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Like to watch him masturbate? - question for wives

Do wives like to see their husbands masturbate during sex?


Some do. Other don't care. Not all women like the same things. The best thing that you can do is to talk to her. Ask her if she would mind or find out what she thinks of it. If you aren't open to this type of talk (which you should be) Then you should just do it and see how she reacts. You will be able to tell pretty quickly if she is totally opposed to it (which I doubt).


My wife likes me to manually stimulate myself during sex. While she is giving me a bj, she will move my hand over so I can stroke my penis while she continues to give me head. It is great because she will use her hands elsewhere.


My girl likes to watch me play with myself & i love to watch her rub her clit while im doing her good & hard.


My wife thinksit's something that should be done in private.


[FONT="Courier New">[SIZE="3">[FONT="Century Gothic">[COLOR="Purple">I like watching my guy start out like that while I do it... but I wouldn't like that all the time. I am not sure if I understand entirely, cause a man can't masturbate & have sex at the same time. A girl, on the other hand, can play w/ her clitoris while being penetrated sexually....so that is something that can be done, and I love doing it now...I get off better/faster that way w/ out any stimuli down there, my guy tends to be rough w/ touching my clit so I don't like him doing it, way too rough & hurt's me. I always say "softer, slower" like a million times, he doesn't listen though.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT]


i dont find it particularly stimulating either to just watch him...would rather do it to him myself if it comes to that

[COLOR="DarkRed">I ask to watch so I can understand how it gets him off, so I can learn how to do it for him well. It's also pretty nice, when it's that time of the month for me, to watch him masturbate and have him cum on me....[/COLOR]

It's definitly a turn on...

My husband and I are into S&M and having him get on top of me and do it is amazing. I get a good view, and a great sense of submission... that is, until I take over dominance. ;)


I like wanting my husband doing that but not all the time I would rather do it.


Does anyone have any advise on a threesome?


Precisely navysunfire!! What she said!!


I am not married anymore but have always loved, at times, to watch him masterbate while on top of me and then cum on me...then wait until round two for the fun to really begin!!! Makes him last that much longer!!!


I love if my husband masturbates only while he is down on me
That is soo hot and it gets me off fairly well.:)


There are times with my head between her legs that I will reach down and stroke myself. That way she knows I am really turned on and enjoying her and me at the same time. She usually offers to take over and we get in the 69 position. That really turns her on. I think she enjoys the show with me helping. I know I enjoy watching her finger herself and so maybe this is the same for her. I would love to have both of us masterbate at the same time. The only time I can get her to stimulate herself is during oral sex. She gets so horny that she lets herself go and if I move her hand down there she will start to finger herself. I then like to take a short break and watch. I started to move back and raise up on my knees and start to stroke myself while she rubs herself. She will usually stop after a short time (she gets a little self apprehensive), and so I will stop and go back down on her. By then she is so wet that I just have to lick up the juices. I think this is a start to get her comfortable enough that we could continue and watch each other O from this.


Threesome advice has been posted elsewhere.


We lube up and masterbate together as we watch each other. She uses a dildo and I just use my hand. We love to watch each other cum.


My G/F Loves to watching me masturbate she also loves to see me masturbate to orgasms.


It is fun to alternate back and forth. I like it when she is giving me a handjob and then I take over for a period, then she takes back over to finish me or we go into intercourse.