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Sisters and brother sex

hey, im 14 and im still a virgin well im not sure if that has changed of not, but i need some advice i have a twin sister and a brother who is 2 years older then us. well yesterday my mom left us home who is currently single, and my sister and brother were all in her room watching tv when my brother told us to start fingering eachother and then my brother had sex with my sister, she seemed to really enjoy it and it looked like they have been doing this for a long time, i said i wanted to go, but they said they wanted me to "have fun too"..they locked the door and said that they would tell the school i was a dike inlus i joined in. and my sister was trying to get me to do it! ive always been kind of the baby in the family even though julia and me are twins. so i did it and my brother and sister were really getting into it and then he told me to lick my sisters vagina. and i feel really dirty because i got really wet. then i gave my brother head and i didnt mind at all whats wrong with me! i lost my virginity to my brother, and julia says i did great and we should do it more offten..advice please!?


I know i am repeating what others said but You should seriously consider talkin to someone about it. The stress alone of being forced apon by a family member may eat u up inside.

Also  watch out for your sister. It sounds like she may have been forced apon earlier. She might not be coppin with it well at all . She may feel just as bad as u do but might not be able to handle in any other manner that to give in.

I would tell ur parents. A parent will always love there child no matter the wrong and they wont see them come to actuall harm if need not be. They will be able to help u and ur sister. And if ur afraid of harming ur brother or sister i am sure ur parents will do  all they can for all of u. Even if they are the ones in the wrong

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY rember nothin u did was wrong the reactions u had are caused by physlical varibles. Even raped girls can get off whiel raped . that doesnt mean that they werent raped or that they wanted it , it just means there bodies got the right amount of hormones and physical stimulation .
And good luck with ur dission U WILL be in my prayers .


either this story is totally made up and some user is just being dumb, or it is true. In the case of it being true, seek counseling immediately, in fact, all 3 of you should and also cease all functions of the sort.
-Or if you dont care about morals all that nice stuff, make a porny. I am sure many perverted men and/or women would love to be downloading your videos on kazza or some other P2P sharing network.


[QUOTE=Quote (Genki-dama @ Aug. 21 2004,13:28)]  either this story is totally made up and some user is just being dumb, or it is true. In the case of it being true, seek  counseling immediately, in fact, all 3 of you should and also cease all functions of the sort.
-Or if you dont care about morals all that nice stuff, make a porny. I am sure many perverted men and/or women would love to be downloading your videos on kazza or some other P2P sharing network.[/QUOTE]
A typical response from someone who can't believe this type of thing really happens. It IS poossible this is a made-up story, but unfortunately the reality is that this is a much more common event than most people care to believe!

Incestuous relationships are not uncommon and often involve one party who has an undue influence over the other (like an older sibling).

Do not beat yourself up for enjoying the physical act ... normally sex IS good and wonderfully enjoyable; however you should not feel pressurized into participating in something you don't want!

I would advise you to tell your brother and sister that if they both wish to act in this way that is up to them, but if they try to involve you again, you will have no alternative but to inform your mother or school counsellor. You may want to seek confidential counselling in any case, as this type of event in your life has the potential to leave lasting scars that can affect future relationships.

It also sounds as if your brother has been using his influence over your sister for a long time from an even earlier age, which might explain why she seems to be ok with it ... she didn't have the maturity to deal with it at the time. You might want to talk to her privately about this and encourage her to also seek help if necessary.

Good luck!

Dzired 1

This is disgusting and sounds like you have some issues to deal with here.

1. it sounds as if your brother and sister have been having sex for quite sometime and you had no idea. does your sister realize that your brother is committing a crime in the US??

2. have you told anyone? if so alert your parents or someone you trust immediately!

counseling is a big plus and sounds like it is needed in this case.


WHOA! WHOA! Let's stop the train of condemnation and deal with the issues.

Assuming the story is true - and I think that's very possible:


The fact that you (Zoe) "got wet" and "enjoyed" giving your brother head is not depraved or dirty. I know it doesn't fit most people's romantic notions, but the fact is we all have sex organs and they're called that for a reason. Our body desires sex and responds to sexual stimulation, sometimes whether we want it to or not.

Many, if not most, people who grew up in large families will admit to some level of sexual experimentation among siblings. We can debate how "right" it is forever, but the fact remains that it happens - probably more commonly than many people realize.

The thing to be concerned about in this case is the coercion. You should not allow yourself to be forced or manipulated into doing these sort of things. You have a decision to make. You can either stand firm with your sister and brother about what you will do or not do, or you can have a conversation with Mother. It will be difficult, but not nearly as difficult as living in fear and being a victim.

If you'd like to talk with Mom but aren't sure how to go about it, you'll get lots of suggestions here on the board if you ask for help.

Don't let anyone make you feel dirty or disgusting. You are a good, normal human being and deserve to be respected. Do not give any one (including bro & sis) power over you and how you feel about yourself.


I would have to agree that the coercion is my biggest concern. I won't give my opinions on if this sort of thing is right or wrong that is not what this thread is about. But I will say that if you felt forced to do this then it is definately wrong and if you can't get them to stop bothering you then you have to tell your mother or someone older that can deal with the situation.

Wally is right that our bodies will respond to sexual stimulation. It is a known fact that many childern don't report sexual abuse because it felt good so they then feel that they must have been responsible and feel guilty and they then don't tell anyone. That is a horrible tragedy that can lead to years of more abuse and a lifetime of feelings of guilt and shame.

Please stay safe.


No one should be forced into doing anything sexually. Nothing AT ALL.

The one thing you need to remember Zoe is that you aren't in any way to blame here. If you do not want to participate in this scenario, then DON'T. I would think that anything your brother may tell people couldn't be nearly enough for him to want you to tell people want he's REALLY doing. I would strongly suggest that you speak to someone about this. A therapist or counsellor- even a hotline of some kind. There are both teen and rape hotline available. And if this is being done without your consent, it is rape.

It may seems like a minor issue in this topic, but I going to hope that all parties concerned are using birth control. Apart from the moral issues, the chance that a child would be conceived from this is, in my opinion, criminal.

Take care of yourself.

OT: ItalStall, nice to see you back!

I neither know nor care whether this story is real or made up. A fact is that twenty percent of all women have bee sexually abused (taken advantage of) - most commonly by a family member. Statistically, these things are more common than one thinks. As for the detail, I wonder.

Tell someone. A teacher, school counselor, cop on the corner, trusted relative, doctor, nurse. This is an unsafe environment for any children and requires intervention before many people are in real trouble - legal, medical, psychological.