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I am horney n ready for cheating

I guess a girl have to look out for herself, when her BF didnt want to talk or discuss about their sexual problems, and not able to have sex atleast couple of times a week then i guess its time for the girl to go on have fun with another guy to satisfy her desires. I am so horney i am ready to get fucked by the next guy who looks at me. I guess i am not doign anythign wrong look after myself.


I am overwhelmed with your depiction.


The OP only made two errors:

1. she bought a house with someone to whom she is NOT married
2. she didn't change the locks when he left for a night

I'd also be willing to bet that she weeps all over him and goes all nice-nice "just tell me what is wrong" which is NOT the way to go about this at all.

OP, listen to me. This man is NOT fulfilling his obligations. He is running away. He feels insecure and does not want an emotional confrontation nor does he want to have to explain himself.

That's too damn bad because now he has to prove whether he's a man or a mouse.

What you do is quietly and coldly TELL him what you want from him and what you expect of him. You do NOT go all weepy and soft and ask 'what did I do wrong?" (You're not the one who ran away.) Once you have stated your position, you listen to whatever he has to say for himself. If he gives you BS or rationalized excuses you cut them down to size and ask if he can and will meet your demands now. If he can't then you sell the house and get out of this relationship.

This is his second chance and there are no others. He either steps up now or its over.

What you do NOT do is get sex elsewhere - you need the moral high ground here.


Why are you going to cheat? Why not just break it off?


bcoz he is not interested to discuss about it, he think i am just mad and talking nonsense and left home last night n didnt show up till now.


That's not really an answer. Just dump him. He doesn't wanna talk to you so obviously this relationship is down the drain. Now you're just going to go cheat on him out of spite which IMO is completely wrong.


Yes i agree with Ducy,why cheat when it is obvious your relationship is over.Tell him that if he doesn't want to discuss your relationship troubles,then there is no relationship anymore.Then you can go and have as much fun as you want.Have you stopped to consider that maybe your boyfriend has been cheating on you.


u r guy, u have no idea what a girl go through this process, I love him we are engaged n bought a house together and our families are tight group now. I just wanted to discuss and find out why he was unable to do, if there is a problem i want to help him, sort it out, he is a nice guy, loving, caring, he didnt want to break up with me neither do I. then he ran off last night i am so mad n horney now all i want is have sex with some random stranger why is it so worng?


At this point, him cheating would be irrelevant. The relationship is over. 2 wrongs don't make a right and 3 wrongs would just be worse.


I'm not a guy,i'm a girl,and i understand perfectly where you are coming from.PM me and i'll tell you how i know.


its not over until we talk n get everything on table, if he is cheating thats fine get it out in open atleast i can move on with my life, i need answers before i breakup, its not so easy just break up relationship of 6yrs so easily.


Lol you are foolish and immature. It is irrelevant that I am a man. Quit trying to grasp at hopeless things. You love him and are engaged. You wanna have a family. Guess what...news flash...love doesn't make a relationship work out. It takes hard work and compromise. He doesn't wanna talk about sex and your now going to go cheat on him out of spite. You are obviously not ready for this. How old are you 18? You should realize A LOT of men deal with this. Gf's or wives who don't want sex and they are stuck jerking off...the wife doesn't want to talk about it and therefore it becomes a big ordeal.

It is now wrong because there is obviously no "open" scenario in this since you are ready to "cheat". You are doing something out of spite which is immature and foolish. That is not what makes a relationship. That makes a divorce and a lot of bad issues. You need to grow uup and rethink your entire "wants". Quit lying to yourself and trying to make this seem "acceptable" and making other peoples advice "irrelevant" when its truth.

P.S. it was over the second he threw a fit and left, and you decided to be spiteful and get "revenge". If this works then kudos to whatever marraige counselor helps you guys work it all out


yes i understand,i have been married almost 18 years to my husband,but we have been living apart for 10.He didn't exactly cheat on me but he was abusive to me and our children.I'm still not divorced,but i have a boyfriend and it feels like i am cheating on my husband,but i don't love him anymore and i need sex as i am very horny all of the time.My husband never wanted to discuss our marriage problems either.


ok lets consider u r argument for the moment, would you leave some one u love with out having a proper conversation and find out the answers. i would like to know where it went wrong, also like to know if there was my fault, if there is any i would like to amend n not to repeat them in my next relationship. I am not Immature bcoz i am brave to face the truth rather then pushing it under carpet like you or most of those other couples u mentioned. one more thing sex is one of the needs like air, food, water, how long can we go with out it depends on once on self situation, may be once i have it i might think more clearly. i dont know.


Aphrodite. There is one major thing your overlooking. You were married for 8 years and you and your husband have been seperated for 10 years. You have children, and it was an abusive relationship.

