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Game's On Sex Position

This version of Fellatio is called Game's On; the receiving partner simply sits back while their partner performs oral from a kneeling position. Although not overly intimate with regard to other body parts, it is a great treat for the receiver...

Note: not everyone likes to have their head palmed (pulled forward) while they are performing, so if your partner doesn't like this it’s in your best interest not to ... if you have to do something, help keep their hair out of their mouth :).

I love doing this but I pin

I love doing this but I pin his arms down so he can't play... turns us both on so much

As long as you don't push my

As long as you don't push my head down, I'm down for this ;)

Depends on size.

For me it depends on the guys size. If he isn't too big I love having him push me down on his cock. The feeling of his hand sliding through my hair is really great. But if it's really big that can be painful and that's no fun.

My bf watches golf...

My bf likes to watch golf on tv. I can't stand it. I find that sucking his cock is much more fun than watching golf!

for him

for him it is very relaxing, i do all with my mouth and he can watch me and enjoy, i know he likes it.

try yesterday!

my gf was at home (off frm work) and her roomy was away, it was amazing
i want some to see 3some position as well?


Surprised my boyfriend with this one last week when the England game was on.. He absolutely loved it! He thought it was totally hot getting this done while the football was on, he said I was amazing afterwards :D

my best time

My wife always saves this position for me after I come home from working out of town. She lights candles, turns on soft low music, lights my cigar, offers me a cold beer, gets herself naked and then settles in for a long "suckfest" as she calls it. Sucks me in this position till I cum in her mouth, one time it lasted an hour, drove me crazy. I love this position and her attentiveness. She's a real giver. I usually bring her home a souvenir gift from the area I was working and she goes to work thanking me. Thanks for the great site. Ole!!!

Lucky you

I just wanted to say that you're a blessed man for having a wife who's a giver. I've been searching for a woman like her for the longest and have yet to find her. Anywho, if you have any tips for me on how to find a woman like her please let me know. Have a good one.

i really want to try this on

i really want to try this on my it any good because it looks AMAZING! just thinking about sucking that cock...;)x

hell yeah game's on! ;)

hell yeah game's on! ;)

I used to hate doing it now i don't care

I can remember the first time i tried it it didn't work than i didn't try it for like a month, than finely i tired it again and i did good, my bf was moaning like i do when we are having sex. Now i am starting to use my tongue and that drives him crazy! last time i gave him head he grabed my pony tail and started to pull it. i think he liked it. He likes the blow jobs i give him now, he cums in my month all the time now, the first time it was gross but i get over it and just don't bother with the taste of it i just use it for more lube.
today we were talking and he says the next time i give him bj he wants me to finish off with a boob job i know what that is. i am going to try it, i can guess what is going to happen he is going to cum all over my chest yay that shall be fun to clean up. i do things to make him happy. But he makes me happy in ways no one else can or ever will.

i was really shy at first

i was really shy at first when my boyfriend and i started dating so i wouldnt really do this kind of thing but ive gotten over it and i gotta tell ya we had fun with this last week. ok so my dad works nights and my mom is going back to college but she has to go at night which leaves about four hours when my parents are gone. my boyfriend and i call that an eclipse. so last week wednesday was an eclipse and we couldnt do anything for a while before that so we were both really horny. earlier that day he had been working out and he said all his muscles were tired so i said it was his special relax day. i did this out first for a while. i loved when he was looking at me and i could tell he was haveing a good time. i did this for a while then got on top and did the cowgirl one but i used my back instead of my legs cuz they tire easy. it was amazing we both came so hard. :D

i crave this

I love doing this and giving head in general. i love seeing him tense and relax, listen to him moan and breath harshly, and feel him harden further and pulsate in my mouth when he cums (cuz i swallow ;) ) i also like when he grabs and plays with my hair and guides me sometimes. i did this to my ex when he was playing Black Opps with his cousins and friends and his and their mics were on. as soon as my lips wrapped around him he moaned loudly, ripped off the mic, threw his controller down, and fisted my hair. it was great and led to hhim fucking the shit out of me. i wish i had some1 to do that stuff with now =\


Hell i would love mmy gf to come up to me n start sucking me whilest playing games, would be so hot, and noone would know she's doing it.


yeah its def fun but if it was me, you'd would def consider pausing the game to enjoy it

You must be like my ex then,

You must be like my ex then, she got so annoyed that I was on the xbox for so long she just pulled down my shorts and started sucking me off ! Was best blowjob I've ever had. Forget pausing the game, I turned the console off !

Happiness is a slut with big DSL's on her knees....

While I'm watching the football game!

bf loved it

did this to my man once. he layed back on his bed and i got on my knees and took him in my mouth and started sucking him. i told him to tell me when he was about to cum so i could move my mouth. he came within 5 minutes and said i was awesome

joe smith
how can I get my wife to

how can I get my wife to enjoy taking it in her mouth?

get your wife to enjoy it?

get a new just joking. I would think telling her you would really enjoy it and give her ways to feel more comfortable doing it. She probably worries she wouldn't be good at it or doesn't measure up to your expectations.

Did this to my boyfriend a

Did this to my boyfriend a few days ago for the 2nd time...though this time was not so great cuz the couch he was on was rly low so it began to hurt my neck from bending down after a while. But when I did this to him in a much taller chair in his basement a few months ago, OMG it was amazing! Perfect height for me, he could squirm and lean back all he wanted w/o it squeaking like the couch AND because of the angle and height we were able to look into eachother's eyes which we both love. Moral of the story: Choose appropriate seating.

