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Can men squirt fluid like women?


I have a question concerning male orgasms. I was having sex last night with my girlfriend and something really weird happened. I felt like I was about to cum but instead of cum coming out, it was a huge explosion of fluid. Very similar to when a woman has a squirting orgasm. My initial thought was that maybe I peed, but it I realized that it wasn't the case. It was clear like water, had no sent and was a burst of fluid. I actually had to pee a few minutes later, like when I normally cum.

I tried to research this only line but I only find information about women having squirting orgasms. I’m kind off worried but I think I am more confused!

So my questions is.... can a man actually have a squirting orgasm like women do?

Has this every happened to any men out there??


[QUOTE=HardNgood;187813]Uhhhh NO...cough cough bull...cough cough $hit....cough cough:rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

Nope he's not bull $hitting, because its happened to me. only a couple of times, but when it has its been very intense, and both times through oral. afterwards i went on to cum normally. it last happened yesterday, and i came online to try and find out more. so if anyone can shed some light i to would be interested to find out, what the hell happened.


I have had it happened before, it's pre-cum. It happens to me every so often, but not all the time.


Hi all.... I know for a fact there is more than one way to squirt like a woman, that's through anal intercourse, just like a woman, and like a woman it's not pee. I discovered this a long time ago, and been doing this for about 25 yrs. It's mind-blowing! and I can have over 20 squirting orgasms in a session. Here's some vids just as a sample enjoy
[url=http://www.slutload.com/watch/cJDTC93pqfX/Male-squirter-2.html]Male squirter 2 - SlutLoad.com any questions?http://video.filestube.com/ma/male+squirter.html


This just happened to me minutes ago during a very intense orgasm induced by oral sex. It's was at least 1/2 cup if not much more. It seemed to be urine to me - or most definitely clear, thin fluid. This was definitely not preejaculate and anyone who says so has no idea what they are talking about. It was uncontrollable, just ridiculously spraying all over with the force of a stream of urine. Like the other poster said, "just on and on and on and on" - for probably a solid 30 seconds, and it was an orgasm the whole time. At first I thought it was just a absurdly large amount of semen but it was immediately clear that something else was going on. Then I thought, the "male equivalent" of squirting? I have no idea what was going on. The entire bed is literally SOAKED. Never happened before. I'm 33. Really bizarre. I immediately logged online to see if anybody else had this experience. wow. Interestingly, I read on another site that it can happen with intense stimulation to the penis head and that's exactly what she did. Mouth up and down on the head and only the head, over and over.


DVD points out the options. There are no others then what he has outlined. The only possible thought I have is it's precum...


wOOot..iTs new to me.. maYbe its just a urine..i really doNT know it is the same with the squirting orgasm like women do..bUT if something weird happen you can always consult your doctor anyways..


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yes sera thats the only thing that i could come up with as well, but the amounts involved,( at least half a cup full ), and the force and feeling it was delivered with, well I can tell you, it shocked me to the core.


It has happened to me twice. My first sexual experience produced this kind or orgasm and then a later one after about 3 hours of sex. Its never happened since. I think it is probably related to the level of testosterone, amount of pre-cum and possibly other stored liquids in your system.


I am so fascinating by this new kind of pleasure. My question is, are there any men here who never experienced this technique, but after reading and following the instructions were able to squirt for the first time? Then how difficult was this for these beginners?


Hi guys, ok the same thing happened to me. The liquid is coming from the male prostate gland and is a sugary liquid. Its pretty much the same as a female squirting and is a very intense orgasm, and very good i must add!! nothing to be concerned about. Best way is to get some lube and to get someone to rub the head of your penis near the glands. You will feel a very strong orgasm and feel like your about to piss, keep going and you will squirt about 1/2 cup of this liquid. Aparently its good for the prostate.


It isn't urine. How can you tell? Urine stinks to high heaven. Any more questions?

