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Head Rush Sex Position

Head Rush is a lot like 69 - Standing (with the exception that pleasure only goes one way); the hanging partner faces away from the standing partner, legs wrapped around the neck and arms around the waist.

The standing partner will need a sturdy back, healthy knees and strong arms; the other needs flexibility as well as a strong core. Those with back problems, be wary of strain! Here are two helpful tips: for the giver, keep your knees bent and back straight; for the receiver, keep your abdominals engaged. Finally, use proper lifting technique and make sure to exit the position slowly and carefully.

One way to assume the position is to start in 68 - Hers with his legs hanging over the side. The giver sits up and lifts as they stand, all the while holding the receiver by the waist tightly. If the receiver needs added support, the partner can use their hand(s) under the shoulders.


oh my god! this position is the best if you like strapons or foursomes, fivesomes with strapons, just switch your position with the main female's, and have the other girls poking your asshole with their fingers or rods surrounding you on all sides. you will get off to this trust me. if you think about it it is totally hot like, if the strapons are different bright neon colors, maybe some gals with bigger and smaller breasts, multiracial even, all beating off their fake dongs all over your face while one of them porks you in the behind and licks your behind

Mistress Marie

id love to find a dude whos strong enough to do this
it looks amazing

This was done to me last

This was done to me last!! But I was facing the other way giving him a blow job...

if he was still eating u

if he was still eating u then that'd be 69.

I recently did this for the

I recently did this for the first time with my fiance. Im 20 years old, but this is one position that I never got around to trying. It was absolutly amazing. A tip though, if your man is strong enough to hold you try having your ass facing out instead of against him. When I did this with my marine, he used the wall as support and turned me the opposite direction as shown so he had access to my ass to fuck it with his fingers as he ate me out. Another tip is that if you are a tall girl dont try this. Im 5'8" so this never would have worked for us if it wasnt for the fact that my fiance is 6'3". Dont try this if you are the same height as your guy. Other than that, I totally recomend this. It felt incredible and being upside-down puts a totally new twist on oral that is really exciting.


i have done this and it gave me a massive headache but it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

um why aren't you fondling

um why aren't you fondling her boobs while you do this?

This DEFINATLEY needs trying

This DEFINATLEY needs trying by you who haven't done it. After loads of times doing it, I asked my partner to do it the other way, so me facing under his legs, and his you-know-what,haha. He asked me why and I said "because it's time you got some down-below treatment!". This is my fave position of this type, and it really does make you girls have a head rush ;)

do they do this in the

do they do this in the circus? lol
looks fun, but dangerous... the man must be really strong to handle his partner eh? :)) getting me so horny, damn!! X3


Can't wait to try dis on my girl


okay . . . this couple could literally go on forever, XD!!! her boobs like defy gravity, and LOL wouldn't it hurt the man's dick!?!?!? it looks like Standing Womans 68, if there is such a thing, LOL!!! looks really uncomfortable and hard...

Love Him

its not hard, as long as u fit the description lol XD
but it might give u a headache afterwards...ugh >.<
otherwise, its actually kind of fun X)

Looks dangerous.

Looks dangerous.

sir ramsalot
i tryd this but her back

i tryd this but her back banged up against my cock and it kinda hurt XD

blood flow

Call me old fashioned but isn't the blood supposed to flow TO the vulva?

hell no!

Are you frickin kidding me!! Way to much work!!

I would like to

I would totally like to try this

DEFINITELY DO! my boyf is a

my boyf is a huge muscly man and he doesn't get tired holding me. it feel so fucking good. all dizzy! aaaaaah !

Head rush...the perfect name

Head rush...the perfect name for this position! As it truly gives the woman one hell of a HEAD RUSH! Makes many of them dizzy as hell too! LMAO

oh damn thats a tripped out

oh damn thats a tripped out and scaring position to do. it looks really hard to do

oh fuck yeah i can totally

oh fuck yeah i can totally do this on a night before my period when I'm drunk off champagne and my bitch took me out to eat.. I'd give him something to eat too! >:D

I get a headache just

I get a headache just looking at that... So much blood rushing to your head. This one is definitely named properly

I have

I have done this! Love it! its not only exciting but fun!