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Oral Sex Training Video

I noticed this mentioned in the Oral Techniques 101 thread. Does anyone actually have a copy of this they'd be willing to send to me?

Infamous Ob

Wow, I didn't know it was videos out there for this, or better yet a woman who's willing to show Visually how to do it besides my This will definitely help out alot of males... Overall, good video.


sounds yummy

could it be this?
[url=]Sex Training - How to Eat Pussy

or this
[url= Video Training Better Sex Video: Better Oral Sex Techniques


An't education grand?


We have one but it's over 1 GB is size so I can't just email it to you.

Wow, it's amazing!
I love the sex training video.

Check it out, please!

Folks, this thread is six (6) years old! The o/p has not been active on the site in all this time.

Please check the dates of these discussions and when the o/p was last online.