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Female Ejaculation Technique

Here is a technique that I use on my girlfriend. I have her lay down on the couch legs slightly over the couch arm. I stand behind the couch and gently massage her clit. I do this for a little while up until she is good and wet. I then take my ring finger and index finger and slowly work them inside her. I use these to fingers to locate her g-spot a spongy like ball of tissue just inside the vagina. ( usually located about 2 inches within the vagina and just behind the clit. That means you have to curve your fingers upwards towards her pubic mound). After finding her g-spot I work my fingers around in a circular motion with moderate pressure. Mean while outside of her vagina I lick my middle finger on my left hand and massage her clit in circular motions. I do this until I feel a surge of vaginal juices inside her in and around her g-spot. From there I vigourously (sp?) start to finger her applying more and more pressure on her g-spot. (Don't stop stimulating the clit either guys). If you do this technique correctly you will give her women a earth shattering orgasam. Some people call it gushing I like to call it squirting either one is fine. But out of all the different types of orgasms a women can have I feel that this type is one that every women will love and adore. My girl does and it takes practice. Some women may not be able to ejaculate others may take a little more time. The main thing for any women willing to try this to do is to not be affraid of it. Everytime I have done this technique the women feels the sensation as if she is going to urinate. Women reading this don't worry you will not pee if your affaird of this go to the bathroom before you start the festivites. I assure you if this is done correctly you will not pee you will ejaculate a very sweet liquid that yes it comes from the urethra but has no urine content what so ever. Word of advice make sure you place a towel on the couch or bed which ever you perfer before you begin. Some women can get some really good range when ejaculating. If this technique works for anyone out there please reply to me I'd like to her back from you. Also, if you want to atempt it I have used the fingering techinque on my women while giving her oral stimulation to her clit. Believe it or not I gave her 25 gushing orgasams within 30 minutes. So what are you waiting for people get in the bedroom!

hm the description of the technique got me and erection in no time sounds good will remember to try it when the time comes. any more tips or detailed descriptions ?


"Female Ejeculatation & the G-spot" (book) > http://www.goodvibes.com/item--i-6-3-RA-0301--m-07_23_66.html


My first time having an orgasm was a G-Spot orgasm with femal ejaculation. I thought something was wrong with me too. I too thought I was peeing on myself. However, it did not smell like urine at all. Later on in life a partner tried to stimulate my clitoris for an orgasm and I did not like it. However combined with the G-Spot stimulation sent me to the stars..


Il definately try this techinque as its seems to b gr8 technice......


My first long term gf, used to squirt all the time, we thoght it was normal and always thought there must be a lot of washing to be done when you living together and having sex regular !! (the inoscents when you are 16) :).

She used to get wet so easily, only need to play with her tits and she was soaking.

On saturdays when her parents went shopping I used to go round and if she was in a really horny mood, she would stand in the bath resting against the wall and I used to finger her really fast while sucking on her clit and it used to gush out of her, never even thought it might be pee due to the taste and just assumed it was normal for a girl to do this while being fingered or having sex.

When we started having sex, I used to be soaking wet if she was on top, only even met a couple of girls who could squirt, but none like her, she is married now and I have always wondered if she still squirts as much.


Your technique sounds very similar to my husbands, and yes it works wonders. I am amazed at the amount of time he is able to get me off in such a short period of time. The two keys that you mentioned that are very important are:

1. once the woman is really excited, finger faster and harder (works for me anyway)
2. keep that tounge moving

I know that I am not urinating on my husband, in fact after I cum and we are finished with sex, I get up to go to the bathroom and I have to totally relax my lower muscles to even be able to pee. It's almost like the bladder is cut off when you are cuming, like when a guy cums, it's not pee. Depending on the time of the month the taste of cum changes (sometimes is sweeter than others).


I tried this technique on my girl the other day, and although she was ABOUT to squirt, I could feel it. She didn't quite because she doesnt really orgasm from JUST g-spot stimulation. And she doesn't really want me to go down on her.

I know she can come 'clitorally' and I think she may have once through intercourse, but wasnt sure if it was the clit stimulation or the gspot stimulation (in cowgirl, gspot stimulations is pretty hard right?)
Whats the best thing to do with your free hand on the clit while fingering?

Another thing is that I find it hard to locate her clit because it doesnt swell up so much...


You could pay attention to her breasts/nipples, reach up for her to suck on your fingers, tickle her thighs, massage her butt & anus....


just wondering...what time of the month is it usually sweeter?


and yes, that is an awesome technique


Alright, these rave reviews point out that "your" technique actually work. So you take your ring finger and ur index, and go in? Flick with the middle? It sounds a lil bendy or uncomfortable for me, but ur sure about that finger combination? Either I have no agility but i have a feeling i wont be able to circular motion with those two fingers. And she's on the couch, legs (knee to feet BOTH?) are hanging off, and i'm right in between with the mouth and finger action?


I saw a link on here recently on that... but can't seem to find it now... will have to look more. In my experience, it is the sweetest immediately following my period and gets more bitter as the next period draws near.


Has anybody ever had a female ejaculation from masturbating?

I'm 18, I masturbate a lot, and I come easily (the first time a boyfriend fingered me I had an orgasm) but I haven't been to ejaculate yet.


I never even HEARD of female "ejaculation" until this site (Let alone experienced it).:confused:


I'd never heard of it either ... then I read about it here as well as in a book for CSA survivors -- I think I have, however, experienced it randomly -- I think it'd be nice to learn more, so I ordered the item linked above from Good Vibes....


I have had the ability to squirt, gush for years now, I am currently 53. At first, men thought there was really something wrong with me---few understood it, most were turned off as they thought I was in fact peeing on them. I didn't even understand it. I am most thankful that the subject is now openly discussed and understood--for so long it was niether...I found that to be most inhibiting. Now I warn my men, that I am a squirter---the mere mention of it has them panting---I glory in my ability, consider it a treasured gift and just let her rip!! My reward? More play, more fun for both and absolute satiation---try it---I have also found that if I bear down and try to not ejaculate for a period of time, the pressure and distance is amazing! Gals, if you know you can squirt, tell the men---and watch the path to your door deepen as much as your joyful experience.


This is a technique i like using and the first time i done this to my g/f she was surprised as she didnt even realise that it was possible to squirt for a female when ejaculating, due to experience and techniques with past b/fs.

I also enjoy this technique as i like the taste of my g/f and her squirting on me.