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Is there usually a lot of blood the first time?

Hey, just trying to get some facts here before I have sex for the first time. I was just curious if theres generally a lot of blood after breaking the hymen? Or is it just a small amount like a drop or two?


I didnt bleed the first time. It hurt quite a bit. But my boyfriend thinks I didnt bleed because he didnt want to hurt me and he got caught up in the moment and lost his erection. Of course he got it back right away, but im assuming fromt he way he was talking that its not quite as big when he's not as horney? Im a little confused about this.


i bled a lot my first time, i even needed to put a pad on cuz it would just not stop...i thought i probably had already torn mine cuz i play sports and i even horseback ride! i guess that didn't do it, cuz i bled a lot.


I didn't bleed my first time. It just hurt really bad. But my b/f and I have been doing stuff for almost two years. Our two year is in December and we just started having sex not too long ago, probably about a month ago. So if I were you, I would do more fingering and such to get your body more compfortable to sex. I have never used tampons before but I heard that can help as well. I hope that helped! :)


My GF bled for the first 3 times (she never used tampon's and was a virgin). It wasn't much but at one point was enough for me to stop wipe it and put a new condom on.


Totally depends, on whats left of the hymen.
Some women like myself, didn't have much left due to tampons, etc. So I don't even think I bled.
Some girls might be so much they need to wear a pad later.


Oh grreat lol. I think I have a full hymen lol. I felt it and it feels like a lot of skin.


It varies from woman to woman. Take along a towel.


Some women don't even have a partial hymen still left by the time they frist have intercourse. Why ? Because it's a thin membrane that can easily be stretched by physical activities and things like that. But some women do, in that case it's a partial hymen.

It could bleed a little although not every women experience that. The hymen does not tear, it stretches (it's quite elastic) which is why sometimes bleeding does not occur. But if this occurs, there can be a lot of other causes for it, such as a tiny tear in your vagina mucosa, so the hymen is only one of the things that can cause bleeding.