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Men: Needing to pee before starting/during


I'd like to know what effects having to pee and not going to the bathroom would have on a man during sex, also what kind of effect would that have on an approaching orgasm?

Just recently, I had to pee, but I didn't and me and a friend started. I already take long to finish up (20+min) but everytime I was getting close, I sort of felt my bladder (I'd guess) and it was tingly, then I went from "very close" to "normal".

So I guess I answered my own questions, but if anybody would have any additional information to add, it would be appreciated. Thank you


yeh, unless your partner enjoys getting urinated on. then its a whole 'nother story.

There is a valve in you prostate. It allows urine to pass from the bladder through the urethra in a normal state. When sexually aroused, that path closes and it opes to allow ejaculate from the prostate to go out the urethra. If you need to pee and are aroused, it can get confused and make both actions difficult. Pee first.