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hi i am an 18 yo very strait male. i have been with my girlfriend for almost a year and we were very close friends throughout high school so we share everything. anyways, it took alot of thinking and alot of guts to tell her i was interested in prostate stimulation. she was very comforting and reassureing about it and made me feel comfortible with the idea.
now i am a little nervous about my first experiance and id like to knowwhat to expect. also is this safe for both of us, and will it hurt me at first? i only want a finger for now with her vibrator on the outside under my scrotum or on a certain spot on my member that i love to be stimulated.
i am very comfortable with my sexuality and i just want to explore more of my hidden pleasures.
thank you.


"Playing Ball" and How To Tips for Prostate Massage
This is also an excellent tutorial for people interested in and concerned about the how-to of Anal stimulation as well as play.

Please read this article then ask about any questions you may have.