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Husband using dildos on me

i have been married for 9 years now and recently my husband wants to use my dildos on me more and more, like everytime we make love. we have used them seldomly for over 12 years. he likes to watch me give it a blowjob then he uses it on me. he also wants me to name them???. he says he like to watch them in me??.
1. does any other women use thier dildos with thier husband?

2. does anyone have names for them?
and do you both use the names?

3. i was told if i use a condom on my dildo it would feel more real is this true?

4. does anyone think using a dildo is cheating??
if you have it named like jim or someone else?

5. has any woman let thier man ejaculate on thier face with a dildo too??
(like giving both head)

6. for the ladies, how often do you use your dildos?

7. for the guys, how often would you like to see your wife use a dildo?

he has always said he would never want me to be with another guy but arn't dildos make from men????
please help me understand his thinking!!!!


I love to watch my wife use a dildo and she loves it too. She uses a dildo while she gives me a blowjob and we fantasize that we are having a threesome. Really hot.


If he wants to use them more and more he may just have a new interest. I would love to introduce toys more regularly, but not every time. Watching my wife enjoy herself must be the greatest turn on (not with another!!) and no-using a dildo is not cheating, especially if shared with your husband.

Sounds like he has some fantasies to work through, maybe you should offer to help him, tell him what you like, How open is your sex life (communication about likes and dislikes?)


Your husband is obviously fantasizing about you with another man. I would say that actually having a threesome would disturb him too much, but fantasizing about it really turns him on.

I must say, you are a damn good sport to go this far with it. If you don't have a problem with it, then don't worry about it.


My wife and I enjoy them. We don't use them everytime, nor do we name them or anything.

Its just a means of foreplay for us.


I agree that it sounds like he has some kind of fantasy about you having sex with another man. Especially when you mentioned giving them names and if he wants you to use the names during sex (like calling out another mans name kind of thing). This is probably the safest way he's found to re-enact his fantasy...since bringing a live man into your sexual life could really damage your relationship. Have you two discussed fantasies with each other? Maybe you can find another way to re-enact his fantasy, that would also make you more comfortable. Role-playing comes to mind, where he could pretend to be a stranger or something? I don't know, just throwing out some ideas.

If you don't feel 100% comfortable with all of his requests, remember that you have the power to say no, and to put up boundaries. I think that everyone should try to please their partners as much as possible, but only within reasonable limits, and only if it does not make them cross any personal comfort boundaries that they have.

While I am not married, I have used dildo's with BF's before. Mostly they wanted to watch me use them on myself (masturbate in front of them), or they would use them in combo with giving me oral. I've never been asked to give a dildo a BJ, or to give them names. Most of the men I've been with didn't even want to use the dildos for very long - made them too antsy I think and they ended up wanting to be inside me themselves haha. :rolleyes: