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Masturbation with showerhead

Hello, I have a doubt that is killing me... A couple years ago I started masturbating myself with the showerhead, but in a way that I later found out to be dangerous: pushing water inside with it. And the thing actually touched my labia... I never experienced pains, maybe once a slight one, and I apparently had no problems about it... the last time I did it was about 6 months ago, but right now I'm starting to think that I could have caused damage!! What should I do to check?

I don't like sleeping around and I thought playing 'by myself' would be safe since it's only water and... I never thought it could be harmful, which was really stupid. But now I am so worried. :(
I had a visit at the gynecologist about two months ago, I didn't do any test about infections etc. I wanted to have a visit, to be sure... At the time I still didn't know this thing could be dangerous. The visit consisted in an ecography and an intravaginal ecography, also the doctor said I look normal.

Now I have an amazing partner who I am in love with and I would like to be sure I won't be contaging him any infections... or that we could have problems about this stupid thing I did! I'm so depressed!


Many of us do that

There are many women in trouble with the "danger" of showerhead masturbation. The only real danger is using so much force that water would be forced into the uterus. Not likely, but possible. For the most part, it is less dangerous than douching to which it is similar except at a lower, and safer, pressure level. As for infection, that depends upon your water supply. If you are on a treated (urban) water system, it is safe enough to drink. No STDs will be carried in that. If you are using polluted river water, that is different.

Douching can upset the balance of the vaginal ecosystem; ergo, forcing water into your vagina will do the same. That would show up in vaginal infections for you and nothing communicable to him. If you had a gyn exam, a pap should have been included and whether women are aware or not, most doctors run an STD panel on that. I cannot figure out why why the sonagram unless you had some symptoms or question of pregnancy.

You have done what you can to "check." Someone overdid the scare factor in mentioning possibility of harm and it is highly unlikely that any damage was done. And I occasionally enjoy a good "shower."

Hi, first of all thank you

Hi, first of all thank you for your kind answer...! I am a bit less scared of infections. The water is not urban but it is indeed treated, so I should be okay with that... I will however check before I have intercourse with my partner.

I would like to ask you, which kind of damage could a high pressure cause? Or water into the uterus? Ar there long term damage I could experience later in time?
Because at some time the pressure could be very high. I feel completely overwhelmed at how stupid I have been... But now all I can do is try to minimize the damage, and stop doing it.
The last visit included the sonagram because I have been having some severe PMS symptoms, and wanted to check if any cysts were present. The doctor said my uterus looks perfect... But I don't know if she could see anything through that... Since I don't know the risks.
I am very grateful for your kind answer, I know it's a 'bad image' and done this way it does look really wrong, but I felt it better than going with people I didn't know, and ended up doing more damage than I would otherwise...

Thanks Brandye.


It is highly unlikely that any damage was done. Especially with the gyn exam, you can be reassured. It is not "wrong" and was a good solution to your desires. I have no idea how many millions of women, other than I, used the same technique last night.

Extremely high pressure could force water through the cervical os into your uterus and cause infection in there. This did not happen with you or you would know by now. The pressure possible from a showerhead is less than from a douche bulb.

Relax, forget about it and use the showerhead whenever you wish. It is neither a bad image nor does it look wrong. It is a common and pleasant way to handle things.

Hello Brandye, I thank you

Hello Brandye, I thank you again for your kindness. I must be sincere, last year my father had a cancer and since then I've been terrified by diseases. It's more of a subconscious thing as I usually not worry easily- so your words were really relieving.

I sadly didn't get a pap with my first visit, but I am happy to know that the doctor did not notice anything abnormal with the sonagram. I will get a test for infections as soon as possible and do all I can to repair any possible damage.
I am pretty sure some water got inside as sometimes I did see water leaking out right after the act. My biggest worry is to have 'long term' effects not noticeable with a normal exam.

The thing that I want to be sure about is for my partner, I never thought I could find a person so lovely to even patiently listen my worries about this thing that I did and never judging me, even telling me he is glad I explored my body instead of sleeping around, if I didn't feel so. So you may understand my concerns about contaging him something, he really does deserve the best.
We are waiting till I am sure I am 'clean' and we don't have hurry for sex.

Thanks again for your words, sometimes booking a visit is not as fast as it seems and the time inbetween can be truly painful, especially for an anxious person.