Sounds totally familiar

I'm actually a girl but i was 'googling' this after it happened to my boyfriend. After oral sex, as in he had already cum, i didn't stop immediately and was sort of rubbing his 'member' with my hands and like 30 seconds later, this clear, sent-less liquid shot out, as exactly how you guys described it. The only difference is that for him, it happened after he came.... Just want to let you know that there are more people in the same boat as you, i dont think anything is wrong with you and i can assure you we were equally as confused and surprised as you may have been :)


both semen that men ejaculate and the fluid women ejaculate are nearly if not completely identical compounds. so your bf was still cumming or possibly came again, but im not sure of the likeliness of the latter. i have came a little bit then some more came out shortly after. the male ejaculate becomes thinner after the first orgasm in my experience. this is because there are less and less sperm in the ejaculate after each ejaculation.


Alright, I registered here because this is the biggest thread on this subject, with most reports from males.
The first time I experienced this was when I was much younger, around 14 to 16 years old. I had been experiencing this different kind of masturbation, only rubbing the palm of my hand against the very tip of the penis' head. It was different and it grew to a very intense feeling, but I never went to the end.
On one night I decided to go all the way to the end and I kept rubbing, then something similar to an orgasm happened, but I realized I was shooting a stream of pure liquid, much stronger and higher than the regular shooting of semen. I got very alarmed and scared, made a mess on my bed. Couldn't understand how the heck I had peed myself when ejaculating.
Some time after I decided to do at the shower to confirm, and it happened again, and it was so intense I got weak on my knees and felt some muscle contraction in my calves.
Time went by, I could never find anything more about this so I decided to just ignore.
Eventually I went curious again to see if it still happened, and it does, much less intense though. I can do it everytime I want now, just by rubbing the palm of the hand against the tip of the penis. It also can happen with a strong shower stream continuosly keeping contact with the glans, with a piece of cloth rubbing on it and so on.

Now, after long searching I finally found some people talking about this. Some think this is a common technique to make you pee, others think they're urinating while cuming and some think it is the "male squirt".
I am almost 100% sure that IT IS in fact urine, maybe with some pre-cum, but mainly urine. I did tried urinating all I could before, it still happened, but less. I can also keep repeating it until there's no more liquid left, after that I can't urinate, so I think it is the same liquid from the blatter, liquid that normally would just stay there and empty a few when it got full. This technique seems to force the blatter to shoot it all out.
It is completely involuntary and there's no way to hold it. In fact I use it after ejaculating to force peeing so I don't get that unconfortable feeling.
If you have little water on your body, this "male squirt" will come out more yellowish, again pointing that it is just urine.
I don't know why it happens, but I'd guess that the nerve endings on the tip of the glans get "overcharged" with this stimulation. It is very strong and it's surely something completely apart from regular orgasm.
It can also be unconfortable to some, seems it gets so sensitive and causes so many sensations through several nerves.

Brandye, EvilKitten and some more have said that the reports are exagerated and that it is not physically possible, it should be just pre cum and on a much smaller quantity, but the people got thee worng perception and exagerated it. Well, it's not exageration, the stream is like urine, or "the female squirt", it's strong, continuous, completely liquid and on large amounts.
It doesn't mean it's any seminal liquid, but certainly contradicts a lot of "facts".
I have always heard that it should be physically impossible to urinate while arroused and with an erection. Well, this simply doesn't apply.
Yesterday I made another test at the shower and masturbated normally, then I started the estimulation on the glans doing circular motions with the palm of my hand, it happened like always, the liquid came out, then I proceeded to finish masturbating and had a regular orgasm with semen ejaculation, but it was much more intense and my penis was incredibly sensitive.

This must be some way to induce urination involuntarily, but with also extreme nervous sensitive sensations that can be interpreted as a different orgasm.
What impresses me the most is that there's absolutely no formal medical description of this, no records, no studies. I couldn't find anything at all, it's completely ignored like it doesn't even exists.
I find it very weird that something like this is not medically recorded, no one can tell the causes and how to stop it.
And I really want to stop it, I fear that the glans rubbing during intercourse will make it start, or during oral with the tongue on the tip of the penis. It would be terrible and the nervousism of it happening is enough to prevent getting relaxed and confident.
We must spread this enough so that someone can at least acknowledge the fact that this conditions exists.


Brandye and sera are medical professionals as well as experienced women. All of us do our research before we speak/post.

