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Forbidden Fruit Sex Position

Forbidden Fruit is a very intimate and sensual position as the receiver is totally exposed to the giver. The variety and intensity of oral pleasure possible in this position (cunnilingus and/or analingus) should quickly help overcome any initial embarrassment from being so exposed. The receiving partner lies on their front (knees up and out) with a pillow under their stomach while their partner kneels behind and between their legs. The position is especially erotic because the receiver cannot easily see what is about to happen and can be pleasantly surprised... again... and again!

Naughty but oh so nice

This position is amazing.
I love to tease and lie on my stomach reading while wearing a sexy, short nightie. Just a little bit of bottom peaking out to lure in my prey.
The exotic and intensely erotic feeling of having my ass licked and tongued gets me juicy in no time.
My pussy begins to burn and tingle with desire and the only way to put out the fire is to take control and sit on his face so I can ride his tongue and thrust away on his face until I climax.
I really need this now.

I'm your man

You love this position, I can do you one better. I will eat you out in the drive thru, then when you are done you can give me one of your golden showers right on my head. I would love to be your slave. Hopefully when I'm a bad slave you can sit on my face and make me smell and taste your ass and pussy

itz a gr8 position for

itz a gr8 position for licking both holes- pussy and anus. licking and tonguing entire pussy is so gr8 feeling for a woman. when she is really aroused just put your tongue on her anus. lick it, suck it, kiss it and if you are really brave try to insert your tongue in her asshole. i hope she will love it very much.

so good

its so good when he do it in foreplay, and i cant wait that we do doggy then, slowly beginning, then faster and deeper...

Forbidden Fruit

My husband and I both love this position; I, becauise it's easier on my back, and him because he can eat both holes so easily. I like to put a dab of perfume at the base of my spine--it really turns him on!

Would like to try..

I would love to try this with my bf...but I'm a little on the bigger size.. portioned well all over..I'm just very self conscious that he's going to say OMG (in a negative way)..but he always is telling me how sexy i am..should i say the hell with it and do it??

forbidden fruit

If you haven't tried this yet you have to. My wife has some junk in the trunk and I love slipping my tongue in her ass as she rsises her ass up and grinds my face

Just love doing this . love

Just love doing this . love burying my face in ass, Really turns me on . wish I could find some one to do this to

mwah23 all time favorite all time favorite.just love the way how everything is exposed and my bf totally enjoys licking and sucking getting my jucies all over his face

Was worried at first

Wasn't sure about this position the first time I tried it, especially because my girlfriend has some junk in the trunk. the first time she laid on her stomach and raised her ass in the air and I tried it, I love it. The feeling of her ass rubbing against my face as I eat her out is fantastic. We're not big into anal play but she doesn't mind a lick or two!!!

i love this

i love this i wish my wife would do this posision with me grrrrrrrrr neeed help .

I love burying my face in my

I love burying my face in my wife's ass. this position is just fantastic.

i love to eat my gf but out

i love to eat my gf but out like this then flip her over and have pudding

my lover want me to kiss his

my lover want me to kiss his ass,,as he wants me to do with you have any ideas why he want it too?does other guys like it???

im in love with just the

im in love with just the thought of this postion, i just need to find a girl to try it out with ;) lemme know if you're interested

amazing position

my bf loves to eat me out and we recently started doing it this position, and it's the best. he gets me sooo wet and teases me. i go up on my knees though, spread my legs and stick my ass in the air so it doesn't strain his back. i love it when he spreads my lips apart, or grabs my ass and spreads me apart - i feel so exposed and it's so hot. if you ever want your girl to want you so badly, eat her out like this and alternate between fingering her slowly going in then out and stopping for a bit to rub her clit

: (

no one has eaten me out. and it drives me nuts, hopefully soon. hehe

Help is always at hand if

Help is always at hand if and when needed. :-)

Hi xx

Hi my bf has had sex already but i havent but he says he is ready but i dont think i am is this the best position to start with xx help plz xx

take your time

if you're not ready take your time, theres no rush. and dont let him rush u into it either.

Dnt do nun u not ready for

Dnt do nun u not ready for

I love giving it!!!

This is the best of oral sex for me to give, My GF loves it, but I have to start from the front and when she has had enough she turns around and I know that it is time for the anal licking to begin. And the moaning gets me off!!! We go on forever!!!
Do make sure that both bath first and the taste will only be what oils or cream you use.
Now if I can only get a BJ out of her?!?!?!
I recommend it for all!!!

How does it taste ?

Well, me and my gf are considering, if i should lick her anus :). im really turned on by it but have never tried to lick a womans butthole so anyone ? is the taste nasty ? is the taste like youre eating poop or something plz leave a comment to that :) Thanks


Got to try this one! Most defiantly added to my to do list ;) Gurr need a male or Female tho -_-

oh god...yea!!!

oh god...yea!!!