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First time sex and brothels

am new as well
i hav a query pls adress me
i am 20 already n am still virgin, want to hav sex obviously, shall i go fr brothels, i hav heard that its nt gud fr frst timers to go there
pls help me
am indian


thanx for the quick response
i do live in india, dont think there are many members on this forum from india,
lets come to the point, here in my country brothels are sorta not yhat good, no safety nothing, though i will use condom, but still i dont want to completely enjoy my first sex, which in brothels, i dont think i can, just a thought
and thinking about realtionships, though i am a good looking fellow, but still relationships dont go really well with me...


Welcome to the SI101 Board and its Forums. I hope you enjoy participating. Please begin by familiarizing yourself with the FAQs, the Posting Guidelines section, and especially the Index, all found at the top of the main screen. The Index contains links to helpful informative insightful, as well as how-to articles that discuss the most common questions and concerns people ask about. In addition, if you click on the site's Home Page, you will find even more information.

Do you live in India or someplace else? Regardless of where you live, I would like to request that you do not use text message shorthand when writing posts. For many members of our community English is a second or third language and it can be difficult and frustrating to try and figure out what is being asked or talked about when a lot of shorthand is being used. For those of us regularly using the "Queen's English" this can just be exasperating.

> i am 20 already n am still virgin, want to hav sex obviously, shall i go fr brothels, i hav heard that its nt gud fr frst timers to go there

This is understandable. Do you want sex for sex sake, or, as one aspect of a loving relationship? Some brothels require condoms be worn, others not so much. If I were you, I'd be insisting on protecting myself. First time or not, is not the point; the point is, knowing that each woman has been examined by a doctor and has a clean bill of health. You, absolutely must wear a condom, whether supplied by the house, or, you.

Expect that there will be house rules and that certain requests will not be granted. Better me thinks, to ask up front what acts can and cannot be done with an employee, and/or, you. If you live in India, the laws and regulations may be much different than what they are in the U.S.A. The same goes for any other country, also.

As for going to a brothel, I have to say in my humble opinion, a guy has to be desperate. Why? Because of the limitations imposed, and, because as good an actress as the woman might be, there may not be any chemistry between the two of you that would make a twosome very enjoyable I recommend that you begin dating and finding one or more women with whom you can have a very good emotional relationship with. Doing things this way means much more intense feelings. Wouldn't this be better?