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Sex Songs

What are some songs you have listened to while having sex? which do you find was the "best"?



Any Classic Rock will do for me. I just turn on Music choice on the old boob tube and enjoy. It is mainly just background noise to block out my noise. LOL


LOL throw in some Throw to your sexual venture to keep the beat up LOL, wouldn't that be funny... some really trippy setting the mood candle-light sex music would be some of the songs by Enigma...any body listen to them? I do!

I am sooo trying that...the Techno thing that is...

HMM, yeah true, i found just if the music is loud.. you dont pay attention to the beat.. unless its like.. "marvin gay" - just like music, but.. with the rap version in it.. i duno rap is really good cause.. most rap is Club beats.. lol so its easy to groove too..


doing it whiel listening to a radio is a good idea.  U can follow the beat of what u are listening to and becuse the artest keep changing it makes for lots of variation.

I like alot of music that doesnt put u into the mood so when i would listen to music whiel i was messing around i would listen to thier cds.  lol actually ashely simpson was a good cd to mess around with.  That u make me wanna lala song was pretty good.

HMM sometimes i find if you PLAN the music, its weird.. its ilke you start TRYING to go to the beat, when maybe you shouldnt LOL, i like slow songs.. like sade, or whatever.. but other times nickelback.. or wayne wonder.. i duno.. i can' tbelive i asked the question cause i honestly dont know my self LOL


I have sex in my truck quite often due to people being home at mine or my girlfriends house pretty often. I have a cd case with cd's in it. We usually listen to Fall Out Boy or if my girlfriends in a bit more of a hardcore mood we usually listen to A Static Lullaby.


love the dead, so i can do anything with them playing, but my fave is anything by van morrison.

sweet x seduction

boys ii men has some really good songs too for it..


"As You Sleep" by Something Corporate. In fact their whole 'North' CD is quite nice to listen to while making love.


[QUOTE=Quote (monie @ Nov. 24 2004,19:37)][QUOTE=Quote ]if it is raunchy and raw, you can't beat, "Control", from Nine Inch Nails.[/QUOTE]

Im pretty sure you meant "Closer", not "Control"...[/QUOTE]
Great track for sex. I've actually always considered it somewhat romantic.



Yayyy for hump night!!

I don't like to listen to any music while having sex. I find it way to distracting. I like to turn our fan on high and block all sound but the two of us.

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If you listen to your radio at certain times you may notice the
format lends itself to those makin love. I noticed today on the station I had up they started a set with Arrow Smith's, Train Kept a rollin, followed by an old Allice Cooper, School's out for the Summer, followed by Lenard Skinard's Mr Saturday Nite Special, followed by Yes, Owner of a Lonely Heart. It happened to be an oldies station(obviously) but the beat to those things keep a guy humpin. Yes it was another cool rainy ol day here and the program managers gotta have put some thought into what listners would be doin when they got home from work.

I have some Jazz albums and tapes I can play to get in the groove too, but I'd like to see a list of songs from albums put together just for this reason. Hey Wensday is hump day right?......So Wensday nite has to be hump night!



one of my favorite songs (just in general) for the tune of it is Hotel California by The Eagles.

So one evening, at the Fall Ball i mentioned in another post, I was up in a room with just my date, and i started playing that song. We started slow dancing to it, and one thing led to another. But apparently the Eagles are a good band to get busy to.


I personally enjoy Tool. They have a slow/heavy sound with alot of emotion. great if you like grinding sex not so good if you like fast short pumps.


For some reason, I like hair metal bands for that.
Motley Crue-Girls Girls Girls is outstanding imo


Naked by the Spice Girls. Not my favorite band, I'll admit. But it seems to fit.


R. Kelly 12 play (any of the songs on this album), Smooth Jazz Midnight


Allman Brothers Band- In Memory of Elizabeth Reed, 12 minute live version. This one's the perfect length for the actual act of making love.

Marvin Gaye, Issac Hayes, Van Morrison & Barry White for getting there!


yes i agree it depends on the mood, if its slow and romantic most song by a perfect circle (album : mer der norms) is great! and a live performance recording of a perfect circle : diary of a madman!


[QUOTE=Quote ]if it is raunchy and raw, you can't beat, "Control", from Nine Inch Nails.[/QUOTE]

Im pretty sure you meant "Closer", not "Control"...


depends on the mood. if it is raunchy and raw, you can't beat, "Control", from Nine Inch Nails. If it is tender with someone you love, I like, "I love you" from Sarah McLauchlan.