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When you go to sleep would it wake you if your husband put his fingers in your vagina

I've been married for 15 years and recently my wife has started snoring in bed. I've been having to roll her over to get her to stop. The other night I thought I'd have some fun with waking her to roll over. I gently started rubbing her clit. When she didn't wake up, I put a finger inside her vagina. She still didn't wake up. So where do you stop? Last night I was able to get my whole hand (all five fingers) inside her vagina and she didn't wake up.

My question is this, is she feeling it and is she enjoying it, or is she just sleeping right through it?


Both. Physically she's feeling it but she will have no memory of it and won't be getting any enjoyment out of it.

I will tell you this however you'd better get her permission to do this just in case she does wake up and begins being evil.

Because it may give her, like it does me, the CREEPS.


I could believe her not noticing.

My wife is a fairly heavy sleeper as well, and on a couple of occasions I've tried to "wake" her in this way, but not as intentionally. I am very much a sleep walker/talker, so she's had to deal with my night time antics quite often. I've woken myself up with my hand in her pants, and her pushing me away. Granted it's much better received than the night she woke to me on my knees next to her on the bed hovering over her, thrusted my arms under her, and lifted her up, and just held her with my eyes shut. She calmly asked "What are you doing?" and I replied "Carrying you over the threshold!" laid her back down, then fell back on my pillow. :)

There have been times though that we made it way farther in a sleep state, once all the way to actual penetration, which was actually kind of fun to me. :) Wasn't fun for her the next day though, as she's way not into being woke up though for any reason, very grouchy with interrupted sleep. With my goofy actions once a week she teases about sleeping in different rooms.

So anyways, yes I have fingered her for upwards of 5 minutes before with no response, good or bad.


Oh, and by 5 minutes I mean assumed, just going by a sleepy time scale. Not coherent enough to actually be timing or anything. If I were coherent enough for that, I'd know I was treading dangerous ground. lol


My ex husband used to try having sex with me all the time when I was asleep and I hated it.He wouldn't stop when I woke up and told him to get off me.That is rape in my book,but he said that he had the right to do it as my husband.If he fingered me when I was asleep I would definitely stir as I am a light sleeper.He knew never to do that.He even tried having his way with me when our toddler children were in bed with us.Going as far one time to say that our 2 year old son would learn where he came from.This is why he is now my ex husband. Now if my new partner tried to have his way with me whilst I was asleep it would be very different.I would gladly roll over and let him continue.


Im confused by that reply Aphrodite. At first you say you hated it, but that was with your ex. Now you say you'd gladly roll over and continue, but that's with the new person.

So, does the act itself bother you but you overlook it for the new person, or do you enjoy the act, just not by the ex's hand?


I'm a heavy sleeper but I would definately wake up and not be amused. I would feel violated and distrustful of my partner if he did this to me without prior consent, which I would never give in the first place. I would bannish my partner to the couch or better yet the street if he ever did this to me. Luckily my husband has never attempted such a disrespectfull assault against me while vulnerably asleep.
I guess if my parter was an animated sleeper or had sleep issues such as firmus I would try to deal with it because it was something he did in his sleep and was not actually in control, but it would very likely bring on the need for seperate beds/bedrooms. I wouldn't be able to suffer sleep deprivation over an extended period of time without serious repercussions to my health, personality and temperance.


I've honestly had experience with my boyfriend doing this to me. I don't remember but he's told me and has recorded it before.

He made sure that he talked to me about it so that I knew what was going on. I don't have a problem with it. He tells me what he does. I'm a hard sleeper and sometimes when I fall asleep he can get me to talk in my sleep, even talk dirty to him. In videos I've even seen myself do stuff and I was asleep.

Yes, some people would find this a bit strange but we have a different take on it. I wouldn't be too happy if he was doing things to me without me knowing though. I don't really see anything wrong with it but others might.


after reading this thread, I asked my girlfriend what she would think or do if I did this to her, and she said as long as I was gentle and made sure she was wet, she thinks she'd enjoy it and would let me continue


let me tell you if a guy who as touched my pussy of course i wud feel it while im asleep. I probably wud enjoy it but at the same time the woman may be havin a dream of sex so in her mind she believes its not happenin for real when it is, and sometimes girls really sleep deeply to where nothing phases her. Maybe if you get on top of her and stick her she just might get up trust me id b asleep next to my partner and he wud want to go at it and id be half asleep but still doin it.


I have never even tried to penetrate a woman while she was sleeping. Seems to be "over the line" to me. I have, however, licked a woman before while she was sleeping. She loved to be licked, and I have an insatiable tongue. This is why we got a long so well sexually. The first time I did it, when she woke up she said she was having a confusing dream because the person in the dream shouldn't be licking her. But she was laughing about it! I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she said NO! It just confused her at first. After that, I could lick her awake and she never had any problems with it, in fact she enjoyed it. We talked about it either after we was done or the next day. She would tell me about the dream she was having and how it would confuse her at first and she would tell me about her confusing thoughts she would have as she was coming out of her dream and we would get a few chuckles out of it. It was never an annoyance to her. She always had an orgasm, and we had a few laughs too. We talked about it openly and she never hinted that it was annoying in any way.
I never thought about penetrating her in anyway while she was sleeping. Just seems not the right thing to do to me. Looking back, it seems this was one of those rare things that we did that we both enjoyed and that it is one thing that most couples would probably not experience, much less both enjoying it and not having any issues with it. I know I don't like to be wakened from a deep sleep by alarm clocks etc. but to be awakened sexually by getting a BJ I was fine with because she did turn the tables on me a few times. She was a good sleeper so she didn't wake up much in the middle of the night on her own so it wasn't as easy for her to turn the tables on me. It did happen a few times but I was never in a dream at the time or was not able to recall it once I realized what was going on. Only enough blood to supply one head at a time syndrome I guess! LOL :D


Have you thought about how difficult the logistics would be?

A. Covers pulled down
B. Any pajamas or nightgown worn must be repositioned
C. If reclining on her stomach or side, she must be repositioned
D. Legs parted
E. Labia moistened and parted
F. Vaginal opening lubricated
G. Finger lubricated
H. The fact that she might very well wake up with a start
and panic
I. That she might very well take your advances as an attack
J. That what you hope she might appreciate can only occur
from being properly aroused beforehand

Of course this has been discussed before and just recently. The consensus is--DON'T. Keep this as your fantasy and work with it in that world, not the real one.