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Final Furlong Sex Position

This is a very physically intimate rear entry (or anal) pose, characterized by a close embrace and an ingenious use of an ottoman. Teaspoons is the sexual position that bears most similarity to this position; however, it cannot match the likes of a deep forward bend combined with such a wide leg stance.

Lovers can replicate this position by hopping onto a 'saddle' and assuming the stance a jockey would take in a race (if you don't have an ottoman, a low couch arm substitutes fine). The rear jockey pulls their partner in close and begins rocking his hips forward and back.

To create more movement, and easier penetration, the receiver can raise themselves off the furniture slightly by simply putting more weight on their feet or leaning further forward. Rest assured though, there will be enough momentum generated by the forward and back motion to satisfy your needs.

(p.s. For those who aren't horse racing enthusiasts, a furlong is a unit of measuring distance in a horse race.)

sugar cherrytush

this one looks so hot to do. I need to talk my bf into doing this one.

A great position to be the

A great position to be the boss, show her how to take cock. And railing the backdoor from here is super satisfying.


very good for sub/dom relationships.....tie the subs wrists to the feet of the ottomen....they are then at your mercy ;)


This one looks like fun. Can't wait to try it!

Final Furlong Variations

My wife really likes this position as she can have strings of orgasms in it. She really likes it when I push her chest down to the ottoman top as she has sensitive nipples that get rubbed on the ottoman top and she feels trapped and helpless.
Sometimes she also likes to grab ger ankles and lock herself around the ottoman as I thrust, holding her hips for leverage. I especially like this as I see her plump butt cheeks, wide hips and wide split snatrch with my shaft buried deep in the center.
The ottoman normally needs a good cleaning by the time we are done pleasuring each other on it.

already done this one in

already done this one in shower, it works best on the chair though! Do it fast, you both enjoy it and it makes you cum hard, best clean the furniture after though, it goes everywhere!

Can't wait to try this with

Can't wait to try this with the hubby.

i wanna try this who all in sac

damn hit me and when can try every last one

my otoman suddenly looks

my otoman suddenly looks very pleasing.


I would like to find someone dieing to try this with me.

never done this...

i dont like anal... maybe me and my boyfriend can switch it up... hmm...


you dont have to do this one

you dont have to do this one anal. i dont like that either, so when me and my bf do this one i lay almost on my stomach and that makes for a great angle for regular sex.

annyone in dfw wanna try thi

annyone in dfw wanna try thi one??
girls please



cant wait

I agree-- can't wait to get a good partner that i can try this one with. The good stuff is worth waiting for i guess.

may be me... I did this one

may be me... I did this one with my ex gf at last sex, slowly and gently... it's good, I'd like to repeat and repeat!

it does look like a lot of

it does look like a lot of fun... there are several positions that i would like to try...

i want to try!

I want to try this soooo! bad! looks like loads of fun!