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Can guy cum from anal stimulation? Is It possible??

Hey there,
Just wondering if it is possible for a guy to cum from anal stimulation alone without touching the penis at all?


Yes you can!!!! I just did!!! I didn't even know till I was giving up!! And I look on my couch and it was full of cum. There was the most sensational feeling up my cock, I used a few fingers and a butt plug. It was awesome, my first time cuming from anal.


Yes I do! Toys are wonderful. We didn't try it out last night and he is going to visit his family over the weekend, so we won't be able to try it out until next week. I'll let you know what he thinks about it.

I did a look at those vids on xtube. They weren't using them the way the manufacturer suggests, but hey, whatever works! lol


[QUOTE=dancingdoc2;188155]Na, I don't believe it for a minute.

What anal stimulation is great at doing for either gender is boosting or intensifying the level of sensations we experience from other caresses going on at the same time.[/QUOTE]Old thread but for anyone that's skeptical it can happen there's several videos on X-Tube that seem to prove it. One of the most interesting can be found under the gay section, search words "enema" and "cum". Also "hands free".

UpDate (much needed)

So, in my prolonged absence, I had forgotten to give you a review.

Well, in short, the Aneros is just amazing! He hasn't had an orgasm from using just it, but we get much too excited and jump his gun. lol The MGX is definitely an "easier" one to use, but the Progasm definitely excites him quicker.

The MGX is small enough that it can be inserted and worn during missionary and WOT without worrying about it coming out. I used it on him during oral and he really enjoyed that. He came quite a bit quicker than normal, that's for sure.

The Progasm is a larger toy, and gives him a wonderful prostate massage. The last time we used it, he came within a few minutes of inserting it, so I can only imagine how great it must feel for him.

I keep trying to get him to wait a little while to see if we can accomplish the hands free approach, but he gets soo worked up, it's hard to tell him no.


Wow Suki, you've got quite a collection! lol I watched a couple of X-tube videos of guys using it . . . . looks very intriguing! Let me know what your guy thinks, by all means! If it gets another rave review I might have to raid the piggy bank. ;-)




simple awnser here, YES

Anal Orgasms

I have used anal stimulation for a long time either alone or with a female partner. Both with a female stimulating my prostate and stimulating my own with a dildo/vibe I have had monster orgasms!!:p As a matter of fact, today I got rid of an old dildo/vibe and replaced with a new sleek one and had a monster orgasm with the new one!:p I have been heterosexual all my life and with all the anal stimulation, I have not had any homosexual desires.:cool: So to answer your question: Yes! Men can have an orgasm from ONLY anal stimulation.:D


Na, I don't believe it for a minute.

What anal stimulation is great at doing for either gender is boosting or intensifying the level of sensations we experience from other caresses going on at the same time.


I know my wife tried that on me a while back, we we're just playing around and she surprised me with a finger up my butt. I jumped at first, not knowing where she was going with it, then she explained what she wanted to try, then I said go ahead have fun. So she continued, felt weird at first, I could tell she read up on the subject. After a little while it felt special, but not to the point of orgasm. She had to do some manual work at the same time to get me to orgasm. So me personally, No, I dont think so..


I don't know if this counts or not, but...
I recently had a prostate exam by my doctor. She had me standing bent over at the waist over the examination table with my pants lowered. When she inserted her finger, I felt a couple of drops of cum drip out of my cock. When I looked down, my cock was half hard with a drop of cum still at the tip. The other drop was on the floor. She only had her finger in there for a couple of seconds. I've never had this happen to me before during a prostate exam. Now I can't get it out of my mind and wonder what would have happened if she had her finger in there longer! :-)


I highly doubt a man can orgasm from anal stimulation alone, has to be more stimulation--the penis too.

Cumming From Anal Sex

From my personal experience the answer is definitely YES. I have had anal sex a few dozen times over the last 30 years and I am now starting to try in more. The most explosive orgasms I have had are from being topped by a 6.5 to 7.5 penis. They seem to be the right size for me to have just the right prostrate massage. The main problem is it gets to feeling so good you have a hard time not touching your cock and the second you do you explode. The few time I have held off the orgasms were fantastic. Also the best position I have found for maximum prostrate massage is on my back with my legs in the air and a very talented top will also be a great help. Good luck and I hope you get to experience it.


Thanks for the update, Suki. I have the MGX but think I'd enjoy the Progasm more. When I get a few spare scheckles I might invest in one. ;-) There's also a toy called the "rude boy" (you can google it) that a friend of mine swears by. He said he orgasmed three times in one evening "hands free"! I dunno, sounds like a bit of truth stretching but he's not really the type to do so. Anyway, again it's about $50 so I'll have to wait awhile to find out for myself.

I've done it :)

I was using my jelly dildo on myself in the shower. I used plenty of lube and went to town on myself. After about 10 minutes of playing I started slamming the 8 inch dildo hard into my ass and my penis felt as if I was about to ejaculate. I kept going for about a minute more and I began to orgasm. Cum started dripping out of my limp cock and as my body was shaking. I didn't want it to stop. My entire body was shaking and I still wanted more. I shoved it back in there for about 5 minutes and I started cumming again. It was amazing. It didn't feel like a normal orgasm but my body was so satisfied. Afterwards my penis wasnt sensitive like it usually gets with normal masturbation and i couldn't stop thinking of how good it was. I used an enema before hand. Highly recommended. It gave me confidence in pounding myself harder. I also warmed myself up with a butt plug to get started. It can hurt if you just try shoving the dildo in there from the start.


