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Fuck Face Sex Position

The Fuck Face version of fellatio is similar to the Plumber but has the receiver kneeling upright, with the giver laying with their head on a pillow between the receiver's thighs.

The giver performs oral and can use their hands to caress and explore their partner's whole body. The receiver can carefully thrust in and out of the giver's mouth while also carressing and exploring their partner's body.

this position turns me on as

this position turns me on as much as it does him because when he lifts his hips up his thighs gently brush against my nipples... mmmmmm


gives a goof sensation to me as a male,
the better if the partner has a good "serious" face(i mean not an innocent face, something like russians is good)and also if she is more a submissive than a dominant one.

sexy beast
Ok I am a 16 year old female

Ok I am a 16 year old female and I am thinking about doing this with my bf of 4 years is it a good position to start with?? And should I play\suck his balls too? Or do men not like that?? Please message me!! I really need to know!! ;)

Your bf will LOVE this. But

Your bf will LOVE this. But i personally prefer to have my balls licked. But for this position, you need to already enjoy sucking his you?

sexy beast
Never tried it before it will

Never tried it before it will be our first time doing oral sex to each other :)

Great Finisher

This position is fantastic for after we've been fucking for a while and he is all worked up. He'll just pull out and climb on top of me and we will do this until he explodes all over my face. Love seeing him get all aggressive like that.

Hey Lindsay. :) you sound

Hey Lindsay. :) you sound like you like rough sex. Do you also like it when he cums in your mouth? Tell me more. :)

I sure do

I love cum, and I love it when he cums on my face or in my mouth.

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Perfect position to end in a

Perfect position to end in a facial.
Which gives her an orgasm every time!

Sucking cock makes me wet

I love gaging on a cock being shoved down my throat. This is my favorite way to give head. I really love the rough stuff so a way to make it more fun is to have your guy blindfold you and handcuff your hands above you head. You'll have no idea when it's comming and he is in control and gets to go as hard as he wants.

I am thirty yrs
I feel i have more desire than when I was young

Am I all right.

desire for intercourse /oral sex and all kinds of sexual actions.

Love rubbing the tits in this one...

with my ass and balls.

Still Married, Still Do this.

Still Married, Still Do this. Hitting the gag is primal, love it

you are my hero dude.

you are my hero dude.

This is for dating couples

This is for dating couples only. Married men like me should never try this. We should only remember fondly the times our wife did this before we were married. Damn those were good times. It is best when you pull back and have the shaft between her breasts as well. I did this twice while dating my wife and orgasmed on her chest and neck. Ladies--if you do this you will never be single; and once married you will never need to do this again.

Please tell me you're joking.

Please tell me you're joking. I'm a married woman and I love this. Sexual compatibility is one of the most important things in a marriage (in my opinion) and lack thereof can definitely be a dealbreaker.

yes that was a joke. I like

yes that was a joke. I like to think we are compatible tho, just have shifted to other positions more often.

finally done it

i was playing around with my friend and made him. i pretended to get up and leave just to be naughty. he gave me a look and pinned ,e down and started fucking my face like he does my pussy. first slow, then fast and deep. i can deep throat so that made it even better. he wanted to cum on my face but i was sucking so good that he couldnt and didnt pull out lol

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Really sweetheart that sounds so great, my wife cant take my 8 inch (thick) dick that way.

that was good


i made him hard i mean.

i made him hard i mean.

I love the idea of pounding

I love the idea of pounding my girl in the mouth until I explode down her throat while I squeeze her tits

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this is amazing ..i always

this is amazing ..i always wanna try wd any women..this pose brings me to the edge of heaven ...any body interested ..inform me..i am frm india

can't wait to try this. I

can't wait to try this. I think this is gonna make my bf feel very dominant XD

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How did it go......

Totally going to try this

Totally going to try this tonight!!!

when he is active..

We make this position sometimes, when he wants to move in my mouth. Its cool to see, how he likes it.

my favourite

i love being face fucked, my pussy gets very wet! this position especially or the plumber position is awesome. i like being dominated by a man, i just prefer him to have his way with me an stick his hard dick down my throat while i slobber all over it mmmm.

I know what you mean.

I agree with you. Sometimes being dominated like that is just really hot. And the face that you're pinned down while he fucks your face can just drive me crazy sometimes.

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Her Legs Up

GF showed me position several months ago, we do it all the time, her mouth feels amazing in this position.

Last week I noticed in the mirror she was crossing her legs and pulling her legs up at the waist, I reached back and pulled her legs up to my side and was able to suck her toes, this was freaking incredible.

I continued to fuck her face and emptied a big load in her mouth, one of the best orgasms ever, cannot believe it worked but it did, she loves this position she asks ME for it.

I love this position soooo much!

It drives my boyfriend crazy and it makes him cum every time. I love having his hard dick deep inside my mouth. it turns me on so much.

The man in this illustration should fondle his woman

I think this is a sexy move but I highly recommend that the guy should reach back from time to time and play with his woman's breasts and clit, and definately moan for her too.

This position is great, I

This position is great, I had 2 differant girl friends that like being a fuck face. One liked having a facial when i cum, and the other one couldn't wait to swallow my cum. I love kinky women.

I love how my lover can play

I love how my lover can play with my boobs at the same time


I would love to try this on a girl. If anygirls wanna message fuck just send me a message

Me and my boyfriend do this

Me and my boyfriend do this a lot. He sticks his hard cock right in my face. I can't resist!


iv always wanted my girlfriend to try this but idk why she dosent like it.

maybe she jst dnt like the

maybe she jst dnt like the idea of u being able to shove ur dick down her throat . ask her if she wld give u a bj tn ask her she wld like to do if she says yh thn start explore x

do guys like it when girls

do guys like it when girls suck on their balls a lil and play with them while sucking on their cock?

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we love it

hell yes, mind the step children ladies, mind the step children!

i know i do, goes from

i know i do, goes from erection to eruption

oooooh that looks so hot! I

oooooh that looks so hot!
I love being submissive!


Just had sex with new bf for 1st time last nite and he face f**ked me - delicious!

omg, so hot!

omg, so hot!

when me and my bf do this he

when me and my bf do this he doesnt hold my head but i hold his waist so i can get his huge cock all the way down my throat and then sometimes if he's in a good mood he will finger me with i suck on him. its heaven

I love this. I'm able to

I love this. I'm able to look my girl in her eyes, see both of us enjoy it. Love grabbing her head and pulling it. she loves it little rough sometimes. also she finger my ass, squeeze my butt. I reach around sometimes and play with her pussy... Love This...

Love it

love this!!!!!!ex loved my balls slapping her chin!!!!!! you other ladies like that too right?

Yes I love it

Yes I love it

i like it like that and when

i like it like that and when he fingers me while i deep throat him