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Erections at a nude beach

Summer is coming up and I have on occasion gone to nude beaches with he wife. If I'm walking around I'm fine and all but when I lie down and look at the sky / close my eye I often get an erection. I'm not thinking anything sexual at all the only thing I can think of is the ocean breeze along with the sunlight might just be stimulating my penis enough to get an erection. I usually turn over until it subsides since its embarrassing. Not to mention naturalist find it inappropriate. My wife has mentioned that nudists were originally fine with them but have become obsessed with the non-sexualization of nudism. Anyways even if we have sex beforehand it tends to happen. Any suggestions on how to prevent myself from getting one?

Not having one to become erect, I have no direct suggestions. Having visited nude beaches in the Med and Caribbean, but not being a naturist, (a naturalist is something different) seeing the occasional erection is no big deal and seems not to offend anyone.

Perhaps lay a towel across yourself? I would imagine sunburn there would not be comfortable.

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I think it is simply the high degree of relaxation, which is pleasurable, that causes you to have an erection. Since I love nude recreation, I have seen it happening often. I don't think people should be offended by it. It is easy to see whether someone is behaving inappropriately or is simply experiencing a physical reaction. I actually think the way you handle it now is fine :)

I don't know the difference between naturists and nudists; if anyone knows, please explain, perhaps I'll know what to call myself then :). But the obsession with non-sexalization of being nude is the logical effect of how today's society views nudity in general. Nude equals sex. And it takes a sledgehammer to get it slammed into a lot of brains that sexuality and nudity are two separate things. In the battle for that clarity, subtility on issues such as yours is sometimes lost.

Well, Red, I looked that up. Nudists prefer to cluster on private, protected property whilst naturists like to wander around natural surroundings. Sounds like splitting hairs to me. But THAT is what erections are for!


I wouldn't see the big deal behind an erection. Granted I am a male, but I have learned that the human body generally doesn't enjoy the structures of society. Can't pass gas in public? When your giving a speech in class suddenly your going to have more gas than Chevron...

If you were staring at a woman and acting "pervish" then I could understand. But if a woman goes to the beach nude and expects every man to be flaccid then she is either believes she is "gross" or she is a fool. Every woman....EVERY WOMAN....will have at least 1 man who will become hard from their naked body. Case and point I have seen nude pictures of girls who to me are gross yet to tons of other guys is "amazing". Plus considering the fact that men become erect at random especially at night...you can't take it personal...


I have had some recent experiance with a nudist lifestyle. From what I have seen hardons are naturel. Most guys cant seem to control those things. But no one I know apears to mind much.


Rest assured that given time the problem will fix itself ;). While I am not among the clothing adverse crowd, I did live right on a nude beach for a few years. It also happens to be the best surf break in the continental US so I spent a few hours a day there, witnessing the many forms of etiquette breaches. Simply having an erection isn't a big deal, but purposefully drawing attention to it is.

As Brandye already noted, cover up with a towel! Pretty much every single nudist who frequented that beach had skin like a bronzed elephant, and I'd hate to think what that does to those sensitive areas! Also, when applying sunscreen, it's just more appropriate to do that while wrapped up or in the car - at least in that area. Seeing a group of people rubbing globs of white sunscreen onto that area is..well...yeah......


blood flows, and blood flow can change
and if you are falling asleep, it is bound to happen
studies have shown that people become sexually aroused when asleep (maybe we are supposed to have sex in our sleep)


Erections come and erections go. Here is a copy of a quote from awhile back:

Here is a quote from a reply several months ago: "Depending upon age and sex drive, spontaneous erections can happen anywhere from several times an hour to several times a day. Each magically appears, stays for awhile, then goes away."

"Spontaneous Erections are bothersome, particularly for young teens because they are annoying, and, possibly visible thru trousers and bathing suits. They can be triggered by erotic thoughts, smells, touch, walking close to someone known or unknown, by visual stimuli such as seeing a mannequin, beautiful girl/woman, advertisement, etc.

These happen quite often right out of puberty and diminish in frequency over the next several decades. Once you reach some point in your late forties to mid fifties, they will generally disappear altogether. There is nothing to be done about preventing them. You can hide them by wearing briefs and positioning your erect penis directly under the fly of your trousers. Doing so will do a pretty good job of camouflaging them. If need be, just place a hand inside your front pocket and move your penis as necessary."

Including all of the triggers mentioned, a cool breeze or some hot breath are enough to cause an erection, also.

I wonder which would be more embarrassing, sporting an erection before God, country, and passersby, or covering it up with a towel like they do on NCIS when performing an autopsy, etc.?

I tend to concur with the notion that if you do not make a big deal out of them, no one else will, either. What I find interesting is that guys want to know how to get the largest firmest penis possible to impress the girl(s), yet when out in public, any size is a big concern. What gives?


Spent a week at Sans Souci (couples resort)in Jamaica a couple years ago,nude beach was awesome! Never ever did I see anyone sporting an erection, nor did I even imagine getting any wood(not sayin' the ladies were not good looking) but I think if you know where you are, this is not going to happen..even though the first time going up to the bar naked was slighty uhh umm uncomfortable..but watching everyone else enjoing themselves,,it just took "do what they do in Rome".. :)