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Golden Gate Sex Position

There isn't anything quite like this exhilarating version of 69; its degree of difficulty is very close to 10! The bent over partner reaches far back to orally pleasure while the laying back partner helps brace by holding on to the others hips or thighs. Those best suited for this move are fit, flexible and adventuresome!

On their own, or assisted by the other partner, get into Bridge pose, then reach back one arm and then the other to place the hands in the ready position. Once the laying partner slides underneath, the other can kneel and bend their head back to receive his member. Guys, hold your penis out for comfortable swallowing, and when you're ready for the next move, for heaven's sake, help them out of this one carefully!

More flexible than I thought

I actually tried this one the other day and managed to do it. Didn't think I could, but it was tons of fun and the guy I was with got a huge kick out of it!

I really want to

I really want to try this position. I do yoga and even though im not the most flexible i can bend back like that for 5 minutes. I just havent found a guy who wants to do it.. I mean im 16 and 69is my favorite position so i like to try it all.. How do i get a guy to want to doit like this with me Lol?

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tell him

just tel him youre extremely flexible and u wanna blow him. I promise he will NOT turn u down

me and my bf love this

me and my bf love this position coz we both are dances so we have doing it . it also gets us both umming at the same time wts even better uhhh its hot x

done this with my ex a

done this with my ex a couple of times and it wasn't hard for her. you just have to be able to give the girl a "headstart"

Im a belly dancer and i do

Im a belly dancer and i do many forms of dance and I DEFINITELY love this position!!!

if you look closly the girl

if you look closly the girl in the anamation ant suckin the dudes cock

James Joseph
golden gate

no way you can bend like that LMAO

I'm a little naive. Can

I'm a little naive. Can someone tell me exactly how this position is advantageous?

well worth the soreness

well worth the soreness afterward form my spine streching

hard one

this one is hard and besides I like to make her cum many many times before I do, so I opt put of the 69 for a long long time till she cums over and over first.

yea i dont think this will happen

even though is looks like it would be great. I would love to see this happen,

OMG! fav way to give and

OMG! fav way to give and recieve... lmao.. i cum hard wen we do tht.. God i love my man, he sure knows how to use his mouth n fingers

look at 'er

her boobs seem to like defy gravity, LOL!!!!!!!!!!

yeah... mine would totally

yeah... mine would totally just whack me in the face... lol. I'm not very flexible anymore so I don't think I'll be trying this one. I'll leave it to my imagination though.


doesn't that look like it would hurt, if you bent urself back like that???!!! :0

Kawaii Meows
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if i could bend like that i would so do it :P


I've been in gymnastics since I was four.. and let me tell you all those years of it was so worth it for this position. Loved it. My boyfriend was amazed. (;

aw lucky. I wish i could

aw lucky. I wish i could bend backwards like that.

my GOD what a lucky lucky

my GOD what a lucky lucky go girl;)


I can do this but only for about 30 seconds.

I can do this except i can

I can do this except i can bend my neck back further :)

damn thats all tripped out

damn thats all tripped out

love doin this wit my hubby

love doin this wit my hubby