Feet aren't just made for walking. In fact, they can be used for all sorts of activities, including sexual ones. A foot job is a sexual activity that involves one's penis being rubbed by a sexual partner's feet in order to induce sexual excitement, stimulation or Orgasm. Both visually and physically arousing, pleasure can be derived from admiring a pretty, pedicured foot rubbing against one's genitals, but it can also come from the unusual sensation that a foot job affords.

In simple terms, a foot job involves encircling the penis with the underside and/or inner arches of the feet and stroking up and down the shaft. Genital stimulation by means other than penetration is a distant and very unique cousin to the Hand-job, though it can be most likened to Inter-Mammary sex. For some, the act feels similar to Vaginal or Anal penetration.

This kink is not for the everyday man ... or is it? You don't have to have a foot fetish to enjoy the perks of a foot job. An appreciation for feet and a zest for activities 'outside of the box' is where it starts. Check out our how-to guide and put it to the test ... and if the shoe fits, enjoy it!

Foot Job 101

Prior to commencing this sexual activity, good hygiene and primping are necessary. Because feet have the potential to be nibbled, licked, rubbed against genitals, or all of the above, it's important that they be thoroughly washed; exfoliating dead skin is also a must. Clipping toenails to an appropriate length is worthwhile as well, making sure to inspect nails afterward to make certain that no sharp edges are left behind. Individuals may opt to paint their toenails but this ought to be done a day or more prior to play, so as to avoid leaving a toxic aftertaste in their partner's mouth (should things develop in that direction).

Another essential element of a foot job is lubrication. Using a slippery substance such as oil, moisturizer, or personal lubricant allows the foot to slide along the other person's skin fluidly, and can be applied directly to the foot or the parts of the body it makes contact with. The receiver may gain a lot of pleasure from applying the lubricant to their partner’s feet, or by watching them do it themselves. Choose a lubricant that is digestible, hypoallergenic, and safe to use on the genital region.

If foot play is a new experience, have fun experimenting! There's nothing wrong with being curious or exploring alternative forms of sex play, as long as both partners practice mutual respect and communication. In fact, as long as attraction persists to the whole person - rather than obsessing over one part of the body - foot jobs and related activities are perfectly healthy and normal behavior.

How to kick things off

It can start with a foot massage, casual caressing, or gentle toe-nibbling. The receiver can also kiss, stroke or simply hold onto the giver's feet. This can be done simultaneously with other sexual activities such as Fellatio or Cunnilingus. Some men find it a real turn on even just looking at the feet while they're close up to the genital region.


Much of a foot job's success depends on good positioning. This allows the giver to get into the flow of the foot job easily without much strain on their neck, back or legs. The feet may endure some cramping before a comfortable rhythm is discovered, so it is important for the rest of their body to be as relaxed as possible. If the foot job is proving difficult to execute, the giver may assist their partner by holding their feet together or directing the motion of the stimulation.

There are a number of poses that a couple can try. You can experiment with some or all of the following...

Receiver Superior

- The receiver sits upright on a low chair, legs spread apart to expose the member. The giver can lie down on his or her back beneath their partner, raise their legs (which are slightly open), and encircle the penis with their feet.

- Another option is for the receiver to stand while the giver is lying on their back, buttocks close to the edge of the bed. This method enables the receiver to make adjustments by squatting or bending, rather than the giver having to do so.

Same Plane

- Both persons start by sitting face to face on a bed or floor. One or both partners can lean or lie away from the other, propping themselves up with pillows or by using their arms behind them as support. The receiver open their legs to allow access to the genitals, while the giver (with legs raised), wraps their feet around the penis. This positioning is somewhat demanding on the giver's hips and thighs, but each others' view is spectacular.

- A sexy (and very easy) variation of this class of foot jobs is to have the giver lie on their stomach facing away from their partner and masturbate him without looking. Performing a sort of reverse foot job, the motion on the penis comes from the giver bending at the knees. To the receiver's viewing delight, it exposes the back of the toes and bottom side of their feet, not to mention their rear end!

Giver Superior

- In one version, the male lies on his back on a bed or floor. The giver lies astride him, similar to the couple's positioning in Cross, except that the giver's feet en-wrap the penis. She may also want to hold herself up with her elbows or arms...

- Another fun move is to have the giver seated on a chair or bed; arm rests are optional though useful. The receiving partner lies astride on the floor below. (Picture Riding Astride but with the female partner sitting on top of the couch back).


Once you have your feet firmly planted with this technique (pardon the pun), there are many ways to augment the excitement level. Here are a few things to try:

- Similar to the body arrangement shown in Brute , the giver straddles their partner, wraps their legs around his waist, and envelopes the penis with their feet. It may feel awkward at first, but you just need a little practice to get the hang of it.

- Using any one of the methods mentioned in the previous sections, try a variation of the foot job: the toe job. It's based on similar principles, with the exception that two toes do the brunt of the work. The giver spreads their big toe and the one right next to it as far as they can go; the penis then gets placed in between them. Depending on what's easier to do, the giver can pump their foot to create motion on the penis or the receiver can thrust his member between the toes.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it's best to bring up the activities at foot, err - hand, during the heat of the moment. Other times, it helps to discuss them beforehand. It depends on whether your partner is the more spontaneous type, or not. Either way, as long as a person's arousal rests primarily in the whole person, not just one part, this type of activity can be a kinky, fun alternative to manual stimulation.

wide one
stocking foot job

she knows i like the feel of nylon, especially on my cock.
she's sat across from me in a restaurant,and rubbed my legs and cock with the tip of her heel, if i can slip her heel off, i'll rub her stockinged foot, depending on the situation i've unzipped my pants and let her rub my cock with her foot.
it's always later on led to me rubbing her heels and legs with my hard cock, she's got talented toes, and can get me off without a problem.

Foot fuck

I also call it a foot fuck. Love having my gf do it to me.

Is this a sign that few

Is this a sign that few people do this, or that few want to write about it?


I have always had the giver not move, and the receiving partner do all the moving. But I don't call it a footjob, it is a foot f*#K.