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With boy friend and his friend

it's simple, i have been having sex with my boyfriend(tim) for months now and he likes to get kinda crazy sometimes. he asked me if i would let his friend(siddy) watch us have sex. he is kinda a dorky kid. i said yes. we did it one night and siddy asked if he could tell me what to do. i said ya if it's ok with tim. he said yes too. siddy told me nothin that i haven't done yet so it was cool. then he started to masterbate and it turned me on big time. well to make a long story short i ended up taking both of them on. tim was cool with it and we have done it two more times. once with siddy and once with another friend. what i would like to know is, is thier something wrong with me wanting two boys, or do lots of girls want that??. some have told me its because of my family life but infact my parents ever found out they would kill me. i also go to church ever sunday and ccd. also do girls like to be called naughty names while having sex.???


Ok, at the risk of validating a hoax, I suggest you only have one partner at a time. Most people in general fantasize about being with other people in some form or another, but things get so complicated if you do mix things up. I personally would never do it and I don't have the desire to do that to my girlfriend. If you aren't in love, then do what you want, its your conscious.