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Why do most men love big boobs?

I dont get it lol i've always gotten attetion because of mine but it seems like nothing to me and its like the bigger a womans boobs the better its weird... so just tell me boys, what is it about these things you love???


Shame, I love big one too..


Boobs is the symbol of feminin and that why having a reasonable size of boobs such as D and above is very important.

I'm a big boobs man! At any time I'm having sex, I would like to see those jugs sway along and I bet most of the man would like to see that rather than a tits that stay there 'dead'!
When a woman lying down it more beautiful and sexy to see the big boobs rather than a flat cheast. When I do the boobs sucking, I would like to hold and squeez the balance of the boob which is sensatial to the woman as well but what if the woman with small tits?
Woman with small boobs gone to miss the tits fuck action and that goes with the man who love them!! There's no way you can do it with an A cup women!
When you look at a woman with a big boobs, it's more pleasurable rather than the flat cheast or a small tits, yes their are nipple may sticking out on the t-shirt but don't you feel it just like a football shoes stard??!!

Therefore, man do love big tits boobs yeee... haaaa....!!!


I have heard that there are men who only like women with large boobs. I have actually met men who do not like large breasts at all. I could care less about size before I met my wife and she sort of changed my thinking, but I still get turned on by beautiful women with smaller breasts.


See for yourself the diffrent...


[QUOTE=dancingdoc2;232223]> Probably genetically our bodies look for big boobs as a sign that you produce more milk so our offspring will have a better chance of survival.

This logic doesn't fair too well for those women who are 98 pounds and nearly flat chested to an A. Come to think about it much of the Asian population is of this body type and they have plenty of healthy children.

Breast size doesn't have any bearing on how many milk ducts there are or how much milk is produced unless I've forgotten something.[/QUOTE]

yes but these women are selected by male partners after the ones with larger breasts.

guys who don't like big breasts probably have some other psychological issue. maybe they remember their mom's breasts and are disgusted by it. or maybe they associate large breasts with fat women. but pretty much universally, a pornstar's body is what men like (might not want the big breasts to just look like half melons) but a skinny build with a fat woman's boobs is pretty much what we all have in mind.


that is to say a "manufactured" figure = porn star = rather than how a real live woman comes.

Just think what women would enjoy if we could "manufacture" men!!!


Awesome to hold, touch, put in your mouth, look at. Probably genetically our bodies look for big boobs as a sign that you produce more milk so our offspring will have a better chance of survival.

Basically big jugs on a skinny frame are an automatic +2 points on the 10 scale of attractiveness.

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hmm I never really thought about it like that but you could have a point there with the whole possibly geneticaly/instinctivley to look for better suited ones.


> Probably genetically our bodies look for big boobs as a sign that you produce more milk so our offspring will have a better chance of survival.

This logic doesn't fair too well for those women who are 98 pounds and nearly flat chested to an A. Come to think about it much of the Asian population is of this body type and they have plenty of healthy children.

Breast size doesn't have any bearing on how many milk ducts there are or how much milk is produced unless I've forgotten something.


Actually there are large breasted women in Asia. I have seen them in China and expect to see them in Japan also. I read an article last year which said that Asian women are becoming bustier and hippier and generally more voluptuous. Much of the credit ( or blame ) for this goes to the westernization of the diet in eastern countries.

Now, CrackBaby I am not interested in a pornstar's body. I haven't seen that many, but most of the ones I have seen are not my type. The few who do have the large breasts you are on about have store bought breasts. Those are not attractive. Now one pornstar whose body, and face I enjoy is Aya Sugimoto who starred in the 2004 remake of Hana to hebi ( Flower and Snake). Now that is a an attractive naturally large breasted Asian body. Nice bush too:)


meh those women are real too. they're just somewhat difficult to pick out as the bra and all women's clothing is designed to make women look pretty similar with their clothes on.

in fact in my experience if you look in a room, the chicks that look like 8s and 9s with their clothes on, when the clothes come off, the 7s are the winners most of the time.


lol the miracle of makeup and pushup bras shows up in a thread about big breasted women...

eh why not? lets wander off course more...

just because men look more or less the same when we get naked doesn't mean you have to fault women for not being that way... i prefer girls who dont try to change themselves to fit what men think is perfect... something about how a girl is confident in herself enough to not care about what others think of her as long as she is doing what needs to get done for herself is sexier than anything else... but if you really care that shes actually a 7 instead of a 9 just keep the lights off when shes naked and you'll never know the difference


Bigger breasts seem to show maturity and fertility.


i dunno how natural trumps fake.

big naturals are not actually that nice to look at.


