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P*ssy Cream

Just wondering....
What causes a womens Vagina too extract that really thick white cream when having sex?

Often i see it when either..
A. A women is really horny
B. It happens in the beginning of sex and slowly fades away too the basic clear wetness

But then again i have had the pleasure of seeing this same cream every time a women had a climax...which would constitute her having the same reaction a man does when we "Cum"

im not sure...Its sexy as hell too me though...
And what i am speaking of is by no means a Yeast infection if thats what your thinking.


Is it safe to perform oral if the vagina has some smegma around it?

It is called smegma and is often associated with the woman being the opposite of your handle. Among those relatively fewer women who do ejaculate, their ejaculate is clear.


That "Smegma" Sh*t is Hot!
Call me crazy but its a maaaajjjor turn on!


Thanks Brandye

I'll do the research....although i didnt get the "Opposite of your handle" part

thanks for the reply


It's normal discharge it's the way of the body cleansing it's self!

As women get more aroused you will notice the wetness becomes more clear like colored.

It can increase due to arousal during sexual activity or based on the time of her cycle. The same type of "Smegma" is found at the base of the head of your penis [often when you retract your foreskin].

All is normal assuming both are clean & and there is not evidence of infections. As women age...often the quantity of the thick discharge diminishes and looks more clear.


There should be no issue...assuming there is no infection. It's personal choice.