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Anal Sex Prep...

I have a question...I used to think Anal sex was the most disgusting thing in the world when i was younger...i still do in regards to a man giving or receiving with another dude thats wayyyyy outta line to me!

But i got turned on to it with my Long time girlfriend back in college. She used to love sex with a finger or a toy in her ass while having sex...it used to turn her on so much after awhile i had to try it with her....me giving it to her that is. She used to have exxxtreme orgasims! i mean to the point she would squirt like craaaaazy! Now this is the key thing...i never wanted to do it for the obvious reason of never wanting no sh*t on my D! - lol

But i dont know what it was she did but before we first did it she swore up and down "Trust me that wont happen" and i swear it...Never not even one time was there anything resembling the color brown on my d*ck! she was so sure about it once i was giving it to her and she stopped me before i slid in her ass because she was like "I didnt prepare"...so what she did i too prepare i dont know....

We would use Astro Glide and that always made it easier by far....but true enough we never had that problem.

NOW im faced with this issue....my current love is into the same thing..yet we havent done it but she does like the occasional finger and has anal toys...but she asked (As we were watching porn during an anal scene) "how do these chicks take this anal like that and have there anus so clean in the inside that there is no residue?"

I know there is an answer i just dont know what it is...ladies help...


Hmmm i had ma first experience of anal sex a few weeks back and my experience wasnt at all pleasing :(
i had eaten before, didnt use any form of protection watsoever or lubricant ! i was as for that matter kinda tipsy and i had only noticed the effects of the pain afterwards as it didnt hrt at all just didnt feel very nice or pleasnt
never read up about anal before so i jus sed yes to it and wil do it agen if i could chnge certaint things - its nt as bad as everyone says it to be x


Here is a link to the reading you can do now:

"Playing Ball" and How To Tips for Prostate Massage

This is also an excellent tutorial for people interested in and concerned about the how-to of Anal stimulation as well as play.

You can also pick up a $5 "rectal syringe" and use it to clean. They're available at shoppers.


if she passes a bowl movement roughly an hour before, and then washes the area, just to make sure there's no residue on the outside of her anus, she should be fine.


Ive done alot of reading on anal sex, and doc isnt right, you dont need to not eat all day..thats absurd. your present girlfriend should go to the bathrm before hand and clean the area well. she can even take a shower before bed that will not only make sure she is clean for her own self conscious as well as yours, but it will make her relax and soothe her. use plenty of lube and be gentle do a little at a time and ask if she is ok, the first time must be slow and patient and willing to stop if she cant or doesnt want to go any further. hope that helped and have fun.

Haven't come accross any particular brands that work better an others, but I'm sure any well known lube company will be decent. As far as anal lubes go, MAKE SURE they aren't "numbing" lubes. It's extremley important to have feeling during anal so you can stop if your bum is being damaged.


1. The person on the receiving end should go to the bathroom sometime beforehand.

2. You cannot believe everything you see in the movies.

3. Do not eat for a day.

4. Use an enema.


"Do Not eat For A Day"?
Whhhhhhhhhhhhhat! lol Im certain she didnt do that. Maybe she did some self enema i guess but im telling you there was never any form of anything that was viewable or even an odor. We even used this lubrication that was scented like strawberries.

But besides all that i know she didnt do the non eating thing and i dont beleive everything i see in movies but there was never a mess which beleives me to know for a fact that it wasnt a camera trick! lol