[QUOTE=EvilEvilKitten;232468]that is to say a "manufactured" figure = porn star = rather than how a real live woman comes.

Just think what women would enjoy if we could "manufacture" men!!![/QUOTE]

What I fail to understand is why women choose to be manufactured? It's not like men have a substitute (and gay men don't count). Why women can't just be themselves I'll never understand. Too many of them seem to accept the "rule" that beauty is pain, and therefore they must hurt themselves (e.g. high heels that they can't walk in), or other mutilate themselves. And then when they have sex, it has to be in the dark... Sigh... Women... Go figure...


It's probably more psychological than anything.


Because 'beauty' gives them 'power' over men; men being what they are.


I don't like excessively big boobs.

For me it's more about shape and feel.

Anything more than a handful is a waste!


As Doc said, some people believe it's a genetic hold over. There may be something to that, however I remember reading something a while back about a test of other cultures. Tribes in Africa, South America, etc that have never been exposed to Western cultures and it seems to me that i remember them saying not all cultures liked the same things. For instance in America we like full, firm breast. In the African tribe they saw sagging breasts as the highest sign of beauty. I don't remember how size played into it.

Me, I'm a big boob guy but that doesn't mean i don't like small boobs. My wife has D's to DD's, that's great. My last girlfriend had a small B. My wifes are nicer than my ex-gf but it's not because of size, it's because of shape, symmetry, firmness, and nipple placement. In the time between them I hooked up with girls who were both big and small. One of the small ones had great boobs!

I've actually seen many threads on another site I frequent specifically asking women to post their "itty bitty titties" or titled "A cups please!". I think there may be a majority who like big boobs, but it's 51%, not 99%.


I like boobs that I can fit in my hands, size doesn't effect me much. If they are too big then I don't like em.


I'm a boob guy, I love em. Can't tell you why, but I do. My wife is 36D to 36DD and hers are great! She has warned me that after we have kids that will likely change. She'd like to have a reduction at some point but figures she might as well let childbirth and breastfeeding take it's course first. I've seen big naturals that are horrible, I've seen small fakes that are even more horrible.

I am a big boob guy, but that doesn't mean I don't like nice, firm, small natural boobs as well. The Keeley Hazell's and Lucy Pinder's of the world are very, very rare. I'd take the average 34B or C over the average 38DD pretty much most of the time. But that's just me.


Men's brains are wired in a certain way which can be very basically described as: find un-pregnant female, get female pregnant. (Culture aside, of course.)

Breasts are an immediately recognisable feature of a sexually mature female. If she also has a waist and/or flat belly then she's not pregnant and he's got a chance. Larger breasts make her waist, in comparison, seem slimmer.

There ya go.

But you have to also remember that in ALL cases: it is the proportionate hour-glass shape that wins regardless of actual size.


women like power just as much as men do... its just the way you choose to go about getting power that is different.. women enjoy being more suttle... men like brute force... thats why guys try to be more tough and women try to be more beutiful.

crackbaby is a good example... he must feel superior and he doesn't hide it... feeling superior and the fact that he doesn't need to hide how he goes about it gives him a nice high

atm i can't think of any prime examples of women who do this (then again if you could easily do it, it probably isn't very suttle) but im sure everyone can think of a few


[QUOTE=CrackBaby;232752]i dunno how natural trumps fake.[/QUOTE]

because shes pretending to have/be something shes not. a fairly nice turn off imho but most men dont share that opinion. alot of ppl only care about what they can see and not about what goes where they can't. imo this causes a lot of problems.

