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feels like I have to pee during sex

I'm in my 20s and recently started having sex. whenever I'm on top it feels like I have to pee. (I have actually gotten up to pee, but when I come back it still feels like I need to) Will this go away? as in I just have to get used to it/wait it out? and does this happen to other people?


I read about this on a website and found out that some girls get this feeling right before they orgasm or "squirt"

Happens to a lot of girls really, even some guys.

Generally when you're on top, your clit is being stimulated. Your clit is around your pee hole. You play with it enough yourself, you'll feel like you have to pee.

Sometimes you really do have to pee, other times it's just a feeling. I'm not sure there's any way around it though.


Yeah, also... some people claim the feeling of hitting the G spot can feel like you have to pee, I dunno?
Also, some positions seem to make him hit my bladder more or something and Ill feel like I have to pee. I usually just adjust my hips or the angle and it makes it feel better.