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as I was searching things on google I found this site and as it seems very active I thought to try here if I can get an answe about female virginity.
im dario and im 18 I have a girlfriend at same age and we have een goin out for 2 months, we are about to try and have sex but she says she is a virgin. Is there anyway I can see that if she is really a virgin ? I mean I dont want just to go 'inside' before I can really see that she is a virgin ? how should I know that ?


Simply, there is no way to be sure. If the hymen is intact and visible as an anular bit of tissue, you can quite certain she is. If the hymen is missing, you can assume nothing. In the modern world with female sport and using tampons, few women have much sign of a hymen remaining by the time they are eighteen.

More importantly, what difference does it make? If she says she is virgin, who are you to question her statement? She has lived eighteen years without you, that part of her life will be shared only as she chooses. Is she challenging you on the same point? The risks she is assuming are even greater than the risk you are assuming. You cannot become pregnant.

I do hope that you are both prepared to protect your collective self from a significant step and your lousy attitude.


> I dont want just to go 'inside' before I can really see that she is a virgin ?

And for the sake of argument, what happens to the relationship if she is not a virgin? Do you terminate the budding relationship you have with her and move on in search of another virgin??

I agree with Brandye, you are in need of an "attitude adjustment". People place too much emphasis and importance on "experience"--or the lack of, and mostly for the wrong reasons. It matters little how much previous experience a man or woman has accumulated during previous relationships and the reason it isn't all that important or relevant in the real world is because every time a new pairing is formed, an entirely new set of dynamics goes into play.

What worked for one person, when, where, and at what time, may not be the same for another individual, so, there is a period of adjustment and a learning curve that the new couple must go through. Adding to the mix are personal preferences for different types of caresses or how they should be done, if at all. To add spice to this "soup" is the fact that techniques vary from individual to individual in order to accomplish the same things.

Finally, let me address your issue about virginity. Here in the U.S. nearly half the marriages end in divorce. With statistics like this the chances seem pretty good that you will meet a woman who is not a virgin. Even if her virginity was lost from being in a previous relaltionship --what difference does it make? Are you so simplistic, egocentric, and idealistic, that you believe the best and only qualified individual for you is a person who has not yet had intercourse, yet has probably done everything else up to that point dozens of times? Get real.

In Western societies, a woman is a virgin more by truthful declaration than whether or not an actual piece of skin can be located and observed. IF this is not good enough for you then perhaps you should take up residence in one of the Middle East countries where values and traditions are far different.

I agree with the concerns expressed by others that what you say in your post is offensive. There is so much more to a woman than a tiny piece of skin hidden away inside her. You would do well to seach out her other qualities and focus on them.

Wonderful post, Doc. You and I could get it together if we were not thousands of miles apart!!!