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Do women really like to use dildos?

I'd like to buy a dildo for my wife to use with and without me. Do women really like to use them or is it just a male sexual myth?


I have a dildo/vibrator and I have mixed feelings about it. It requires a TON of lube to go in comfortably and it still doesn't slide comfortably inside me (it's a gel one). When I first got it, it was great. The vibrations made me cum so fast from using it on my clit but within a matter of a month I am desensitized to it. When I first got it, the lowest setting would do it for me. Now the highest setting isn't doing the job anymore. I try going back and trying to get used to the lower settings but it does not do anything for me. Also, now when I use my fingers, I can't cum that way either. I feel that the vibrator took away my ability to cum. Whoever says that women don't get dependent on the feeling of a vibrator is not telling the truth. Some women do come to rely on a certain feeling to cum to the point where nothing else will work. Now I don't use the vibrator any more and I am hoping that with time I can cum other ways. It's your call on whether or not to get your wife one.


They are alright
they definetly don't feel as good as the real thing, at least the one I have doesn't lol.

Some women like dildos and vibrators much more than others. But I don't think anything can replace the real thing.

I don't get pleasure out of my vibrators...whether they're on or off. I have used one of them around my guy and still nothing.
Granted, he was the one using it on me, it might help some but again, I don't think anything can replace the real thing.


I am one of those women that love my dildo. I have a very nice gel dildo that feels so awesome. I like for my man to use it on me while we do all kinds of other things. Its like having two guys.

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Most of the women I've been with and wished to buy sex toys for have all voiced the same point as has been posted already.
The real thing is best, but when ya can't have it..........
the toys have to do.

Kinda like us guys masturbating...except our toy is built in for us to get a grip on and ready when we are.(or even before)

Personally,  I've wondered if any of the girls here were given one as a gift by their mom, aunt, big sis, or older friend when a pre teen.  At what age?  Was it to learn with and keep
you from going out and finding a guy to learn with? Help
you work thru those physical emotional tensions you didn't truly understand at that early age?  That sort of thing.
Did any of the girls here find other things to experiment with
to learn? What sort of things?

I've knew a girl once who didn't get any satisfaction from vaginal sex but did she ever come alive when we did anal.  
She loved the butt plugs I got for her and even wanted the regular vibrator there.  I've never understood it but that's how it was for her.  



i guess it depends on the women, its hard to generalize 1/2 of the worlds population. But most people whom are willing to try new things in the bedroom are open to such things. I think dildos are great, but it definately doesnt replace the real thing. I mean, Dildos cant take out the garbage on Thursday morning
But dildos do bring a different spark to sex lives and can be very erotic when used in the right context.