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Her Suplex Sex Position

What a way to receive oral; the receiver being subtly restrained makes it all the more exciting! Instructions for how to arrange yourself are the same as Suplex - His.

Make sure that the couch height isn't too high, and have positional aids or pillows on hand to make it more comfortable for the person lying on the ground. In addition, have the receiver evenly distribute their weight to their neck and shoulders. The receiver can grasp the others ankles for leverage or simply lay their arms down at their side, palms flat, allowing them to lift their hips to meet the mouth more readily.

Fucikng heaven! ;)

Definitely love this! My bf and I tried this a couple hours ago and it was amazing. The way my hips were up high like this definitely is a big bonus and the way my bf works his tongue is magical, made me cum before the actual sex started. He wanted to treat me first before I gave him head ;) and afterwards tried deep stick, reverse cowgirl, and I finally let him do me doggy style. It was amazing. Can't wait for round two later tonight, or maybe in a half hour when he's going to shower ;)

I soooo want it right now!!!

I soooo want it right now!!! I am a gurl, it gets much better when ur hips are up!!! Gotta try itt!!! XD

i love this position cause i

i love this position cause i c when he licks me & i get a great view while he has fun pleasing my & @ the same time fingers me & plays with my breast plus he c's my face expression & he loves it!!!

my boy had to hold my boobs

my boy had to hold my boobs so i wouldnt choke on them so embrassed any advice?!?!

will try this tonight hahaha

will try this tonight hahaha

in all the examples

in all the examples that have the girl upside down or sideways, have u noticed how her boobs defy gravity??? and how neither of them breathe???

Only a girl would notice

Only a girl would notice that detail lol

that looks so hot

that looks so hot

This looks uncomfteralble

this doesnt look that comfy for any one


who cares bout comfy lol it would be a good work out...

This looks like something

This looks like something that the guy would then just slip in and surprise her with the dick. Thatd be nice!

Most women don't care for

Most women don't care for this position, as it can be/is extremely uncomfortable for them...

Noooo....... Oh god! I dont

Noooo....... Oh god! I dont want a head injury while doing this!