Can't wait to use this to inturrupt him playing videogames. I just kinda have this "fantasy" to just go up to him and start sucking him off while he's playing Xbox or something one day since he's soooooo into em (on voice chat would be an added bonus, just to tease him)

Go for it

Lets see Xbox or BJ. No contest He will be happy with the BJ

me n my bf do this all the

me n my bf do this all the time when we have nothing else to do lol he says that when i do it to him he loves it n it make him fell so hard n he cums so easly

My friend and I usually go

My friend and I usually go down on each other in this position. It doesn't hurt my neck as much and I feel like I have more range of motion...

blow out

best bj position because you get to see everything.To warm me up she rubs my cock in between her big tits whilst sucking my purple pulsating crown.The cherry on the top(so to speak)is when she massages my glans with her tongue while stroking my balls.

I love when I suck my

I love when I suck my boyfriends dick and I can see his leg muscles tense up and he gets hard. :]

My bf loves to me watch me

My bf loves to me watch me suck on him and I love hearing him moaning and groaning when I do this :)

gave my first blowjob ever

gave my first blowjob ever in this position and im sorta glad i did, was really easy and relaxed and he came within the first 15minutes or so

lakers vs celtics

i am a laker but i waanted celtics to win the championship game...we made a bet about who was goin to win...he said if celtics win he would have no sex for a week only eat me so i was like okay....i said if the lakers won i would suck him off win the game was over...the lakers won i was happy that they won but then i remembered the bet i turned to him and said we will do it tonight when i looked down his pants and boxers were already on the floor ...he then said a deal is a deal...i said okay i was going down with all my clothing on and then i said i will be right back ...i ran up stairs put on a yellow thong and a purple bra and came back down stairs and on my way down i grabbed his lakers hat and put it i came down the stairs his eyes opened wide and he said thats the spirit i went down and we did this he tried to get my bra down but i said that was not part of the deal. he kissed me and i sat in my thong on his hard cock..he whispered in my ear tha he would eat me if i did him a favor(fuck him). so i did worked out for me because after he finished eatin me i wanted him inside me and i got want i wanted

Did this to him a couple

Did this to him a couple days ago on his favorite chair. was watchin a movie, well i was suppose to but the sounds he was making was worth it.


wow i wish i had someone close to me to teach me how to give a good blowjob

love that one !!

love that one !!

good times

Ive had sex but when I first got into sex, my first time was oral sex, and my gf at the time, used this position, I came withing 11 minutes.. But she said that wasn't "loosing your virginity" type of sex. So that kind of bummed me.

Sexyy yummyyy

God I honestly love sucking my boyfriend off. It's so sexy when he watches and I can put on a little show ;)

This is a perfect position

This is a perfect position for a good show. This is the position my wife used the first time she took me all the way and swallowed all my cum. It was so nice to lean back and watch her suck my cock and use her hands on my balls and shaft. When I was ready to cum, she said go ahead and took me deep in her mouth and then swallowed all my cum and sucked me dry. It was so hot.


This is one of the best positions in which I've ever been sucked off. I was sitting in my girlfriends house and we were screwing around. I sat down in a chair and pulled her over there and she got on her knees and immediately starting sucking me off. The way she used her tongue on the soft area right below the head was amazing. She'd go back and forth between swallowing as much of me as possible and running her tongue up and down it. She even took a little break to stroke me while licking my balls. It didn't take long before her lips and tongue were too much for me and I came in her mouth. She cleaned every bit of me off and continued to suck it afterward. Can't ask for a better girl. ;D

omg!! I want to do that sooo

omg!! I want to do that sooo bad with my bf!!! but unfortunately, I think he's a bit too shy for me to do that... but I no he's sooo turne on by me cuz on the phone he literally started moaning and heavily breathing and abviouslly he was masterbating... but I'm sooo craving it!!! i've never sucked dick before so I don't no wt it's like but I'm so certain I'm good at it..... wat do I do?!?!

ask him if hes not cool

ask him if hes not cool he'll tell u but there is a good chance he'll want u to suck him and maybe even move a little further on

Pico Cyn
My boyfriend was shy too. We

My boyfriend was shy too. We were both virgins, and we watch movies at his house a lot. The first time I touched dick, I went really slow... as it turns out, guys like it when you touch their cock. He was quite receptive, and after a few minutes I got it out of his pants and into my hands. I saved a blowjob for two weeks later for his birthday, and we just had sex yesterday.

So if you want anything, you have to start it. He's probably just too shy to ask, but not shy enough to say 'no' if you start anything.

Hee hee. Sucked my boyfriend

Hee hee. Sucked my boyfriend off like this while he was playing games on his laptop once. How much better does it get for him?

i LOVE giving my bf head!

i LOVE giving my bf head! OMG him moaning gets me soo wet


oooo me 2!! kuv gettin him off!!

this isnt REALLY sex is it?

this isnt REALLY sex is it? well im 14 and a girl and i wish a good looking guy asked me to suck his dick...i want sex 2 but i want him to be good looking. ive been offered sex many times but never did. anyone live in good looking and wants to have sex im in. hehe...any one wanna chat btw?

14 is really young. wait

14 is really young. wait awhile.

and yes, oral sex is sex. you can't get pregnant from oral sex, but you can get stds.

Quite right

You are right, but let's face it.

OS is much safer than normal sex, that's why the government is "teaching" teens about oral because it's safer.


omg pick me!!!! lol

ok thats freaking great

ok thats freaking great

this blows. literally. lol.

oh wow .....

You are right about that.

You are right about that. This is great for me when she does this. I just sit back and watch her do her magic on my cock. She can get me to cum and suck me dry easy in this position.