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A story about swallowing cum

I'd like to tell a little story about my girlfriend and me but it has a general morale. It's about the neverending issue of "spit or swallow".

But before I tell the story I have to explain something beforehand:
I'm lucky to have a girlfirend who blows me until the end. I enjoy blowjobs so much and it just feels awesome cumming and having a warm wet mouth around me. I am cumming way harder and "better" this way than with regular sex or with a hand job. There is a HUGE difference between cumming while you are still in her mouth and being finished off with just the hand.

Now this was the situation until a few weeks ago:
Immediatly after I had cum my girlfriend ran to the bathroom and made loud spitting noises. That's not very romantic and made me feel bad. I had a bad conscience that I did something wrong to her. I would have preferred her to stay in bed with me in this very sensitive moment, to embrace her and to have her near me. After cumming I am very cuddly and full of loving feelings for her. This very romantic moment is a little "spoiled" by her running into the bathroom. She could also spit it into a handkerchief or a towel, but there still would be the feeling that she is trying to get rid of something disgusting I did to her.

I guess right now some girls reading this are really mad at me: "How egoistic! Does he know what he does to her? And he is even COMPLAINING about her getting rid of his smelly, gooey, yucky "man juices"! Bah!"

Of course I talked with her and she assured me several times that it is okay for her to have cum in her mouth and I really do appreciate her doing it until the end (my former girlfriends didn't). The only thing was that she didn't want to swallow it, the mere thought of it put her off. She had tried my cum twice and didn't like it at all.

A few weeks ago my throat was really sore and she remembered an article about the beneficial effects of cum on sore throats (mainly to tease me I guess). Actually I found the idea pretty sexy at that moment. So we agreed upon that she would give it to me and I would swallow it. So she "collected" the cum and wanted it to gave it to me. I hesitated for a few seconds since the allure of having cum in my mouth and swallowing it dropped to zero after I came. I was pretty grossed out by the thought. But I had promised her to do it and so I did. I even waited a few seconds before I swallowed it...and then...it was gone. Simply gone. I did taste it and I did have an aftertaste. It was salty and bitter and strange. It didn't taste great but the taste was not nearly as intense as I had imagined. The texture was thicker than water but it was far from gooey. The taste was very unfamiliar and I don't think it will become my favorite dish, but it was absolutely no big deal having it in my mouth and swallowing it. All that negative tension I felt the seconds before I took it just crumbled the second it was in my stomach. I was somehow strangely disappointed: Is this all? I thought that I would do something brave!

My girlfriend noticed my reaction and I told her that I felt it was no big deal. Since then she has swallowed my cum a few times and the last time she even told me that it didn't taste bad at all!

My personal morale of the story is that cum swallowing is absolutely overrated, when it comes to how bad it is. The taste isn't exactly great but it is far from nauseating. And although it isn't as liquid as water it is easily swallowable without any choking. I guess it is mainly a question of getting mentally accustomed to it.

I love my girlfriend. And since she now gives even better blowjobs I love her even more.


P.S.: I didn't notice any benificial effect on my sore throat. :rolleyes:


I too am lucky.

My girlfriend, since my first blowjob (which lasted all of 2 seconds) has swallowed, which is strange because I was her first guy that she gave a blowjob, I don't really know what I was expecting her to do, I just sort of went with it.

I imagine getting finished off with a handjob would sort of suck to some extent. I personally hate handjobs, not that they don't feel good, they just are messier in my experience, and soemtimes painful if your gf doesn't take into consideration how it feels to be dry and "pulled on" I suppose.

Now I realize my posting this seems all so pointless, so I'll try to add something a little more on subject:

My girlfriend swallows in rounds, it is the best way to put it. Instead of letting it all build up and then have one swallow, she does it as it is coming out, which actually adds a little sucking type of feeling and it's really nice, really sensitive, but nice none the less. After that I can't take anymore of anything for about 5ish minutes.

Mrs. Darcy
no kissing, what?

I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who is not disgusted by either my bodily fluids or his own, but I didn't realize this for a long time. I knew that many guys our age (late teens) refused to go down on their girlfriends, which is definitely not a problem in my relationship, but I never even thought that men would refuse to kiss their significant others after a BJ. Then a friend of mine was telling me about how she's been brushing her teeth so much more since she started giving her boyfriend head, and I was appalled. "what a waste of time" I tought; how can a person who has swapped spit and gone down on a girl be disgusted by his own emissions?


Semen begins to liquify as soon as it leaves the urethra. It has been further diluted by her saliva - and yours. I do not accept that this "test" replicates the ejaculate as experienced by women as it is rather forcefully emitted into the mouth from the penis.


