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Do men bleed during first time having sex?

Ok, Like does ur foreskin bleed, I remember when i was a about 14 i masturbated and i bleed a little bit, once it healed i never bleed again. I am now 19 years old and still a virgin because of some good reasons[the girl i was gonna have sex with auctually had a std!!, she had found out the week i was gonna go to her house to have sex with her.] Ok well thats my first question. The second question is which position u guys/gals think will be the best for a virgin male? I am to embaressed to tell the person that i am a virgin so how can i try to keep it a secret while having sex? thats why i ask if we bleed a little bit because if i do i dont really have a excuse. Also btw, im not waiting for a love to lose my virginity too, i just really wanna get it over with, i turn 20 next week. I just need to get the first one out the way. Also, please dont mind the fact that i will be hiding the fact im a virgin, I dont want any special treatment because i havent had sex. Also some educational pictures would help, Like Where to put my penis and etc. I feel like a jerk right now for the fact that im on a forum asking these questions, but i know you guys help and i really appriciate it so much. You guys dont understand, ive lurked these forums for so long, but now im ready to speak about this.


> thanks for reply

You're welcome!

> > I'm pretty inexperienced and worried about this.

Here is a partial quote from a reply written a week ago:

"Everybody is when at the beginning of this great adventure. Why worry about something that is out of your control? Simply explore and learn together. I've said it time and again to others in your situation that "Whether one or the other or both of you are virgins or experienced, we all begin each new partnership at 'Square One'. Experience equates to knowledge not skill."

Where is it written that one or both of you has to perform perfectly? The fragile male ego may tell you so, but truth be told, that is a lot of hooey. Of course people will fumble and bumble and make mistakes--so what, it is part of learning and adjusting and getting in-tune with each other. Couples who have been together for years are not always perfectly in-tune with each other, and yes, we do make faux paus from time to time. Don't take yourself so seriously and for Pete sake, relax and enjoy each lovemaking session."

Here is another thought from that earlier reply:

"> > She is going to expect me to take the lead and give her a good youknowhat, but I'm afraid I'll do something wrong in the transition between kissing and sex, I don't know if I should just rip her clothes off (which she would love, but I don't know if I could do that properly) or take it slow so she has time to get wet and ready. What would be my best bet?

In the beginning stages of a loving relationship it is my never to be so humble opinion that you should go slow. Why? "

If I've whetted your curiosity for more knowledge, please read the entire thread including the rest of this reply and my additional thoughts using this link:


> I obviously know where everything goes

To clarify, the woman knows her own body (or should) and therefore has a good idea of just where to position the tip of the penis with regard to there actually being an intact hymen. This is why I mentioned inviting her to place the penis (over an opening or beside the hymen, between it and the wall lining). Chances are that if you arbitrarily insert your penis it will poke against a solid part of the hymen making penetration more difficult and uncomfortable.

After all is said and done, please report back as inquisitive minds want to know how your weekend went.


first of all, dont feel liek a jerk, this forum is quite helpful.

secondly i dont think anyone will treat you differently because your a 19 year old virgin,

the bleeding is most likly caused by friction, and is different from female first time bleeding.

always use protection, besides it reduces friction.


> does ur foreskin bleed

Maybe yes; maybe no. It depends on a lot of things such as how much a boy fiddles with it growing up over the years; how soon it just naturally frees itself from the Glans; and as you point out, how vigorous you masturbate.

Usually, although not in every case, the foreskin will be completely free by the time a boy reaches puberty. If not, then some adhesions will keep it partially locked until he plays with it some more and helps the process along. This is probably what happend in your situation at 14. If your foreskin freely moves back over the Glans and locks in place behind the Corona Rim as it normally would, then the liklihood of you bleeding during intercourse is no more likely than it would be during masturbation, assuming that you retract it once in a while.

> The second question is which position u guys/gals think will be the best for a virgin male?

Please read the following thread. I addressed this matter from the woman's perspective earlier today:

"on top...the first time?!?


The Woman Superior position has much to recommend it for the woman, primarily, and ultimately the man as a result.

> I am to embaressed to tell the person that i am a virgin so how can i try to keep it a secret while having sex?

