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male sex toys found around the house...

anyone got any ideas?


Yes but you miss the point of a date. I have friends within walking distance of my house who are literally down to go at a moments notice. I can't sleep at 2 am? A quick phone call and a 5 minute walk to her place and shes already undressed and halfway to her second climax when I get there. Granted not every girl is like this, but there are more than you think. Also not only is she ready for sex, shes willing to perform oral, she'll play on camera, very photogenic, and is even willing to do her share of the work if I have had a hard workout. I know that after arm day and even chest day, there is no way in hell I'm jerking off. Its just too hard to use my muscles.

There is also the awesome fact that I can cuddle up to a warm body post orgasm, and on occasions when I sleep in, I am even lucky enough to wake up to a bj, or if I do an exceptional job, pancakes and bacon!:p

So I don't believe the 60 dollar cost is justified. Sure it could cost that much for a date but remember you are also searching for a potential life partner when you date.

Not to mention it is 60 dollars to start and you have to replace it after so many uses. They do in fact wear out and you also have to clean them thoroughly after each use and dust them with powder to keep them from "spoiling" from moisture. So you must constantly buy powder and lube.

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Ducy, with such a great girl, I'd expect you to treat her to a great breakfast every once in a while too, don't you? :)

I think men are just as entitled to toys as women. And there's no shame in spending some money on things that please you. A present for yourself :) But I would like to echo to keep it safe! The little plastic bag-thing doesn't seem harmful, but the story about insertable items could pose risk, as posted before in http://www.sexinfo101.com/node/1029405:


[INDENT]the chance of something disappearing in there and the need to take an embarrassing trip to the hospital (which is why: you always need a flat based item!)
the chance of injury; householdproducts may not be safe to use, since they were not designed nor tested for this sort of thing. Think of: painful rough edges. But also: damage to the item while it is in use: crumbling, breaking through the middle or losing your flat base (which brings us back to 1). I'd especially be worried about a glass bottle; chipping, breaking... glass splinters getting in there, god knows what could result from that :eek:
the chance of irritating substances/allergic reactions, especially since you're applying it on rather delicate tissue... (which could be solved by putting a condom over it)[/INDENT]

Whereas when we're talking about a dildo for a vagina it seems a bit safer. Since the vagina is more like a dead end street so that it will not disappear, but the second and third issue applies here too. Third maybe even more so considering yeastinfection a.o. so really: condom!


I do treat her to breakfast. I'm normally up for the gym before she is even in her first REM cycle lol. And its far and few in between that we make each other breakfast, its more of a "that was amazing let's get your energy levels up cuz you left me wanting more" breakfast lol


not everyone is so lucky to have a woman like that at their beck and call, otherwise there would be no market for the fleshlight. plus there are plenty of people in relationships who aren't getting regular sex who still would like to get off.


I understand that. But to justify spending 60 bucks for a fancy masturbation device by saying that you'd spend as much money on a date to possibly get rejected is kinda..well silly. My point was to prove that you don't need to spend money on a girl to get sex. you can have plenty without spending a dime you just have to look. I sure as heck didnt find myself in a lucky spot by refusing to date or by sitting in my house jerking off. I talked to people, made tons of friends and connections.


> the best sex toys is the cucumber!

Better yet is the English cucumber! It is longer and slimmer.

First to all you complaining about $60, go get a job :p

If you're afraid someone is going to find it and it'll be too embarrassing -- ok that is a good excuse.

If you don't like them because they creep you out, ok I can accept that.

If you refuse to get one because it will in effect be admitting to yourself on a subconscious level that you're a failure and really can't get a woman -- again a good excuse.

If you won't because you think $60 is too much though, you should be spending less time on a sex forum and more time taking care of business.


Hmmm...spend 60 bucks to do what my hand can do for free? No thanks....I tried it...my ex thought it would be kinky for me to use it while she watched...rather jerk off.

Just because you work doesn't mean you just buy whatever you want. Sounds like someone who isn't very mature. I remember when I thought just because you had a job, meant you could buy anything you wanted! Then I started paying bills, making car payments, buying groceries and keeping my responsibilities. That 60 bucks and and time could be better spent buying necessaties.

And what does not wanting to spend 60 bucks on a silicone jerk off toy have to do with beingon a sex INFORMATION site?

Methinks you should stop trying so hard to push the product. You could probably sell more.


ummm....apple pie?

Yes, keep adding to the collection of what has been removed at your local emergency room!

You shouldnt use things "found" around the house.

buy some real sex toys.

Remember, you always wanna be safe.


Just get yourself a willing woman - jeez!