This poster has been with her bf for 6 years, the are engaged and bought a house together. They haven't even said I do and they have entered a potentially "fatal" contract by buying a house. Their families are (I'm guessing) parents and such. She is experiencing problems that can end marraiges and she hasn't even married him yet. Don't mistake my blunt postings as cruelty. I am sorry that you and your husband split, my fiance left me after cheating. It was painful. But people never wanna look at the bad. They all want fairy tale endings which are far and few in between


Lol sweeping my problems under the carpet? Hun you don't know anything about me. Let's see what we know about you shall we?

You are unhappy with your current relationship, sexually unsatisfied.
You are rubbing against strangers and allowing strangers to finger you.
You are unsure if it is wrong.
You attempted to discuss your lack of sex with your bf who leaves you and disappears for a night
You decide that its time for "you to get yours" and your going to go cheat because he won't talk to you.

If there was something major about a relationship that is usually a cause for divorce, then I would give her a chance (which you have tried a few times) and then end it. Sex is like air food and water...you can go a few days without water, a few weeks without food, and well if your David Blane breathing pure O2 then you can go without oxygen for 18 minutes...for the most part, you can consider the sex "water and the love "food" because without water, no amount of food will keep you alive, but good sex can actually sustain a relationship much longer. Not everyone getting good sex will eventually end a relationship if there's no love. Look at fwb relationships. Now look at people in love with no sex...ends either quick and painful or slow and agonizing.

You may consider yourself "mature" but look at the facts. Your "cheating" as "revenge" which isn't mature, your not keeping an open mind rather your shutting down answers that you don't like. Not very mature. Kudos on wanting to "talk" out your issues. But next time don't make one decision then suddenly change your mind and try to look good from it.


I'm not judging you Ducy,nor have i said anything about you being cruel.I do agree with alot of what you have said.But i guess if she wants answers,she needs to try and get them.I stayed married to my husband out of fear and the fact that marriage was very important to me.It isn't much at all now.I have a new boyfriend and if he wants to marry me sometime in the future i'll consider it,but it isn't the be all and end all for me anymore.One reason i haven't divorced my husband is that i can't afford to,but it is something i want now that i have a new man in my life.I can understand katies reasoning,whatever happens in her relationship is for her and her fiance to deal with.Being engaged or married to someone makes it alot harder to just up and leave.


Lol I know aphrodite. I was merely making it clear for anyone and everyone who reads it. I sometimes put out advice that is "cruel" but "effective" and it gets people upset.

And I get that there is a whole different set of "rules" to up and leaving but I think her biggest obstacle would be the house. An engagement is a promise to marry someone. Its a step above gf and a step below wife. But as far as I know there is no legal obligations in an engagement.


Katie, if you're willing to, in your own words, cheat on him, the relationship is already dead.

You may as well have walked out the door the moment you decided to "go get yours". Why in the world would you need to find anymore answers? You've given them to yourself.

If it's not worth it to you to get your answers before you resort to relationship-ending actions such as cheating, why should it be worth it to him to give you your answers? You've given up on him, why should he waste anymore time on you?

And the day you realize the stupidity of using words like "bcoz" is the day you can claim not to be immature.


I am going to put this here so that other posters will understand your position. Even though I believe it to be false, or barring that, a joke taken too seriously.

The OP was told by her doctor to have sex because her vaginal walls were becoming tighter do to lack of sex. That is her "reason" for cheating. Her bf won't help her with it so she is going to find someone else.

Katie something I didn't put in my reply. There is research that suggests weekly ejaculations help lower the risk of prostate issues in men. Men don't need sex to help with this, they just need ejaculations. Your body can't tell the difference between sex ejaculations and masturbatory emissions. Just like your vagina wouldn't know the difference from being "stretched" by an erection vs stretched by a toy.


[color=green]what if this chick is a nut job??

*runs back out*[/color]


Q - answer your own question. So, what if she's a nut job?


I hate to sound like a broken record here but allow me to summarize part of the situation.

Simply tell him that unless he tells you what is wrong, you are going to have sex with the next guy you talk to. If he really does care for you, he will tell you. If he is, as EEK put it, a mouse; then he will not give a damn.

Break up with the sorry excuse for a man and find someone who treats you right.

You my female friend have made a BIG mistake by getting into a financial binding with this guy. You rushed and now you are paying the consequences.

And I too am a guy and have helped women in all sorts of relationship problems and take these fine peoples advice because if you ask anyone else, they will tell you the same damn thing.


I talked to the OP and she tried to argue with me using only ad hominems and what seemed like "adjusting" her situation to be right. Such as the medical advice to get laid happened to come out after her logic of cheating failed. I don't think she is a nut job. Either she is a troll or she is emotionally frail.


The specifics of the situation don't matter. Fact remains one or both of them is unable or unwilling to do the footwork necessary to solve it. That happens with enough subjects, the relationship is doomed.