Cowper's Fluid (pre-cum) is what is being described here and the amounts will vary depending upon male hydration levels.

If it looks like urine (yellow) and it smells like urine, then it is most likely urine. You are confusing female squirting with what you are experiencing. Some women do sometimes release a bit of urine during sex. That is not squirting or female ejaculation. It has been established that female ejaculate is NOT urine. The best theory seems to be that it is a product of the periurethral gland (Skene's Glands) in women and it has recently been established that some women have opening from this gland along the length or the urethra and not just beside the opening. The Skene's gland in women and the prostate in men are seen as analogous. In some women it is active but most of us do not squirt or ejaculate.

The prostate in males manufactures prostatic fluid and stores sperm and semen until the call comes. At that point the prostate contracts and launches the ejaculate on its way. The prostate also has a "selector valve." This is normally in the position that allows flow from the bladder through the urethra to the outside. During sexual arousal, the valve moves to allow the ejaculate exit down this same tube. It has not been shown that the Skene's gland has this function in women. The bladder seems to be closed by the urethral sphincter when ejaculation occurs in women and the fluid has been shown not to be urine.

Now, back to your case. Men can train themselves to have retrograde ejaculation. That means that the ejaculate travels up into the bladder rather than to the outside. This is a technique first known among Eastern mystics who train their bodies in strange ways - such as reverse peristalsis. That means they can put a coin up their anus and a few minutes later spit it out their mouths.

Somehow, you have "trained" yourself to be able to urinate during sexual arousal. And, it sounds like it can be quite pleasurable. Or, you fear, it could be quite embarrassing. I am certain that this is in some medical literature somewhere. I have never heard of it but understand your description and concern. I suggest you consult with a urologist. He would likely be familiar with the appropriate literature and could explain it to you better and more accurately.

I had only a brief rotation in urology during med school and have never treated men's parts beyond very simple things. This will have been true of many doctors. Get to a real specialist and I think you will find the facts.


The amount is not making sense to me...1/2 cup? The amount of fluid which a man will ejaculate is about 2 Tbsp. Perhaps it's a mix of precum and urine? I know there are times when you are about to orgasm that the "valve" to void only allows semen. I can not see the male genitalia (testes & prostate) holding that amount of fluid or producing it during sexual stimulation. I am at a loss here...Need Brandye, EEK, or DancinDoc2...They have a greater focus on sex and arousal states. Honestly, I lack the in depth knowledge they do. I have never seen a man shoot that quantity!!! I seems like a ton as it flows out of us women but it truly is not. From a medical point I do not see how that is possible, not saying anyone is lying or being untruthful, but I can not think from an anatomical prospective how it happens. As I said, unless it's a mix of precum and urine. Urine is not always concentrated, in fact in a healthy patient it's watery looking or has a very slight pale yellow color. And it should not smell unless is concentrated (meaning you did not drink enough H2O).

Since so many men have similar experiences I am curious myself for an explanation! Doubt everyone here is being untruthful...would like some insight! :)


Actually your theory makes sense, Sera. Even though I've never had it happen I could see where that might be possible. Did you feel like you had a full bladder before you started sex, Twotone?

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Yeah, shocked me too when it happened. And usually through oral as twotone said. Anyways, it was definitely a lot of fluid, more than normal, and I was brought to orgasm as normal afterwards.

As for the full bladder question, for me I didn't have that feeling.
The feeling I had was just intense squeezing, same as during an orgasm but maybe a bit more intense. It was pleasurable, but certainly a different feeling than a normal orgasm though.

Since researching, I have found that this is not uncommon among men as well.
Probably less common than from women, but certainly not something that is unheard of from men.


Since researching, I have found that this is not uncommon among men as well.
Probably less common than from women, but certainly not something that is unheard of from men.[/QUOTE]
Is there a name for it? Do you have any links that explain it? I'm really intrigued now!


[quote=DVDBear;187909]Is there a name for it? Do you have any links that explain it? I'm really intrigued now![/quote]
Ditto! (message too short)

This thread is so filled with misinformation as to be useless - at best. It began, long ago, with an illogical premise and has several personal experiences reported that are simply scientifically impossible. Perceptions are not always what we believe.