[QUOTE=Mrs. Darcy]I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who is not disgusted by either my bodily fluids or his own, but I didn't realize this for a long time. I knew that many guys our age (late teens) refused to go down on their girlfriends, which is definitely not a problem in my relationship, but I never even thought that men would refuse to kiss their significant others after a BJ. Then a friend of mine was telling me about how she's been brushing her teeth so much more since she started giving her boyfriend head, and I was appalled. "what a waste of time" I tought; how can a person who has swapped spit and gone down on a girl be disgusted by his own emissions?[/QUOTE]

I'm sure your dentist will be thrilled that you think extra brushing is a waste of time. lol.

I need help!!

Hi im new to this so im not sure if ive even posted this on the right board!! i really like to give my fiance blowjobs i love to surprise him in the morning with them or tempt him home from work just to pleasure him! but the thought of him coming in my mouth makes me physically gag. this is wierd for me cause all my previous boyfriends i havent had a problem with it!! please help me get over this as i really want to do this for him as i think it will make him really happy

Swallowing semen

Personally, not even ONE woman has ever told me that she enjoyed this particular activity:eek: . Quite the contrary in fact, with graphic descriptions regarding yucky taste, smell, and how to dodge the stuff. That's why I have always liked condoms, even before the rampant spread of STD's. Use a condom, then no muss and no fuss.

However, when I was younger an older woman told me that she "collected" it and used it on her face under night creme. She did have a great complexion!


Maybe it's because I haven't had sex yet, but (I'm a female) the idea of sucking someone (alright...alright there is a certain someone) off, then swallowing all his cum....or even geting a facial then licking it up-and shallowing it...is actually kinda of sexy to me...scratch that, it's really sexy to me. I just hope the person I try...erm this out with enjoys it as much as I'm hoping I would...hah.. >_<;


:eek: :eek: which begs the question...is Oil of Olay...really Oil of Olay:D


Yea for me its not JUST the taste. Its the fact that it SHOOTS out and just keeps squirting and squirting, lol.
That initial spurt is what gets you.


[QUOTE=Revirginated]Personally, not even ONE woman has ever told me that she enjoyed this particular activity:eek: . [/QUOTE]

Well,now one is going to. I adore giving my boyfriend blowjobs, and I adore swallowing his cum, which is something I do every time, excepting those when he cums on some other part of my body.

Anyway, my opinion on semen and swallowing:
The taste:Changes every time, but it is NEVER so bad as to make me spit it out.
The texture:also changes, also not nearly a problem.
The smell:Has none, unless you leave it in the air.
The shooting/squirting...if the head of his penis is just barely past your lips(you can pull back just before he comes, I do it) then unless you have a very powerful man, you won't feel any high powered fluids shooting down your throat (unless of course, you want them to)
Maybe I'm weird,or maybe I'm just in love, but I enjoy swallowing...I like the taste, I even get what one could call 'cravings' to suck my boyfriend off, for both his physical pleasure and my mental. A lot of an opinion, re:swallowing is mental.

I agree

I spent all of my adult life trying not to swallow until I met a man that I really wanted to please.

There is nothing to it. If you time it right, and you can, just have him deep in the back of your throat and you can't even taste anything.

It's too bad more women don't get it.

It's a very rewarding feeling doing something that you enjoy that makes him happy too.

I could give blow jobs for free now that I know how good it feels for both party's


Swallowing isn't hard its mind over matter!...really ..i think the thing that most girls are afraid of is the taste and the reason they spit cause it is warm in their throat and they think gross things..but what i do is tel the guy to let me know..and he does and then i just take it and think of it as simply sum adn mothing more and awallow with ease!..the taste is light and don't bug me


Ok, I realize I am in the minority here. I LOVE to give bj's and i lOVE to swallow! However, my husband HATES bj's!!!

Nothing gets me hotter than giving a great bj!!!! then swallowing!!! I think if you love doing it-you do it better!!

I also love to kiss after having been gone down on-that is a turn-on also!!! but my husband runs off to hurry and brush his teeth and gargle....if i can get him to go down on me at all (usually once a year if I'm lucky and only for a few minutes)....:(


Wow, that must suck.


I also don't see the big deal with swallowing. I've always done it. The only thing that has been a problem for me occasionally (especially the first few attempts at giving a BJ), was the shooting out as other people have described. If it hits that certain spot in the back of my throat it can trigger my gag reflex. But I've learned ways to deal with it. Mostly, not putting him too deeply into the back of my throat when he is cumming. I usually take my tongue and swirl it around the head of his penis while he is cumming, because that diffuses the "shooting out" problem and it doesn't hit the back of my throat. (He also seems to really enjoy it!) The taste and texture have never really bothered me. I usually will begin to swallow it while he is still cumming. Actually, I think spitting makes it ten times worse - because then you are actually letting it all collect in your mouth and holding it there until he is finished and you have a chance to spit. In all that time that you spent holding onto it, tasting it, you could've swallowed it and gotten rid of it long ago.

