it all in your mouth, it's fine, you can spit later if you need to.

Anonymous (not verified)
Well not really Lizz. Not if

Well not really Lizz. Not if your boyfriends some drinker, meat eater and smoker. Then his cum will taste disgusting. I'd rather taste a vegetarians cum. Nice and sweet

Anonymous (not verified)
It may be sweeter, but the

It may be sweeter, but the sperm are all pansies.