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Why and how do women pee with more force than men?

This has always perplexed me. What causes a woman to pee with so much force where it is a gusher and how much force is there?

I am not certain that we do for our entire lives. As we age, yes, we do pee with the same force whilst men decrease in the force with which the stream flows. The female urethra does not change as we age, bar injury, and the male prostate enlarges restricting the flow. The female urethra is much shorter than the man's yielding less resistance flow and ours are not stretched and shortened as a man's is during erection.

Our flow is controlled with muscle pressure either closing or opening to eliminate; the man also has the prostate controlling some aspects of elimination. The male plumbing to pee is more complex than, and not as durable as, ours. Another reason to be glad not to have things bouncing around between my thighs!