My only pet peeve with giving BJ's - which is unrelated specifically to this topic but I feel the need to throw in there anyway - are men who are completely horrified by their own semen. I agree with you Niklas, that it's much more romantic to stay in bed with your BF after you do that for him and to enjoy the moment. But I've been with two guys now in my past that refused to let me KISS them afterwards (after I had swallowed it) because they didn't want even one little drop getting into their mouths. They refused to let up until I got up out of bed and went to brush my teeth and rinse with mouthwash. Talk about killing the moment! That was the worst, and honestly it made me so upset that I would rarely give them BJ's at all. How could you expect me to take that into my mouth and swallow it for you, and then not even kiss me afterwards? :mad: What a turn-off.


rofl yeah!

but he might understand..

i think the brushing of the teeth is snobbish. i mean, you just had the girl give you a bj, and then giving you the curtesy of coming inside her mouth, only for you to demand she goes and brush her teeth.

id never do that.

o, and nice story :D


I hope you dont mind me resurrecting this topic, ( i dont know how old it is!)
Now i'm a guy, i havnt got a girlfriend or anything like that :( unfortuantely, although i think that my first "real girlfriend" ie not from like 13/14 but 18/ 19 and so on would have to be someone who i connect well with and would spend the rest of my time with, anyway i am digreesing.
for a while now i have always had a fantasy of come shooting into my mouth from a blow-job! whether i be gay or not, that has been my fantasy. i have tasted my come a while ago after masturbating, and it doesnt taste too bad, but after ejaculating all sexual fantasies just dissapeare for a few moments.
anyway time to go, i am no longer alone at home (damn),


I always swallow my bf's cum, I'm not a huge fan of giving him a bj but depending on my mood I can really get off on it. Often if I'm giving him a handjob I will finish him off with my mouth and swallow, I love to have his cum inside me it really enhances the closeness I feel between us. He doesn't have a problem with kissing me after I've had his cum in my mouth.


I think that's pretty damn jerkish...i would definitely refuse, but i'm with a very caring guy who wouldn't do that..we both love the 'cool down' period afterwards...it's nice/


I don't know it's feels better to have her swallow but then again I really like cumming on her face or tit's, but ionly if she agrees.


Good Story. I just find this website and I did just sign up to reply to this. Thought it was perfect timing. My girlfriend and I, dating for 4-5 months, have started exploring with all sorts of sexual activity and I actually had my first blowjob this afternoon. I must say neither of us are very experienced and it took us a while to learn but it felt wonderful. It was pretty great. Beforehand, she asked what to do with it all when I came and I said whatever you want. She said she'd probably spit it or have me come somewhere else. But when the time came I let her know it was coming and she just kept going and before I knew it she had swallowed it all. I was so suprised. It had an odd feeling of satisfaction to it. And when I asked her she just said she didnt give it time to taaste bad and the after taste was only a little salty.


I don't like sucking guys off (at least I never have before) but I love doing this for my current boyfriend -- in the past I have HATED swallowing, but now I do somtimes like to ... I still gag -- not because of the taste, though, only because of the force it hits my throat with (this is why I sometimes prefer to watch him cum or feel it against the outside of my neck instead) :o

Guitarman 2

I had a little accident in my wife's mouth a couple months ago. She was giving me a bj and I always tell her when I'm going to come. I always wait until the last second, though. I was a little late telling her and I came just as I was saying "I'm gonna..." Some of it went in her mouth and she went and spit it out and brushed her teeth. I figured she'd flip out and think I'd done it on purpose but she didn't seem too upset. Told her I was sorry and she said just don't worry about it. I don't think she's ever going to do it voluntarily, though.

I don't know why I told yall that.


For me, if I'm getting a BJ and just as I'm about to orgasm, my girlfriend stops using her mouth and just uses her hand, it's a huge let down in the intensity of the orgasm. It effectively turns the experience into a handjob. To try to equate this to something for the ladies, imagine having someone performing orally on you, then, just as you're about to peak, they pull away and basically let you finish with no stimulation at all, rather than continuing the stimulation through your orgasm. This is what finishing a BJ without a mouth feels like for me. Yes, you still get off, but the peak actually comes before the orgasm. It just loses a lot of intensity.