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Long story short. This girl wants to loose her virginity, with me. This is fully her decision, so if its not me its going to be some other guy. I just wanna know, if there is any extra precautions i should be aware of, and how can i make the expierence best for her. Thanks

If possible, talk about things beforehand you would like to do and get an idea of what she likes or may like and what she doesn't like or won't like.

When it comes time, go slow. Ask her if she's ok in the process and even if she says she is, still watch her and if you can sense that she is in pain, stop.

I'll never forget that about my first time. We talked about things beforehand, he went slow, and even if I told him to keep going, he could still sense that I was in pain and he stopped and we just did other things till I was ready to try it again.


tease gives great advice.

make sure also to be safe! use a lubricated condom and some spermicide. do a lot of foreplay and talk with her about what she likes and what she doesnt like. how far have you gone with her?