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squirt problems

im 23 im with my fiance 3 years now the sex is great how do you squirt i need help:(

All girls can squirt

Hi guys! All girls can squirt! I'm 29 and I've never squirted before... Couple months ago I started to read more and more about it... And train myself. It was frustrating and it took several tries all by myself to get there. The more you do it, the more you play with yourself... The better. You have to train your gspot! It's like push ups! You will get those muscles trained to get to the point. And yes u have to "let it go", it's hard to relax and release but keep practicing. One night my husband was trying to make my squirt with his fingers and I just couldn't let it go. It felt great and I felt like its right there but I couldn't :( so we gave up and I just got on the top of him and maybe 5 minutes and "Pow", I sprayed all over and after couple minutes again... No crazy orgasm but great feeling of relief. Keep practicing training yourself. U will learn not to stop it and u ll squirt. All the girls can do it. It's all in our heads


You are certainly passing out much bad information today.


I have no problem squirting tho some people do as soon as he finds ur g-spot ul feel it and just let go. Ul squirt within time

You have presented this as a certain fact. In reality it is your experience. We do know that some ejaculate and we do know that most do not. Until the mechanics of female ejaculation are better understood than they are today, most of the medical profession will disagree with you.


G-spot/perineum massage is the best way to go, but clitoral can work as well...albiet this one may seem a little bit more...difficult?? to acheive via clitoral stimulation.


Squirting can be controlled with some time gap techniques, so that you can enjoy a prolonged and wonderful sex experience.
Two expert girls speak on sex, You can read their experiences and guides below in my signature link.


My Gf squirts all the time, when we have sex and even without bodily contact. But I find she squirts even more when I rub/stroke her entrance, I feel her pulsate and she squirts, one evening we decided to see how much she did actually squirt. We got a bowl, and she squatted over it when she orgasmed, the contents filled a jug over a pint, and all clear liquid, not pee as some people think it is.


G-Spot orgasms and even then only sometimes.


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Some of us squirt; some, do not; some, sometimes. Nothing you can do.

As I know that Whole-body squirting orgasms can be achieved easily by stimulating the G-Spot and clitoris with anyone of the sure-fire21 techniques. Finding the G-spot used to be a daunting task in itself.