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Male hotspots

Ok, here's the deal. While playing around with my guy the other day, I was trying to find his hotspot. You know, the spot everyone has somewhere that drives them mad. Mine personally is my shoulder/neck area. You kiss that and I become goo in your hands.

I tried the nipple approach on him but that didn't work, which is why I asked him where his was but he said he didn't know. He never found it (or rather had anyone find it).

So come on guys, tell me where your hot spots are, besides the two obvious ones of your dick and your prostate.
I know that little area behind his balls kind of gets him going, but I think that's more or less because I'm giving him a blowjob at the same time and that's more of what he's interested in.

So yes, tell me.

I'm just speaking for myself here (and for the guys i've played with).....but:

1) The Taint: thats the spot just under the balls and above the butthole...that drives me crazy when someone licks or kisses me there
2) Rimming of course....man..that's always a hot button.
3) Top of the inner theighs: Ok, he's laying on his back, legs spread...you start sucking his cock...then, right where his legs hit his torso, just start licking and gently sucking.....this is a real hot zone for me.....you can keep stroking but bascially making out with the spots on the left and right of his shaft!
4) Feet: Not my fave, but many folks love it
5) Back of my knees. Have him lay on his stomach...and gently lick your way up from his calves to the back of his knees!
6) Armpits: Yep, not for everyone, but for many guys, having their armpits licked is a huge turnon! (PS: do this after a shower, deoderant will kill this one for you)

Hope these help

Hmm, that inner thigh thing, that sounds interesting.
I'll put that one on the list to try.

Armpits, feet, and rimming though, those aren't my things. lol.