Males do ejaculate. Nature has built us this way to get the sperm from inside the man's body to inside the woman's body. Some women ejaculate sometimes; some; often; and, most, never. The only similarity between the two is that the Skene's Glands (peri-urethral) in women are now believed to be left over vestiges of the prostate in men and are believed to be the source for female ejaculate. There is no similarity between the chemical make-up of male and female ejaculate. In fact, we know much about semen, prostatic fluid and sperm but very little about female ejaculate. There has been much more research to determine that it is NOT urine than there has been to figure out what it is. Results are inconclusive.

As for the excessive "squirting" in males, accounts here are exaggerated. A tablespoon of semen can seem like gallons flowing out of us when we sit up or receive it orally. It is actually very little - and easily exaggerated in our minds.

For those who want clear and accurate responses, craft a question based on something other than hearsay and start a new thread. Please do not take anything in this thread as scientific certainty.


Well this has happened to me when I was younger. Back when i first discovered masturbation. IDK what it could be, but id have to say most likely its not an STD simply because it happened to me when i was little, and i didnt have an STD, so im sure you safe as far as that goes.


Hi again, I discovered this forum after looking some information about this.
For the ones who are interested in achieveing this, just to tell that I thought I wasn't able to do, I tried many times at the beggining but it didn't happen.

Some day, having a bath and boring, I tried (before normal ejaculation) and then suddenly it happened. So I think it's something that it has to be practiced, but with the instructions given, it's not too hard to achieve it.

Finishing, just tell that it's nice, I have fun while masturbating but the squirting is not pleasarable itself, is just like peeing.

Anyway, I like to discover that men are more complex that we thought!


Actually, it is the same thing as a woman's squirt. It happened to me a couple of times. You can make it happen by getting your penis overstimulated and just keep going at it while its shooting out that fluid. It's quite intense. Have fun. :cool:


[QUOTE=DVDBear;187902]Actually your theory makes sense, Sera. Even though I've never had it happen I could see where that might be possible. Did you feel like you had a full bladder before you started sex, Twotone?[/QUOTE]

no dvd i had a empty bladder.
glad to hear you had the same sort of thing happen to you blackblack, i thought i was some kind of freak.

just another point setting the scene so to speak, i have a mental block when it comes to climaxing through oral sex, for years my wife said she would do it as long as i didnt cum, because even the thought made her feel sick, so i trained myself not to. well over the years her attituded have changed, and every now and then for a special treat she says its ok, and i can cum, but i now find it hard to, and its when im really trying hard to climax that its happened


wow this has really made me go :O :/
im a woman and am also very curious to this, but my guess (having no medical experiance lol) would be it was urine, had u drank alot of water? because im sure that if you drink enough your urine can become clear and have no/little scent? x



you may be able to find more info on the website, but it probably costs.[/QUOTE]

this has happen 2 me twice now when my wife plays with the area between my balls and my anus. I get this strong orgasm feeling and a bunch of clear fluid shoot out and i can still cum after also

i think this clip is what you're talking about.


you may be able to find more info on the website, but it probably costs.

Cowper's Fluid - pre-ejaculate - pre-cum. Many people are greatly stimulated by messing with the perineum. You seem to have an almost "orgasm" with the amount you generate when you are stimulated there. Not really unusual. The exact purpose of Compwer's fluid is a subject of debate. Form many decades it was thought to chemically neatralize the urethra so that more sperm would make it through. Today, it is believed to simply lubricate the passage so that the ejaculate will move with more pwer and efficiency.

All men generate this - some more than others , and it is a key to a woman knowing when ejaculation is near.


first time was a small amount the secound time was a huge amount


Does anyone have any specific tips or things one has to do to have this interesting event occur exactly?Like a step by step Ive heard through friends that they know of a guy who does similar things all the time and can fill like shot glass worth and when i found this occur i concur that this is what hes really doing and was wondering how to indeed do such athing. thanks


does anyone know any other ways to do this


Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't checked up on this post in a while. But I just want to say that this has not happened to again since the first time it happened. I'm actually happy to see that a few other guys know what I'm talking about. And in terms of the amount, it was definately around the half cup mark. As wierd as it was my girlfriend got turned on by it...lol

Anyways, how would I get doc to read this thread? I tried to message him but no answer yet. It seems like a few of us are looking for an answer to this question. Thanks for all of your replies!!!


