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fanny farts

okay so im sure that it happenes to everygirl so im just gunna ask 4 them too, how the hell do u prevent that air pocket thing that sounds like a fanny fart? its so embarassin! its happened a couple of times to me now and i have almost wanted to cry, its making me want to not have sex cuz im scared it will happen! need help like now cuz my bf is comin ova on his lunch break!! pleasssssssssssssssssssssee thanx so much xx:)


I am assuming you are talking about the one which escapes from the crotch. It happens from doggie style most of the time from air being pushed in, and then when he withdraws the air escapes. No way found to stop them, I just tell him it's his fault!


From a guy's point of view where this has happened. It's not a big deal at all, you gotta kinda just giggle about it and move on. Trust me, 1 second after it happens, its the farthest thing from my mind. I'm sure your guy feels the same. I doubt you can prevent it, it's just one of those things!


Wetwilly's right, just laugh it off, it's no big deal, I promise:) It's something that makes sex funny, and in-turn relaxing. If you two can laugh about that kind of thing, then it makes the relationship stronger, if that makes any sense.