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Does anal sex actually feel good?

Well i know some people like it
some dont
but for the people who like it
does it actually feel good
or is it just the fact its considered naughty
and you like it because it is naughty
im new one here by the way

Edit: not for me =|
For my girlfriend
Shes willing to try it
but i hear you take it slow for a while before you do it proppa
so i just wanted to know if its actually gonna feel good for her
because if it doesn't feel good im not gonna bother


Beautiful poem Tom and welcome to the site.

Who are you asking: men or women?

Huge generalisation warning! Many Women can get a huge thrill out of it physically. For a man it is normally more psychological (let's face it: is there anything more sensually stimulating than a pussy?).


I asked my ex about this, we were fwb for about 3 years and have known each other for almost 9.
He said the anus is round and tight.
I'm a 47 year old female and he's a 60 year old male. Obviously we could and still can talk about anything. I'm not a fan of anal, and he knows that so sure he asked but wasn't surprised when he got a no. He liked to ask where I wanted him to cum, he kept suggesting my mouth and I got my way, usually, and he would on my belly.
We are both fixed and were only sexually active with each other, and both get tested regularly. I have no interest in hooking back up with him, I want more of a commitment than he will give....so......

Untrue! Bup bup! While I have never orgasmed, the times I've gotten closest were with pure clitoral stimulation or just anal sex.
There are some women who don't like it.
There are some who do.
And then there's people [like me] who greatly adore it because it's mmmmmmmmmm great.
Ironically, I do not like digital penetration (fingers) or analingus nearly as much. I don't like fingers back there at all, actually.

Isn't it weird all the different preferences people can have? Hm. =]


Welcome to the SI101 Board and its Forums. I hope you enjoy participating.

Please read the following:

"Playing Ball" and How To Tips for Prostate Massage

This is also an excellent tutorial for people interested in and concerned about the how-to of Anal stimulation as well as play.

Some men and some women do not want to even consider anal play or intercourse; other may or may not enjoy it after participating once or twice. What matters most is having an understanding of how our body parts work, and, having knowledge about the specific subject.

Anal play is described and the how-to's are explained in the article.
* Anal play need not be considered "dirty"
* Anal play need not be considered bad

The outside of the anus has many sensitive nerve endings that turn on and become reactive when a person becomes very turned on. My recommendation is to wait to touch or finger it until....

The inside along the sphincters is also extremely sensitive

In men massaging the Prostate gland when he has reached his peak and nearing his climax will help trigger it and cause the intensity to be greatly increased.

Just make sure the person on the receiving end has bathed recently. If penetration is expected, then make sure s/he has gone to the bathroom recently. Have some towelettes or a washcloth handy in case it is needed.

For a woman on the receiving end, DO NOT insert a finger into the vagina that was inside the anus. Use a different finger.

Anal play either externally and/or internally is enjoyed by men and women, heterosexual individuals as well as Gay/Lesbian couples.


MEN actually get the thrill from anal sex since that's how their P-Spot is accessed - use a vibe built for the purpose. Some women like it for domination/naughtiness.

shaved bi

:)As a bisexual, I love to receive anal sex. The feeling of a cock sliding in & out of my anus is great! Especially when it rubs my prostate.

Mr. Saint

I have never given or received anal sex, so I do not know a lot about it. So I have a related question. Is it physiologically possible for a woman to reach orgasm from only anal stimulation?


I'd have to think it wil be extremely rare that a woman could ONLY orgasm via anal sex.


I agree with you EEK, imagine that. LOL
I think a man performing anal enjoys it more than the woman he is with. I don't see how a woman would even be aroused by anal stimulation so to orgasm with only this stimulation would not happen.

Mr. Saint

That was a bad choice of words on my part. Is it possible for a woman to orgasm without other forms of stimulation, like clitoral stimulation or anything? in other words can anal stimulation induce an orgasm.

Buck Naked

There is a small percentage of women that can orgasm with no stimulation and just thinking about it. That being said, if one of those women was turned on enough by anal sex, then it is possible.


Since women can orgasm by anything if sufficiently aroused - of course!


[QUOTE=smallestoftheclan;225904]I don't see how a woman would even be aroused by anal stimulation so to orgasm with only this stimulation would not happen.[/QUOTE]

The answer is in my article. The link was provided not only to the o/p but to anybody else interested in the topic.

Well, small, with both men and women I can really get off with rimming or anal stimulation during cunillingus. Even with no other stimulation, the orgasm can be intense.

The rectal (or anal) sphincter are the strongest of the muscles that are involved in orgasm and stimulating them to participate can really get you over the top. I have heard of entirely too many women who tell their partners to stay away from there. They do not know what they are giving up.

You have heard my rants on anal penetration by a penis. For me, that is one step too far but that does not stop enjoyment of anal stimulation.




Mr Saint question had the word "only" in it. I can close my eyes and make myself climax. As a woman I do not have a prostate, so ...
Sure I've had anal sex, saying it was painful or uncomfortable is like saying the shoes didn't come in a wide width, but I had to have them, or to close my jeans I had to lay on my bed and inhale.
I took away everything, other than anal. My eyes, my ears, my dreams, my thoughts and my body other than my anus. Because of previous threads and what may be considered conflicts between myself and Mr Saint I just answered his question as a basic one without calling into question the words used to ask it.
With anal, it went from one finger to two to three and then yes his penis. How fast a box of condoms went. And once it was anal there was not vaginal unless we changed the condom. I stand by my answer with only anal I don't see a woman being aroused nor climaxing. With other stimulation sure of course.