I heard someone erlier say it happened to them when they were younger and I am in my teens and this has happened to me a few times now so I figured I would get online and see what's up. It seems to happen to me with extreme stimulation. Like when you just keep going even if you think you are done and then you get second wind and it seems to shoot much further and like the other descriptions it is clear and there is a lot more of it.


[QUOTE=DVDBear;187909]Is there a name for it? Do you have any links that explain it? I'm really intrigued now![/QUOTE]

Unfortunately I haven't found that out yet.
It's from reading different forums and blogs that I've heard of this happening to quite a few men. Usually from people posting questions like us trying to find out more of what/why in regards to this phenomenon.

I'd like to find out more about this as well, and hence why I'm here.

Also to add info to what it feels like, like I said it's almost like a climax, but different from an orgasm. I can feel it building up but in a different way than an orgasm.

Anyone with more insight on this? Any explanations?


Hi All, I'm curious long time ago about this, see this video:

[url=http://www.youporncocks.com/watch/111506/squirt-man-orgasm/?from=search_... Lite (BETA) - Porn

I think that is something like that, isn't it?

I think that I can do, but it not come with pleasure, it's easy for me to do just after normal cumming, with a great lubrication and just keep stimulating the glans, but sometimes I'm sure what I squirt is just pee (it has the same colour).

I'm interesting in the way you can achieve this "orgasm", it seems that there are different ways to do.


My boyfriend and I just had the same experience. So we definately know its real... So we would like to have some more insight to this amazing experience.


So this also sparked my interest and just now decided to google it. here I am. I was also wondering the same thing because something very similar happened to me. For awhile now an ex girlfriend had turned me onto to anal sex. it was not till after we had split that one day i was in the shower with a dildo and lets say... enjoying the shower :p all of the sudden I got this sudden rush like i was getting ready to cum but i was not touching my penis. I actually did start to cum a very little bit and nothing like it would be when i was masturbating. the feeling was a bit intense but I was not feeling satisfied like i normally do. so I kept going and the feeling started to come back to me again and the next thing i knew was a very intense feeling and almost like i was peeing. just like others have said here the liquid was clear and odorless a lot like water. I actually thought I did pee so i tried to smell it and it had no a single hint of actual pee. I have done this on several other occasions and shortly after I did go pee and I could easily tell a difference between the pee and what seemed like a male squirt before. This was also a lot more liquid than cum so I am curious to know if it was a male squirt.

Other than the anal I have never been able to reproduce it. but I want to say I am 70% sure it was a male squirt.


Well, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one this has happened to. It's only happened the one time in my life. I could not find anything on the Internet about this, so I made this post. Not sure if we still have a definite answer, but I'm sure it wasn't cum, pee, or pre-cum. There was no pee-like feeling, it was like I was about to cum, then suddenly a blast of liquid. Pre-cum is not watery like this was.........the best comparison is to a woman's type of squirting. I've had a few women squirt before and it was exactly the same.

Well....we still have no scientific answer but at least it's reassuring to know that it's happened to other men.

I almost wish I could do it again. It happened 3 years ago and never again.


This actually happened to me last night. I really think it was pre-cum. It confused me because it was like a mini-orgasm that I had no control over. I was lying down and my wife was giving me a hand job and it hit me in the chest.

OK, michael, let us put some things straight. The sperm you talk about is actually semen - the vehicle that carries the sperm. By volume, it is about ten percent sperm. Secondly, a quarter cup is very much compared to the less than a tablespoon of the normal ejaculation. What you are getting out of your penis at that point is semen in the process of liquifying. It takes fifteen minutes or so for the glob of semen that you ejaculate to liquify. This is important. The viscuous blob is the most efficient way to deliver hundreds of millions of sperm into the vagina. The semen carries nutrients to energize the sperm but they have difficulty swimming in the dense and viscuous medium. It, then, liquifies, normally in the vagina, to allow the sperm to swim freely.