While understandable, this is really all about having a bruised "fragile male ego". You probably cannot keep this a secret, nor should you even try to.

First, regardless of how much prior experience a person has had, the first time a couple form a new pairing, it will quite literally be a (new) first time for both. Why? Because every person has likes, dislikes, preferences; and, there will be a period of adjustment as you learn and accommodate these as well as just learning how best to entwine your bodies so to speak. So, experience or not, every time you have a new and different partner, each first time will be new and unique with its own set of dynamics and hitches to overcome. Understand this and do not worry about it unnecessarily.

So, you are a virgin. What about this is so undesirable? A woman would much rather be with a man who is knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, and knows how to use what Mother Nature has given him than in whether he is as yet skilled--given the information, above.

It is important that a couple realize all this and particularly the guys. Making love is and must be a partnership. It is not what we do to each other; rather, what we do with and for each other. Making love is a dynamic process that a couple learns about together and perfects together. That said, whether you have prior experience or not matters little. In my never to be so humble opinion (having been there...done that) is to inform her of your status however you want, and then to explain that you are looking forward with excitement to learning together. This will mean more to her, and you, while reducing your overall anxiety.

> Also some educational pictures would help, Like Where to put my penis and etc.

Uh, pardon my question but how old are you and how extensive has been your sex education to date? Ya just gotta know the real estate by now, where things are located and where the proverbial entrance to the vault is, right?

Now, assuming you do, then your question of where to place the penis is answered in the link, above. By using the WS position, the woman places the penis where she wants it as explained in that message. If you want to use the Missionary position, then once in position, invite her to place your penis where she wants it. (Remember, this is a partnership, and not what you do to her, etc.)

> btw, im not waiting for a love to lose my virginity too, i just really wanna get it over with, i turn 20 next week.

Your hormones are ruling your head. This is not something you must do, and in fact you will more than likely live to regret having had sex without there being love as an integral component to the act. If you want to see what the female anatomy looks like up close and personal, then go to one of the several sites for this on the net (not poro site but educational sites), and/or rent an adult video where the camera gets up close and personal. http://www.feminine-images.com/index.html

If you want to get your rocks off as realistically as possible, construct a pseudo-vagina using a small ZipLock plastic sandwich bag. Cut a slit along the bottom of one side; lubricate the inside bottom portion as well as your penis; insert penis and wrap the top of the bag around it. Next, fold a hand towel and wrap it around the "vagina" to add bulk. Get on the bed, assume the Missionary position, place the pseudo-vagina between two pillows, and hump away. This is as natural a feeling as you will likely experience short of the real deal.

While I understand your motivation to just get it over with, I completely disagree with doing so without the rest of the ingredients, like having a loving relationship, first, and foremost. I also believe your reasons are not only self indulgent but are taking advantage of the other person involved.

> I feel like a jerk right now
> You guys dont understand

Oh, you'd be surprised by what many of us know...and, it is why many of us spend time contributing to this forum. I hope in all honesty that you appreciate knowing more, now. I believe your concerns are important to many other young people in addition, so in a way, you have also helped others who are reading this and in the same place as you.


damn yoiu dancing doc, when will I be the one who gets to give out all the good, helpful answers


Thank you for the kind words and kudos; however, I do not give all the good advice. You are overlooking Brandye, Wally, and others. The Board is a collaborative effort that works pretty darn well most of the time dispensing a variety of perspectives from which a person can form a plan. When asked, I just tell people that I am a well-read lay person. My Ph.D. is in a non related field. So, if you desire to be "worldly" I suggest reading and studying as much literature as possible. Over the years I've accumulated a rather large library. If you want even more knowledge, earn an M.D. or a Ph.D. in the field. One of our resident doc's unique talents is conveying so much with so few words. Now that I admire. I tend to write and too stretch things out much too long at times...... I'm done.


thanks for reply dancing doc, you have helped me alot, I really knew all of those answers except for the one where u said it will feel like a first time anyway to her because its the first time with me. I must of just snapped and given that reply to be assured i knew some of the things i had to do.As for pictures and etc, I must of typed it wrong, I obviously know where everything goes, im gonna give it a try this weekend, thanks again, it really helped.