From what I understand, it is not only possible but also extremely pleasurable for him.


yes it's possible my gf gives me a dildo al the time and she gives the best orgasm ever and i have cummed without her touching my cock even so i do tantra so its even harder :)


It's fairly widely reported that some men can, but they would definitely be the select few. I've come (no pun intended) very close on a few occasions, to the point of simply touching my penis sets it off. But personally I've never orgasmed without touching it all.


Aneros says that their toys very often induce penis free orgasms through prostate massage. There was a poster quite a few months back that tried it out and said that he experienced it.

My bf and I bought the Aneros MGX to see how well it works for him, but we haven't yet put it to use.


I'd forgotten about the Aneros, you're right. I have one and enjoy it, but so far haven't been able to orgasm just with using it. Perhaps I'm not patient enough. Supposedly it can take quite awhile. Let me know what your b.f. thinks!

Anal cumming is possible!!!!! (thanks to my RudeBoy)

I'm a man and I make myself cum everytime now I have my Rude Boy vibrator (thank you so much rude boy!!).

You have to get the angle right and then you feel like your going to piss yourself and then the most INTENSE ORGASM EVER!! :)

Also, great site alert for men who love anal masturbation = [url=http://www.yoursecretbumfun.co.uk]Your Secret Bum Fun - thought i'd share the love with you guys.

but shooosh it's a secret (aparently)!


lol thanks for the site!!


Yeah, the packaging says to just relax for the first fifteen minutes and then contract the sphincter muscles, gradually building up to an orgasm. He really likes anal play, so I'm sure he'll enjoy it, just not sure if we'll be patient enough. ;) I'll let you know how it goes!

anal stimulation

[QUOTE=lover_not_fighter;188110]Hey there,
Just wondering if it is possible for a guy to cum from anal stimulation alone without touching the penis at all?[/QUOTE]

You bet, my friend! When I first began anal masturbation I learned pretty quickly that it was not about my penis. The vibrator feature of the dildo I use sends me over the top in buckets! Most of the time I do not have an erection.:cool:


Hey DVD! No problem. I actually have the rude boy, but we haven't ever given it a ride. The nice thing about it is it has a vibrating option and the bullet is the most powerful on the market (I have the rock chick - made from the same company). I'll have to see if I can get my man to give it a sit tonight. hehe

On a side note, I have been very happy with the Rock Chick.


Hey DVD,
Rude boy is fantastic.
Mind blowing really. At first i didn't think much of it, but when i got to using it right it is amazing. i recomend it to anyone. :)


Thanks for the recommendation, L_N_F! :-) I've heard nothing but rave reviews from people who've used it, so I'm definitely going to hunt one down. ;-)


yes, it is possible. Not for all men, as stated before. I myself can cum just from being fucked with a strap on by my wife. I never even have to touch my cock. :)


Yes a man can cum from annal stimulation alone. I am now bisexual because of this fact. I found out about ten years ago that I could cum from being penertrated. Now about twice a week I have sex with a guy friend of mines and nearly every time he screws me I cum with out touching or with out him touching me. I have even cum back to back that only happen a couple of times but it has happen. I have even reach an altimate orgasim by having my anus rub and licked that only happen once. Truth be told there plenty of thing thaat can make a man blow his load. Be sides traditional methods. If a guy wants to have the best orgasim ever get a toy or get a top man that knows his way around a mans body.


Wow Suki, you've got quite a collection! lol I watched a couple of X-tube videos of guys using it . . . . looks very intriguing! Let me know what your guy thinks, by all means! If it gets another rave review I might have to raid the piggy bank. ;-)

shaved bi

I have cum many times when having anal sex. The rubbing that my prostate receives puts me over the edge.

i have always used dildo's

i have always used dildo's and toys to make my cum while stroking my cock, but recently tried just pressing and massaging on my prostate. I was able to squeeze out a few drops of cum which felt as if I was peeing but didn't have any orgasm or contractions like i do when i stroke my cock. How can I orgasm not stoking my cock thru anal stimulation?

Not an orgasm

What you describe is neither anal stimulation nor an orgasm. Urologists have used this technique for 100 years to get a sample of prostatic fluid when checking for a prostate infection. The prostate does produce fluid on its own. It also stores semen and some sperm for the next big event. By inserting a finger in the anus and pressing on the prostate some of this fluid can be forced out through the urethra. Not stimulating, simply a forced sample gathering. This may also be accomplished by pressing behind the scrotum, upwards directly on the prostate but is neither sure nor as fast.

That is exactly what you did.

So then how can i stimulate

So then how can i stimulate myself or orgasm and cum without stroking my cock?

How can I orgasm not stoking my cock thru anal stimulation?

To the best of my knowledge and personal experiences, you cannot; however, what you can do is to wait until you are very highly aroused and then massage your prostate gland. Doing so when you are about to climax from what you have been doing with your penis, nipples and skin in general will greatly enhance and shorten the time it takes to reach the brink of a climax. Try it you'll like it!!


Even Better

Find a friend to help!

Yup! what she said....

RRB ;-)


Yes I used to do that sometimes 3 times a week
by using dildo, when I reach my orgasm for my ass I cum without erection, after that I feel great
also, when I pull the dildo out a moisture cum out from my hole too as if cumming from my ass