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How big do you need to be to do doggy?

I am a virgin and my friend(girl) was saying her BF couldn't do doggy cause he was too small. Was she joking? I am 5" can I still do doggy?

Also how long should I expect to last my first time?

It is much more important that you know how to put a condom on and she knows how to put vaginal spermicide in herself. Then you can consider these other things.

You cannot expect to last long at all unless she is smart enough to empty your prostate a few times by hand before you get to the vaginal act. Five inches is fine; five inches is what you have. It takes some becoming accustomed to one another's bodies before the two of you fit together well. I, personally, do not like that position but to each her own.


5 inches is within the "average" or "normal" range. Depth of penetration could be determined by whether she is actually on all 4 or if she lowers her chest to the mattress or floor. Also how wide open her legs are in the doggy position affects depth. You should have absolutely no problem with a successful "doggy style" penetration.

Different men last different amounts of time their first try. If you reach orgasm quickly don't be surprised and don't be disheartened. Younger men have a quicker recovery time for getting a new erection or if they don't freak out over a quick ejaculation sometimes maintain the erection and are able to leisurely continue thrusting until another reaching orgasm. It's really you, your body and to a degree what's in your head.

Personally I find that it is very easy for me to climax in doggy position because the vagina grips my penis more tightly. I think this is the case with many men. You might not want to do this position on your "maiden voyage."

Since younger men have that speedy recovery you might consider asking your girlfriend to give you an orgasm with her hands or mouth before you attempt coitus. This might help you last longer on your first attempt.

Whatever happens, just go with the flow and enjoy it. There is more to good sex than just coitus. You can learn what else there is by exploring this site and the forums. Like other sports or hobbies, you get better at sex (and sex gets better) with practice and experience.


> How big do you need to be to do doggy?

This reminds me of the question that used to be asked back in the days when mini-skirts were all the rage: "How long should a woman's skirt be?"

The answer: "Long enough to cover the subject yet short enough to make it interesting!"

Please read the following article pertaining to penis size. Hopefully it will calm your fears.
For Boys Only- A Matter of Size (Regarding your penis)

> I am a virgin and my friend(girl) was saying her BF couldn't do doggy cause he was too small. Was she joking? I am 5" can I still do doggy?

Please click on the site's Home page to view the illustrated animated sexual positions for more on the theme.

"Compatibility" between people can sometimes take some working out and experimenting. So, expect that things do not necessarily go as planned without making some adjustments, or, learning how to bring P to V since body types differ as does penis length and bend.

> Also how long should I expect to last my first time?

As for your first time, and especially for a girl's first time, I recommend using the Woman Superior or Cowgirl position. Doing so places her in control. Because she knows where P and V are she can deftly bring the two together relieving the man's angst. In addition, she can position the tip of the penis where she wants it, apply just the right amount of pressure, go as deep as desired, and, use the stroking speed most comfortable to her.

Nobody can tell you how long you will last. Making love is dynamic, it is variable, not cut and dried by the numbers--do this and that will happen. Here are some considerations just to illustrate how nebulous the situation can be:
* if you have masturbated once or twice during the day before making love the longer you will typically last
* if you are not very aroused before beginning intercourse, it will take more stroking thus more time
* conversely, if you have been brought to the very brink of an orgasm, and, typically being very nervous, the less time you will last
* if you do not ejaculate upon entering, pausing for a few seconds in order to slide back down your arousal curve will let you last longer
* continuing to fool around while "coupled" yet not stroking, or very much, usually means you will last longer
* different positions stimulate each of us more or less

Do not let any of this worry you. What is important is that as a couple you explore and learn together in partnership. As a guy, do not get all hung up on being perfect. Making love is not what we do to each other; it is what we do with and for each other. For more on this read this article:

Chapter Five (also has its own separate link):
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