OK, girls, stand in front of a mirro and look at your crotch. Not much to see, is there? Our important parts are tucked inside and, as much as I love being with a woman, our mid-section says nothing - literally.

When you see a person who appears androgenous, where do you look to ascertain whether male or female? Our breasts are our most noticeable sex characteristic (even though they are labelled a secondary sex characteristic). So, as Bad Cat says, our breasts identify us a s female. Through the absurdities of pur culture (see MattC above), many men relate breast size to intensity of sexuality, or Big Tits = Nice Lay. As with most women, I have some hangups about mine (shown over twenty years ago in my avatar) but objectively, I have nice ones. Not always the blessing you may believe! They attract some very strange people. Good looking men who think they can save me!


All men, don't like large breasts. As they say, anything more than a handful, or mouthful, is a waste. I love small breasts. Being a nudist and having been in a Spencer Tunick shoot, I've seen thousands. :D

Small breasted women try harder. A small breasted woman, not wearing a bra and showing some nipple, is a very sexy person.

My wife wears 36D and one of my daughters wears 36F...and I love both of them, but itty bitty titties are the best. :D

I also feel, that if a woman was thinking of buying boobs, and visited a nudist resort for a week before, she'd discover that she could be accepted for who she is naturally and didn't need the surgery.

Isn't this world wonderful! Many variations of the human body, and all attractive to various persons. :D

I love to look at a naked female, but not stare. lol Breasts are attractive and interesting, but for a woman's pleasure. It's my duty, to make her feel good.

Bigger boobs is a genetic response and signifies a woman's ability to nuture a child. Men always imagine sucking on them and they add a nice curve to a woman's body.

Not all men do

I certainly won't throw a woman out of bed because she's large, but I prefer small ones. I find that ladies with 34 b/c's tend to want more sex! I'm one that always says that anything over a mouth full is a ______! : ) Like I said I'll still take it!


[QUOTE=EvilEvilKitten;232500]Because 'beauty' gives them 'power' over men; men being what they are.[/QUOTE]

Yeah but if they all did nothing, they would still have the power. Men are just that easy... Plus what do emancipated women need power over men for? Get an education and a great profession and you can say "sayanora" (sp?) to the men. Beauty is not needed.


I feel the need to point out that it is also possible that "most" men do not love big boobs. The large boob fascination is part of American and perhaps northern European culture. While American men in general might be breast men there are other parts of the world where the majority of men are butt men. I remember a Nat Geo article on beauty a few years back that addressed the issue of what is considered beautiful in different societies. If you can believe Nat Geo the two most common cosmetic surgeries in Brazil are breast reduction and buttock enlargement. In Mexico tastes are become more gringified, but in general here and in all of Latin America men look at a woman's buttocks before her breasts. The same goes for many other cultures in other regions of this planet we live on.


why big boobs? why curvy? why blonde? why red head? why anything? you might as well ask why gravity sux instead of pushes because there is no real answer


ya know... i think its all based on how you define a woman... physcally, i am attracted to most girls who fit that definition.

Buck Naked

I'm an ass man myself. Boobs really not a big deal to me.


Amen, Buck.


I love boobs because boobs are great. Boobs big enough to wrap around my "unit" are great. Boobs that are firm and overflowing my hands (and I have big hands) are awesome. Why? Why not. I don't need to justify what I like.


I'm a breast man myself (bigger tends to be better within reason... :D ). Why? Why not. Could be anything (and it is different in other cultures). I believe that western societies' obsession with breasts is more cultural than "genetic."


I think my love of small breasts, comes from being an out-of-doors activity-minded person...volleyball, canuding, nude hiking... Most athletic women tend to be smaller of breast. Large breasted women can't jump/move around as well, so they tend not to participate in sport activities. But above all, natural ALWAYS trumps fake! On that last issue, does this site organize polls?


I'll take a woman with a nice round butt any day over a chick with big boobs. To be honest, I don't really like big boobs for some reason...but it seems they like me. :D For some reason it always seems to turn out that I end up with a girl who's got BIGG BREAST (the last 3 women I've had serious relationships with have all been DD). Though, by no means am I complaining. We'll see what happens with the next one. :D