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Folded Deck Chair Sex Position

To get in to the Folded Deck Chair position, the receiver lays on their back, pivots their hips so that their legs are on the giver's shoulders, while the giver enters from a kneeling position while supporting some of their weight on the receiver's legs. A favorite of many men because of the sense of power that comes from folding their partner, the position definitely doesn't leave the receiver out. When the giver leans on the receiver legs, it improves the angle of penetration to better target the g-spot or prostate gland.

(For the less flexible, the receiver can pivot the hips lower to place the legs in the air, under the giver's shoulders; see Deck Chair).

It just feels so good

I love this position so much. I love the feeling of being pushed into this position, my legs pressed back against my chest. And I love how deep he can get, how good it feels when his cock hits those places inside of me.

Not a fan

I read all the praise about this position and I must say that I don't like it at all. When my boyfriend and I try this it makes me feel like I have to pee. All I can do is concentrate so much on not having to pee that I don't enjoy anything. Are we doing this wrong? Is there something wrong with me or his technique?


I got advice elsewhere about the feeling of having to pee in this position. I was told that it means I am about to ejaculate. They were so right. You have to try this girls. The feeling of having to pee will go away in a couple of minutes and be replaced by complete and total bliss that lasts for some time. Go, try it now. What are you still doing reading this post. Grab your man and get going already.

Hands down

Couldn't find our favorite but this one is closest. Instead of the legs in the air, they are pinned behind her shoulders which raises her ass up. Doing that allows for tremendous pressure to be exerted on her g-spot by the pisitoning cock.
When we really heat up I raise up with all my weight on her thighs and get to the deep hard strokes that she loves.
Its a great spot for watching the cock go in and out with your lover. Overall our favorite for depth, pressure, view and g-spot squirting.


This is by far my favorite position. You can have it deep and hard, but also slow and sensual. It's also a super turn on to see the guy's o-face in this one. He can't hide it and you can feel it going through him. An absolute favorite!

my boyfriend loves this

because he can move fast and deep, i enjoy it too.

yoga haha

I really enjoyed this position, but never actually orgasmed from it. I don't know if it was the tension I felt in my legs or what but I know that once I started yoga and stretched everytime before, this has become one of my favorites. Yes, he can get deep but you can also make it very sensual and loving which is always a treat :)

I love this one!! The guy

I love this one!! The guy gets to penetrate extremely deep. I'm really tight and when me and my ex boyfriend did this it made me tighter. When he orgasmed he couldn't even stay inside me it felt so good. I wanna do this again soon!!!

My wife loves this position.

My wife loves this position. It's quite a deep thrust. Very much a go to position.


just tryed this last night w/ my boyfriend and LOVED. He made me cum 3 times. TRY THIS!!!!!

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i had it wz my Gf yesterday , and she had 8 orgasms :S :D yahooooooooooooooo


Haha, my favorite position ever! My boyfriend was in a rush to get his son off the bus from school so we only had nine minutes remaining to ourselves. We just got out of the shower, and boy, Im telling you, we need to be in a rush more often. Up went the legs, in he went and the pace just got me moaning like no tomorrow. He hit me in the right spot more times then I could moan his name. And the deeper he was able to go with how he held my legs, I was ready to burst at the seams. Funny thing is, he didnt realize he was doing a different position. Haha. I was left winded.
Great position. Today was a blast, goodness me.

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I'm with you on that.

I've never enjoyed a position more than this one. We locked eyes, he was going to town on me. I was off in another dimension. He kept hitting my spot over and over. (This is great for thick couples, ladies stretch your legs before hand & you won't have an issue)

I ended up wanting him even more and I rode him like a mechanical bull. Until I cam UNCONTROLLABLY, all while my legs were shaking. I just kept pushing through the climaxes until I fell over panting. He was SHOCKED that I did that. I told him that position just get me all fired up. It brought the spark out from when we were teenagers. <3 gosh. <:} TRY THIS!!!!!!!


Awesome position as long as the girls legs are long enough ... nothing gets deeper than this.

AnnieBoo, it's probably the difference in height or how long your legs are.

this is my fave! omg! my boy

this is my fave! omg! my boy toy and i did this the other day and he hit my gspot just right and omg it was amazing, and him seeing how flexible i am really got him going too ;)

I love this position. I

I love this position. I orgasmed 3 times! Just looking through all these positions is making me so wet


I did this with my boyfriend over and over. I got the full penetration. Hits the G spot and got me to orgasm a number of times

Can someone please enlighten

Can someone please enlighten me & tell me why is this position a bit painful to me? I just started being sexually active; everytime me & my boyfriend get in this position it hurts me so bad; I've tried the "pillow" under the butt & it's the same thing. So usually I just put my feet flat on his chest instead; it feels better & not painful. Is it our height difference, or is it just that we're not doing it right? :/

This one really hurts me

This one really hurts me with my current BF too, and it's not that you're doing anything wrong, it's the position of where your vagina and his penis are. For some people, this position just doesn't work. The best thing I can recommend is that you put a pillow under the middle of your back, not your but, and raise your legs up behind his shoulders, not in front of them. This lowers the angle usually enough to make it comfortable.

This is one of my favorite

This is one of my favorite positions to do with my boyfriend. He goes deeper in me when we do it and it feels so good. I highly suggest couples to this. Men; you girl will love it because she will have the most awesome orgasm.

In Barbados this is called

In Barbados this is called 'The Baked Fowl/Chicken' A great position for tasting and f--king. My wife and I Love it.

I do a position like this,

I do a position like this, but with just one leg up. I have only just started having sex, and tried like this briefly, but it hurt soo much...think it was just too deep for me atm. Would like to try soon when I'm more used to it :) Does the pain pass if you just keep at it?

