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MOVED: my wife resists letting me cum in her mouth

how can I persuade my wife to let me cum in her mouth? she sucks me and is ok with precum but comes up when I start to cum.


I had the same problem years ago. I think cum is an acquired taste. After the first several swallows I didn't mind it. At first I gagged a lot. Then I used to swallow really fast. It took a few months for me to really like it. I think cum is actually pretty good once you acquire a taste for it. It's usually thick textured and more salty than sweet. Or at least my husband's cum is. Maybe I'm just lucky. I'm certainly glad I made the effort to get past my initial first impressions.



my wife resists letting me cum in her mouth

anyone have any ideas on how to persuade my wife to let me cum in her mouth?


Welcome to the SI101 Board and its Forums. I hope you enjoy participating. Please begin by familiarizing yourself with the FAQs, the Posting Guidelines section, and especially the Index, all found at the top of the main screen. The Index contains links to helpful informative insightful, as well as how-to articles that discuss the most common questions and concerns people ask about. If you click on the site's Home page, you will find even more information.

Your wife can choose to let you ejaculate in her mouth, to swallow--or, not. It is her choice for whatever reason. That said, you can ask her what her thoughts are on the matter, and discuss it. Much discussion has appeared here, also. Use the Search tool and learn more.

More often than not, a woman's objections center around, taste, texture, and, the possibility of gagging. Rarely are there objections to health risks.

My recommendation is for the two of you to read the articles in the Index and discuss what you have learned.

* If she is concerned about taste and texture, the most common fix is to take a sip of water, soda, etc., and swallow.

* If she is concerned about gagging, the fix is to raise the tip f the tongue to the roof of the mouth and let the semen hit the underside of the tongue.

* If she will let you ejaculate in her mouth, and does not want to swallow, she can very quickly and easily deposit the semen in a tissue and get rid of it that way. This is probably the most common practice couples do. Discuss this solution and see what she says.

If she remains adamant against any of the above, your only solutions are (A) to pull out immediately before climaxing; (B) waiting and hoping for her to eventually change her mind.

I hope this is of help. Got questions?

Yes: Don't make her do it. I myself enjoy it, but many women do not. Respect your wife's boundaries and understand that she doesn't owe this to you.

A good training exercise is to use dry (non-lubed), poly condoms (latex has an unpleasant flavor). Perhaps after allowing you to ejaculate and getting accustomed to the mechanics, she will try. Then again, we each have our limits and many prostitutes say their livelihood depends upon wives not doing blowjobs. We each have our limits and these need be respected.


When my wife and I were dating, she wouldn't let me cum in her mouth either. But then one day while she was giving me oral, she didn't stop me from doing so. She doesn't mind it now. Just respect her wishes, maybe talk to her in a polite way and if she still says no, well then there ya go. Maybe one day she'll come around.


Can anyone tell me how to get my husband from MAKING me take his sperm into my mouth - he tastes DISGUSTING??

If she doesn't want it or like it, and you know that she doesn't like it and yet you're trying to trick or force her into doing it anyway - it proves you don't love her, respect her or care for her - so (talking to his wife) Honey! Divorce this lout!!