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Feedbag Sex Position

The receiver definitely won't mind if the giver gets ‘food’ all over their face; that's the beauty of Feedbag! Satisfaction abounds in this unconventional method of cunnilingus; if all goes well, the gratification can also be mutual!

The receiver is arranged in a similar manner to Arch. She gets into a half bridge position on a couch or low bed. As the receiver straddles the other lover's head with their thighs, the giver can support the other’s bottom half with their shoulders and gain full front access to the erogenous zones. The receiver’s weight ought to be distributed evenly across their shoulders, neck and head. If they are comfortable maintaining this pose, the receiver can reach underneath and grasp her partner's genitals, engaging in a lover's handshake or stroke.

getting so horny just

getting so horny just thinking about this...... this is probably my favourite because I have completely no control as I can't turn anywhere to get away when I start to climax I get to the point where im begging him to stop and to let me play with him as well

I love it when that happens,

I love it when that happens, when I get close and he just smirks at me and holds me tight. I know there's no escape and that I'm going to cum all over his face!

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we did this last week and can

we did this last week and can't say it was entirely comfortable. it hurt my back and i kept slipping

Love this!!!!

God I love Oral sex!!! I wish I had someone to do this with!!!

Re: sexxysexgirl427 I LOVE Oral sex too!

I LOVE this one and the NorthFace position! I wanted to send you a message but you have it turned off. Send me one and lets chat! You can ride my face all you want! I've always wanted to find a woman that could ride it at least twice a day and never get bored of it! :) Message me!


i wish you could be here now ;) i am sure you could be so happy with my tongue ;)

Love this one too!

This is a great position! I prefer to do this one on the bed instead of having my knee's on the floor. Still a lot of fun! :P

i wish i like oral sex but

i wish i like oral sex but my ex boyfriend doesnt do it well :/

Practice makes one perfect. :

Practice makes one perfect. :-)

been there, girl

been there, girl

that is a shame It is

that is a shame It is something all men should be good at there is nothing more fun then licking a woman for a few hours.


I love eating the pink taco for as long as my partner can handle it. Also love eating it on the trunk of my car under the stars with her legs over my shoulders. Yummy.


Lose some weight and take a shower?



mmm damn!

whenever me and my ex had to have phone sex when we were far away from each other he would always make sluurrping noises into the phone and make me imagine him doing this to me again like he would when we were together!! ugh! i need another like him...

love it

love it

lol im torturing myself. my

lol im torturing myself. my bf's in jail and he cant do any of this to me now. :( oh well...24 more days to go...

Is giving him a handjob?

Is giving him a handjob? Making me hard!!!!

love to...

i think it's like heaven for men to see great boobs in front of him and to touch them...
P.S. It makes me really horny, wet and wild to get a boobs-massage and i can't await the moment of penetration!!!

Where is reverse feedbag

I love this position but I love the reverse even more. My girl lies on her stomach on the bed with her knees on the floor. I get my face deep in between her cheeks, sling her legs up on my shoulders, and stand up, eating her incessantly! We both love it. In all my years of surfing for porn, I have only seen one depiction of this position - with two girls. It was an extreme turn-on. If anyone has any links to pictures of this position, please send them my way!

i wanna do this one right

i wanna do this one right now with my bf im trying to get him to do looks like it would be fun for the both of us

gah, my boyfriend and i

gah, my boyfriend and i broke up recently... and shooottt. i regret not tryin this one out :(

I love doing this to my

I love doing this to my girlfriend! Either on the bed or on a chair, getting her legs over my shoulders and my tongue deep in her while playing with her tits making her cum hard and loud..............LOVE IT!

I love it 2!!!!! Can't wait

I love it 2!!!!! Can't wait 4 you 2 do it again x

i like juicy dick
i'm getting so fucking wet

i'm getting so fucking wet just thinking about this!