Make sure u get nice and wet

Make sure u get nice and wet and it wont hurt even if he's well hung!

Oh Gawd! I miss this

Oh Gawd! I miss this position! I gained weight and it isn't so easy to do anymore. And for those ladies who've given birth within the past year - be careful because this can seriously hurt an already traumatized area.


I had a hard time with sex, until I tried this position with my new guy, and I loved it! We didn't do it exactly what the picture shows (I'm not as flexible-so I lowered my legs on and off), but it was pretty much the same concept. It's a must to try!


If you've not tried this yet, DO IT ASAP! THE BEST!!!

Ok so I know i may be a

Ok so I know i may be a little young but this is one of the best positions cause your face to face with your man and it feel as if its touching where you didn't even know existed. And i like him to take control, but not every time ;)

I did this move for the

I did this move for the first time today, it happened by accident, he tried to fix his position and accidently lifted my leg, it was so deep i couldn't stop screaming, he noticed and pulled up my other leg and pounded me like crazy. I orgasmed so bad!
Ahh great sex :3

every girl

every girl ive ever had sex with, i always did this position and all the reactions were the same. They scream, squirt and their eyes roll in the back of their heads. So hot. I miss it.

love it

I love this position. The couple of times I had sex we always ended up this way. It feels so good. I miss sex.

no complaints from me

I have no complaints about this one the deeper it goes in the more it delights me and the wetter i becomeit turns him on when im so wet i Love feeling it right up inside me

Long Absence

My girl friend and I were together for 4 days after a long absence and we made love almost the entire time, losing count of our orgasms. As I fucked her in this position. I placed my arms under her elevated legs to help her hold them high and to give myself a clear shot at driving my cock deep and straight all the way up to my balls. Again she watched my shaft plunging in and out and moaned in pleasure which excited me to pound her harder. She climaxed first but I was not far behind. (Go to Drill, Sybian, Dancer, Cowgirl, Butterfly, Cross, Deck Chair, Scissors, Missionary, Missionary Inverted, Spread Eagle, Victory, and Usual.)

every time me and my fiance

every time me and my fiance do this position i dont even cum and fiance comes in like 5 mins really dont like it

This is a great position,

This is a great position, especially when the guy is on the smaller side! Even a small dick can get maximum penetration and feel wonderful!!

I remember i did this

I remember i did this position the 2nd time i had sex. it felt painful a bit, becuz i was still unexperienced, but after a while it felt pleasurable.

I was the same way. The only

I was the same way. The only guy I had sex with was way more experianced and the 2nd time we had sex we ended up like this alot. It hurt for a little bit but felt sooo good in the long run.

Ist Time?

So which one did you try the 1st time?
You made quite a leap you brave girl.

the first time i did the

the first time i did the butterfly and missionary.

i love pushing the knee to the breast!

love this position, the deepest i could get into the v, push the knees touch the breasts and legs over my shoulder, awesome! wondering if this should have a new name, lol!

Newton's favorite?

I'm no scientist but I do do believe the unique position of the wommans legs combined with downward thrust of the man,makes this position the king of maximum thrust x full penetration.
Now depending on how heavy and fit he is and how small and supple she is an equation can be derived to get the newton force per square inch.
I'm willing to conduct this research with any willing partners and we can post our theoretical findings here.
Physics ftw!!!!!!!

lol that was such an

lol that was such an enthusiastic comment. interesting too! ^_^

Under Experienced
love this position. gets a

love this position. gets a lil sore on thighs but feels amazing.

still can't have an orgasm even with this position help

help - can't have orgasm in this position

don't know if it is because I am over 40 and things may be desensitized

or because my BF has a beer belly and may not be in correctly

or if because I have gained weight which may be causing desensitization

any info - help

Pounds you HARD? LOL you are

Pounds you HARD? LOL you are better of using a pounding rampant rabbit. I think most of comments/ suggestions seem so absurd and out of the world from reality. First of all it is nevessary to know, No 2 women/men are same. Needs, requirements amd tastes differ. More than blind pounding you need to be sensual and sensitive. Also, communicate with your partner regarding your preferences, likes and dislikes. Dont forget practice makes it better but not be at it like an ass thinking you always know better. Be flexible and above all be open to adopt and adapt to changes. An Orgasm is an orgasm which is not felt by everyone in the same way. Making love or having sex is all about enjoying it and not measuring the indepth of pounding etc per square inch. we ard human beings - we feel and sense. we are not machines or area etc to be measured. Be realistic and keep it real. your fantasies and dreams they are and let hem exactly that - fantazies and dreams.


he may not being going hard enough or hitting the right spot. however the desensitized is a possibility. I would say start in this position and make sure he pounds you HARD, until you are damn near crying from pleasure.
I do find it interesting that you cannot orgasm in this position , but hey every female is different

yummy :]

this position feels so good! :]

Yeah.....makes ur pussy

Yeah.....makes ur pussy tighter.....

when i first tried this

when i first tried this position its hurt alot but now that im use the size of his penis its amazing. normaly we dont start with this position though. we go from oral to missonary and for him to get a better angle he throws my legs over his shoulders and it makes me cum 4 to 5 times every time and some times ill play with my clit at the same time and the clit oragasm really pushes him over the ends and he finishes with in minutes of me oragasming

is this a good position

it looks good but is it a good position


I LOVE THIS POSITION, but because it feels so damned good I can't last more than 20 or so minutes. Start with this then switch it up. Sometimes if we know we're on our last round of the day, I will pound her in this position. I don't think I've ever heard a woman scream so hard in my life. I love pounding in this position!