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too young for sex?

so of all of you senior board members do you think us (around my age) are too young to have sex or be involved in any sexual activity?


Hey, Wax... I'm creaking as I lean forward to consider and type an reply to your question. :-)

I can't recall how old you are... but I don't think it's about a number, really, and as you imply in the question there are different types of activity.

If we manage to discuss sex with young people, us "old farts" tend to get very focused on the pregnancy issue (easily dealt with) and the disease issue (easily dealt with). The shame of that is that we don't put enough effort into the emotional issues - not so easily dealt with.

A thirteen year old can wear a condom and practice safe sex. But I seriously doubt that there are many thirteen year olds who can sort out the emotional and social aspects of that sexual activity.

Pick any teen number and you'll find some who have the maturity, some who don't. Actually, there are plenty of "adults" who probably shouldn't be involved in sexual activity based on their immaturity either!

Since old folks are supposed to give unsolicited advice, I'd say "work on demonstrating your maturity and understanding until we think you're ready." But also recognize how hard it is for us to accept that you're ready and that you're going to... youth is a wonderful thing... we wish for you an uncomplicated youth that lasts as long as it should.



Go to Chick Chat and read "Am I ready for sex." There is much more to being ready than physical ability. Although that is written for women, much applies to men.


Too young is then you can't take responsobility for whatever consiquences might come from your actions. Too young is then if soemthing were to happen, you couldn't take care of yourself.Too young is then your do it for the wrong reasons such as "peer pressure" Too young is then you don't have a good understanding of it and all the things that are tied to it.


Believe it or not, it is the truth that all young kids experiemtn with sex even the adults don't know about it. Kids are very sneaky. Adults think they have the power to know what kids do when they are not around them but they don't know everything. When I was a kid, I experimented french kissing with a girl my own age long ago. They just want to experiment what their mommies and daddies do and what they see in the movies. So no, you're not too young, you can experiment with sex any age you want as long as you're doing it responsibly and legally.


I like LittleFury's answer, and can't think of much to add to it. So I'll just agree and say, "Right!"...lol


yeah but there is a big difference from experimenting w/ kissing, foreplay, even oral than having actual sex.
a lot more consequences come w/ sex.
i agree that you should be mature enough to take responsibility. w/ that i don't necessarily mean being a parent b/c is anyone ever actually ready for that?
i mean taking responsibility for protecting yourself and your partner.
kids will be to embarrassed to buy condoms, or if they think they are pregnant too embarrassed to buy a test so they just sit and wait.
kids come on here wondering if they have an STD or wanting to get on the pill but too embarrassed to go to the DR.
if you can't openly discuss these things w/ your partner or assume the responsibility to go to the DR then you aren't ready.

i was a virgin till i was 23 and had never been to a female DR.
i became sexually active and although i dreaded doing it, i forced myself and made the mature decision to go to the DR and get put on the pill.
yes, i was embarrassed and nervous as hell but i got over it b/c thats something you have to do. just one of life's trials. you survive, you get over it, you live to see another day.
i mean its not like these DRs have never seen a vagina before...lol... they see them alllll day long lol.

also, Greendale how can you tell this kid to go be sexually active when on the other hand you talk about how good it is to wait to have sex w/ someone special and someone you love? i agree w/ the latter.
thing is, kids don't really know how to be responsible. not just yet. im sure their mom's still have to tell them to clean their rooms or do their homework.
like i said, its one thing to just fool around, im sure lots of kids do. but sex and even oral sex is a whole other story.


It was so long ago I can't remember, but all I can remember is experimenting with french kissing with another girl my age as a little kid, we were in the backyard playing games as the parents were in the house. So we decided to play a game of "house", where kids pretend be mother and father. Kids are always curious about stuff like this. Go to any playground at an elementary school and you'll see little boys and girls experimenting kissing like the parents do.

They play games like "double dare" where girls dare boys to give them a kiss or play spin the bottle and crap like that....


thanks for your input