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Head Rest Sex Position

The Head Rest version of fellatio has both partners lying on their sides, facing head-to-toe. The receiver relaxes while their partner performs oral from a laying position. The facing head-to-toe is more intimate and (if both wish)the receiver is able to use their own hands and mouth to caress and explore their partner's lower body, or just enjoy the sensuality of the physical closeness.

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Positive love making position

It would often lead to 69 with us. We could stay in this position for the longest time enjoying each other.

One of my faves...

I love giving head to my BF in this position. I can take him all in, massage his balls, his ass and he can enjoy his own view of me... which tends to lead into 69 anyway lol. Mmmmm.....

Alice Of Eroticland
Surprises do Cum in the end.

It started out like this but then my Lover moved to a kneeling position on this. We were both worked up. I love giving BJs. While he was feeling really hard and to his peak of eruption. He pulled out his cock. I got to watch him jack the most expensive pearl necklace on me....Now that was hot. He had a lot pinned up.

Can't wait to try this makes

Can't wait to try this makes me horney thinking about it mmmm taste so good

Dude! He needs to stop being

Dude! He needs to stop being a asshole and put his face in that snatch if she's willing to do that.

Omg I love this position!

Omg I love this position! When doing this i like it when he lightly traces his fingers on my back is so relaxing! I could do this all night

looks sweet

Looking for some Felatio positions to try. This one looks simple, and intimate.

any good lookin gals in the

any good lookin gals in the Seattle area wanna do this to me?

i wanna!

I've always been wary about oral on a guy, but after i saw this, i really wanted to! specially if the guy starts to touch me and lick me too... except i dont have a boyfriend and im only 14 and its not gonna happen for a while! shit i wanna suck!!!

hey i lost my v card at your

hey i lost my v card at your age just make sure to use a condem

be patient

It will happen. I was 28 when I got married. Never did sex/oral, etc. Don't do anything as a kid. It will mean more when you're married and with the one you love. It is nice watching your man moan.

I've got the exact same

I've got the exact same problem

Ive done this one with my

Ive done this one with my husband plenty of times he loves it so much and gets into so much that he starts fucking my mouth its also a comfortable position to do i can do this to my husband for hours ..

i love doing this to him...

i love doing this to him and i remember the first time i tried it out on him. my parents were away and he spent the night. i knew we were gonna have some fun that night but i wanted to surprise him! he was laying on my bed watching tv. his head, (the one above his bottom head :)), was at the end of the bed. i had juss gotten out of the shower and i was in nothing but a thong and his shirt when i dressed. then i saw him and thought itd be perfect to try this out. so i crawled to where we were head to toe, pulled down his pants and started. he loved it so much and finally he moved my clothing out of the way and began fingering me and once i was really wet and ready he ate me out and i loved the part where he inserts his own tongue into me. then somehow he managed to get me into a 69 seems like every guy on here did that :)

Love this position

Whenever I do this position I go right into eating pussy. I love it when I have a wet pussy right in my face waiting to be licked wild.

sexy beast
Damn!!!! You sound hot! Any

Damn!!!! You sound hot! Any advice for me giving my man oral???

this brings back so many

this brings back so many memories and makes me wet just thinking bout doin this

love this

my man just can't help but go right into 69.

She likes me to start

She likes me to start fingering her which I really don't mind. That way I get to watch her suck my cock and then enjoy a wet slippery finger and watching that slide in and out of her pussy.

love this

great position...she sucks me and moans and groans while i finger her ass and pussy..

i love sucking my bfs dick.

i love sucking my bfs dick. and i like to lay with my legs open so when i start getting really wet he can tell and then he fingers me and it drives me absolutely crazy, the sensation of him inside me, and him cock in my mouth, its soft velvetey feel as i slide it in and out head bobbing. it makes me horney just thinking about giving him head.

i no when i do this to my bf

i no when i do this to my bf i always luv it when he fingers me

best way to do 69

best way to do 69

Thinking about doing it this

Thinking about doing it this way maybe I'll like doing it more often

Tried it.

tried this one and it was super comfortable and did it for like an hour, sex after this is GREAT because my hubby plays with my clit while i'm doing this and it makes it super wet.