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how to straddle him

when i'm on top, i don't feel anything & its not good to either one of us. i don't think i'm doing it right, please help !!!!!


iv just been reading thru the replies, and iv got a question...gonna make me lok stupid probly but nevermind!

this is a position that i dont have alot of experience in...and i always thought it was just like in and out...but is it like more in and move around?! maybe thats wot all sex is....guess that wud explain y i dont enjoy it....

well what are you doing on top? like... are you guys clothed? or EXPLAIN laughs, are you having sex? what are you doing.


[QUOTE=Quote (LadyOfLucidDepths @ Jan. 08 2005,13:04)]well what are you doing on top? like... are you guys clothed? or  EXPLAIN laughs, are you having sex? what are you doing.[/QUOTE]
what do you think i'm doing on top, i'm trying to ride his dick, duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You can just go in and out but to get the fullness and the friction the moving around is lots of fun. Squeezing and pulling while moving is the most fun. That takes some practice. Just explore it. There is no right or wrong way. Do what you want to do. Let the mind be creative.

well DUH some people might be just straddling, just like you said So watch your words little one.

there isnt a RIGHT or A WRONG way.. its just somethign you learn over time. and by practice.


it should feel good
you just straddle him and let him enter you. then move your hips front,back,side to side...see what feels good. I don't go up and down its more of a frontwards, backwards motion.


I think that is why I love to ride a horse so much. You get that same rocking motion when you canter. lol! You've gotta relax and swirl the hips in a circle and move those hips forward and back. Relax your weight into it. Just flow with it and feel the rhythm of it. Squeeze him with your vaginal muscles each time. That will take some practice. Maybe you are too worried about the expectation of it to enjoy it or you are so focused on the end result you are not enjoying getting there. Just explore it. Are you on your knees? Are you leaning over his chest? Are you just sitting? Are you facing him? Is your back to him? Are you massaging his balls while you ride him? There's lots to contemplate and have fun with if you let your imagination loose and not think there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.


woman on top probably feels better to me than any other position. like she said in the post above this one, move back and forth, kind of like a rocking motion. men love this position because they can lay back and watch you and not have to do any work. also, the penetration is deeper than man on top.