After an ejaculation, there is some semen remaining in your tubes. As this becomes liquid, it will drain out in the form you describe. When you see descriptions of a woman "milking" a penis, it refers to our continuing to get everything out. Early in the process, it is simply semen; as we work longer, it is more liquid and less viscuous. Men seem to appreciate this milking.


Short answer: YES

Long answer: every now and again the system falters and you do spurt out spermless seminal fluid which is, in fact, very similar, but not identical, to the fluid ejaculated by women. It is not an STD nor is it a sign that something's terribly wrong unless it happens ALL of the time in which case - see your urologist. It seems there's more of it because without the sperm in it, the seminal fluid is pretty much of a water-like character and consistency.


happened to me also

This happens to me quite often actually. But i can do it on purpose. I like to masturbate in the shower because i do have to worry about any mess. well when after i orgasmed, i would softly stroke myself and it would cause this fluid to come out, similar to urine but not urine or cum. because i still pee'd afterward. and i always pee before i shower. also i cum before it happens to me but it feels like i orgasm again when i make it happen. i no i dont have any STD's Or anything bladder or urinary problems. I am starting to wonder what this is. Kinda weird but i did compare about a 1/4 cup of it to womans and remarkably similar. also its more viscous then urine but way less viscous then sperm.


[QUOTE=sera300;188043]Okay, anatomically the male reproductive organs CANNOT produce 1/2 cup of fluid. It has to be a mix of urine. There is a valve which shut down the urine flow during orgasm, perhaps due to the fact it's in the early stages of arousal it's not functioning correctly? There is an old joke..."You can not come and go at the same time". Good reason for that.

It has to be pre-cum which can be a larger amount but not as much as many are stating as Evil points out. Or it's urine.[/QUOTE]

Your wrong!!! Research before you advise. Evil too.

raunchy gal

EvilEvilKitten is very a very knowlegable and respected member of this forum.How about you do YOUR RESEARCH before you say she is wrong.


It's not urine.

I have a similar experience fairly frequently.

If I haven't had sex/masturbated for awhile, then it will be about half a shot glass and a thick translucent white.

If I am having sex regularly, then after about the 3-4th orgasm of a 24hr period, it will be a smaller amount of thin, clear fluid.

If I hold back for over an hour from the start of intense foreplay or from being extremely turned on in anticipation to the point that I can feel my pulse change, then it is very likely that I will have a much larger amount of thin, clear fluid. If I'm ready to blow by the time we start, but purposely hold back and continue to have sex for 15min-1h+, then when I finally do ejaculate it is almost like the non-sperm component has been producing the entire time and it can be over a shot glass full - the vast majority of it clear and odorless, but with pockets of normal ejaculate. For the first few seconds, instead of shooting out on each spasm, the pressure is built up to the point that it continues to release in between spasms until the pressure is low enough that it only releases on each spasm like normal. It can seem like a lot more because of it's low viscosity - spilling a glass of water gets everywhere compared to a glass of honey - but it is definitely more.

I often lack a refractory period, and subsequent orgasms immediately afterward produce a much smaller amount of the clear fluid. If I hold off too long but stay turned on/am being stimulated, then the clear fluid builds up to the point that it's painful.


First off, Thank you for everyone that has posted information on how to 'Squirt'. Alright im a teen was getting bored of the tradition masterbation and was searching of different ways of achieveing sexual pleasure, when a thought came to me, I wonder if males can squirt like females and I came across this. Read everyones post gained some information on how to do it, I thought id try myself, OMG. This was the best sexual expereience of my life to date. It is so different to just traditional masterbation. After about 10 mins of working the head I cummed then got the feeling of needing to take a piss like it stated, I picked up the pace on the head. Sure enough a clear odourless liquid came out, no It was't pee I made sure to go before I started just to be extra sure and I went after as I would normally after masterbating. Would just like to thank everyone For this helpful information and I encourage everyone to give it a go.

Thanks, Stevo


And as for sera, she's not been on in quite some time (we miss her!!), but she's a medical practitioner of one form or another. She knows her stuff.